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What happens when the World’s Greatest Detective takes on the world’s most powerful alien?

You’ll find out when Batman and Superman throw down!

Batman will need all his intellect, cunning and physical prowess to take on The Man of Steel.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
Variant cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
B&W variant cover by JIM LEE

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 9.0%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I’m going to go against convention here and skip this one to read my buddy’s copy instead.

  2. After years of being out of comics, the first issue just screamed ‘made for trade’ to me. The slow decompressed story development left much to be desired.
    No doubt Jim Lee has talent, but his style just doesn’t speak to me. May pick it up once ‘Curse of Shazam’ begins as a back story.

  3. It’s about time!

    • About time? It’s coming out monthly not every four weeks.

    • It’s on a 6 week shipping schedule.

    • So a new issue comes out every 6 weeks? Or was that just for this issue?

    • @Badesha07: A new issue every 6 weeks.

    • well #3 is scheduled for four weeks from now. and #4 comes out five weeks from then. there is no real explanation for that, other than they know what each issue contains and how much time it will take to complete.

    • Every six weeks = not monthly (e.g. Less than 12 issues/year). I guess if you’re Jim Lee you can fail to deliver monthly and not get fired. I’ve never believed that hypocrisy was a good management style.

    • @rwpos: There’s nothing hypocritical about it. They’ve been very upfront about the schedule of the book. Jim Lee can’t do a book in four weeks so they’re doing it in six. That’s the realistic solution rather than try to do monthly and fail.

    • As I understand it, it’s not a 6 week shipping cycle. Jim Lee has stated quite a few times that JL is a third week book that they shipped early in the first month to make it the first book out. Lee’s been working on this for months in secret and I’d be surprised if there weren’t already 5 or 6 issues in the can.

  4. I’m not sure issue 1 worked for me. It felt like JLA for dummies. ‘Hi Batman’ ‘Hi Green Lantern, is the your power ring that you use to fly and build constructs’, I might come back in a few issues when Johns has done explaining who everyone is.

  5. You guys are lame. I’m buying this one for sure. The first issue was great.

  6. This cover is much better than the #1 cover. I’m excited.

  7. The first issue was so ‘meh’. Not really digging the decompressed story and I’ve never been a huge fan of Jim Lee’s style, not that the guy isn’t super talented. Just not my thing. Hopefully this issue will improve on things, though.

  8. I predict this will be FUN. I am looking forward to it.

    Over / Under on new Justice League characters introduced in this issue: 2.5.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. This series is fun. Its all our favorite supes meeting each other and seeing what happens next. I might not have an existential crises about the meaning of life while reading it, but that doesn’t bother me, I’m enjoying myself.

    • I’m hopeing over.

  9. After the past 5 years or so of JLA books, I’m completely satisfied with the direction this books seems to be going in. In Johns I trust.

  10. I’m really looking forward to this.

  11. I also like Ultimate Spider-Man so I don’t get the JLA haters that love the slow build in that one and hate it here. I am the sponsor of a comic club at the school where I teach and all the dudes in the club loved this book. While we buy different comics and swap, every single one of them wants to buy this book. We need new blood folks!

  12. I loved the art and the story. I really liked the story. I need one like this to clean the dirty taste the last few years of JLA gave me.

  13. Is this book set to be more of a series of vignettes as opposed to an ongoing storyline?

  14. Wasn’t the best of the new 52 but showed some promise. Plus in Johns I trust.

  15. My cheeks hurt from smiling about being excited for this! I really loved the first issue, and cannot waaaaiiiit!!!!

    Wow, I’m a fanboy…. 😀

  16. Batman and Superman duking it out. Been done before but let’s how Johns and Lee handle it.

  17. i was going to moan about the superman/batman fight re-hash but then i realised the book’s for new readers and i shouldn’t be a dick

  18. I was excited reading the first issue but 6 weeks later after reading several other new DC comics my interest in this has fallen sharply. There are so many new comics I’m interested in and I’m not sure I need a Justice League comic in my life so this is already on the chopping block. As others have said, this one is (intentionally) rather basic and introductory. But we’ll see how this issue goes first.

  19. I predict this will sell a lot of copies but ultimately be a bit disappointing.

  20. I guess I’m the only one super jazzed for this. I can totally see why folks find it cliched or uninteresting, as we’ve seen all this before, but it really feels fresh and fun to me. I am in like a mother.

  21. I didn’t plan on leaving a comment but I feel I have to at least say I’m looking forward to this. I really enjoyed the new life that each character had in the first issue. I felt like they were fun and full of potential. Batman stealing the ring from Hal was great!

    I just needed to show that some people really are looking forward to this and that not everyone is jumping on the too cool for school hate wagon.

    Hipsters gonna hip.

  22. Watching how Batman kicks the cr*p out of Supes never gets old for me.

    • I get the feelings it’s going to be the other way around in this issue

    • I agree with edward. It is a little early for Batman to have become ‘Bat-god’ Also, they have not shown Supes to be, well, himself yet. I want to see if he and Diana throw down in the near future of this ‘new 5yrs ago’. Now there is a fight sequence that could allow both parties to shine.

      Also, I really enjoyed GL getting thrashed right quick in issue #1

  23. Ladies and gentlemen place your bets! I’ve got 39 dollars that Superman will beat Batman, because since the relaunch of the new 52 Batman no longer has his file on all of Supes weaknesses.

  24. A 6 week shipping schedule doesn’t bother me much provided that the story/art is good. Go Justice League.

    • Is it 6 weeks between all the issues or just between 1 and 2? I thought they said the reason it was longer was because they moved it from it’s regular week 3 release so that #1 could come out the same day as Flashpoint #5.

    • DC has each upcoming issue scheduled for the third week of each month so you’re probably correct. Should be monthly from here on.

  25. Yes! Flash vs Superman!

    • That was awesome’O’!! I still think The Flash could take him if he really wanted to. I guess Superman was holding back on Bats because that fight should not have taken that long.

      Flash vs Superman you are right!!

      Just sayin’,


    • I sure hope that Superman is not just as fast as Flash in the new 52. That always bugged me. Flash should be faster, period.

    • @kennyg
      flash is faster. remember flash rebirth with the race between them and barry said that those other races were for charity, basically saying he LET clark win

  26. So many other books have been so good that I almost forgot about this one.

  27. This was fantastic! I had a BLAST the entire issue! Maybe i’m loving this so much because I’ve never really read a justice league book before (well at least not a good one) but whatever the reason I just absolutely loved it! The fight between Flash and Superman had me giddy like a school girl at a justin beiber concert! 5/5 POTW!

    • Agreed. The Flash really brought this title to another level. A vast improvement over the first issue. I’m excited to see how Wonder Woman and Aquaman fit in next issue.

  28. Fun issue! There was lots of talking, but I remind you… This is a Geoff Johns comic. The action that was there was pretty awesome, and they’re really making each of the characters pretty badass, AND flawed. That’s the makings of good comic book characters. Good stuff, and better than #1.

  29. HOLY CRAP! This was a fantastic issue. It definitely picked up the pace from the first issue but still gave us some great character moments. Jim Lee’s art is absolutely spectacular and the splash page of Superman breaking GL’s construct was just gorgeous. I had to stop and just stare at it for a few minutes. I was iffy after the first issue but this issue knocked it out of the park and I am in for the long run! 5/5

  30. My store actually had some paper/digital download combos of this, so I bought that version instead of just paper. I thought I would give their digital version a try on the cheap. I’ll follow up after I load it up and read it.

    • OK, so I read it and re-read it digital. Still not a fan of how 2-page spreads are done on the iPad, but overall the picture quality was excellent. More of a form-factor complaint I suppose. Not enough to turn me to the digital side, but I wouldn’t rule it out for some things.

      As far as the issue, I’d say it’s a solid 4. I still think there are some character problems with Superman. Some of the dialogue was rather awkward. Decent action, but this “misunderstanding with heroes fighting heroes” thing has been done to death. You’d think an experienced writer like Johns would have avoided that. Also, Flash is relegated to cleaning up – again. And he does it without even asking! “I’ll just clean this up!” Seemed really random. I was surprised Hal drew blood when he hit Superman early in the issue – guess he’s nigh-invulnerable.

  31. This was fun.

  32. I am really enjoying this book so far, love what Jim Lee brings to this book and the story so far has been fun.

  33. Not digging the art, but the characters are fun even if the plot doesn’t feel too new.

  34. I now realize why I hate Hal Jordan. No one calls Batman a tool! Haha, I really loved it. Both issues, This second one a little more though. The play between the characters is priceless and I love how they all seem really inexperienced and careless. Even Batman! There is a youthfulness to each one of them that I find a lot more relatable. Overall, a fun story with a ton of great easter eggs.

  35. I really didn’t like this at all. It felt like there was no depth to the characters, and nothing really happened. And it was such a fast read…felt like there was no substance.

  36. This was just pure fun, I can feel the energy coming from Johns and Lee. Plus how amazing was that double page spread of Superman breaking out of Green Lantern constructs.

  37. I thought this was pretty cool. My biggest complaint is the 3.99 price, the “Secret File” stuff about WW wasn’t really worth an extra buck. That said, it was pretty cool watching everybody throw down. Superman “Flicking” Flash made me laugh out loud.

  38. I really had a lot of fun with this issue. The Flash and Superman exchange was good times. Yes its a bit decompressed but its still fun.

    I like Lee’s new costume designs and i really don’t understand why other artists are having trouble with rendering them. They just look like molded armor. I dunno..Lee is the best at it so far.

  39. I’m conflicted about this book. It’s straight-forward and fun. The character interactions are ridiculous in a good way. It’s funny. The art is good. They’ve got mother boxes pinging away.

    But the pacing is still too slow for my liking. That second double page spread was unnecessary and didn’t do anything for me. It’s going to take more work to sell me on Cyborg.

    Part of me says drop this but I’ll probably keep reading because it’s exciting to see the JL get built from scratch.

  40. POW in a big way!! Again I disagree with the X-men grabbing that title this week however; I guess it is what it is.
    The art on the cover was almost perfect, just really could not tell what or who Superman was looking at while he was going to punch the Batman. It almost looked like he was starring at a camera and posing for a I really, really liked the cover art except for that small detail and I do not even know why that bothers me?
    The first issue was grand and this one continues on that path with the fight scenes and the introduction of the coolest JL member The Flash! His introduction into this book I agree has brought it to another level since they really need hear and some glue and Barry’s the one to do it. How Barry and Hal’s freindship has come together in this new U should be intresting to see how it developed. Their freindship has been a staple even in the old U and keeping them together has always been a good balance. Cyborgs story almost seems to be weighing things down just a little, the pace in which he is becoming Cyborg and the origin I really not sure it is working for me? When he does get going I just still only see him as a Teen Titan rather then a full fledged JL member; I know it is a new U so things change and I am trying to grasp that. I do like Cyborg a lot so I am very positive in his joining the group and I think he will be fun to see develope.
    Hal really is a lot of fun in this book since this is showing his true beginings and how imature he really was and how the years of spending time with the others has brought him a better understanding on how to be a hero as they all grow together as the premier super group and the preimer super heroes of this DCU.
    Darkseid as the first villian is so awesome and the way he just all out invades the earth is the way I would imagine him doing it! This sounds like the great tragedy I keep hearing about in some of the other books that are current in the DCU. Because an invasion by Darkseid and his minions will be a huge battle for all of the heroes in the begining stages and will probably bring a lot of them out of hiding and get them on board.
    Love this book and very proud to call this my Justice League once again after years of just subpar JL’s. Waiting already for the next issue and the introduction of WW and Aquaman!! This should be pick of the week and I really do believe this should be the script for the Justice League movie!!

    Just Sayin’,


    • I had been disappointed that they were using Darkseid as the first ‘big bad.’ Kinda that they had used one of the big guns first and not building up to him over time. But your explanation makes a lot of sense as to why they are using him. Good idea.

    • Wow. That’s a lot of text

  41. So this was a really good issue and there were some beautiful 2 page spreads, but can anyone tell me why barry lost an eye in that one panel at the crime lab?

    • nerdotron17 oh yah.. I forgot about that…bwaah-ha-ha-hah! Good recall my freind I was going to comment on it however; I was caught up in the cover where Superman looks like he is posing for a camera and looking staright at it while preparing to turn Bats face into Bat-salad spread. There was no shadowing that I recall and it was like have a page with Barry’s face and one eye missing. Did someone goof on this or what??

      Just sayin’,


    • It’s a shadow.

  42. This was the 2nd best comic I’ve ever read in my life.

  43. Geoff Johns is really channeling his inner Bendis in this book. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  44. Loved this, a step-up from what was an excellent issue 1. The art was incredible, the double page spread of Superman coming at Batman, complete with taser bits still in his chest was amazing. Really enjoyed the entire issue and would have been my POTW if Batman #2 hadn’t been so amazing.

  45. I loved this book. I think the multiple spreads were a little much but considering that it’s Jim Lee drawing them and they aren’t $3.99 I feel I got the bang for my buck.

  46. Issue #1 left me cold, but I really liked this one.

    My favorite quiet part was how Batman and Supes paired up naturally as the Flash/GL did the same. Just felt right. I like how the idea that Batman is powerless is played up a lot here, I think that is realistic.

    What can you do?

  47. The choice to have Bruce realize he was outmatched instead of feeding us another issue-long Supes vs. Bats brawl was really smart.

    This is the first time since his return that I’ve truly enjoyed Barry Allen. The dialog between he and Hal over the phone was so much fun. And the way he taunted Superman was awesome.

    And then Superman flicked him. Which was also awesome.

  48. Is anyone else put off by the anatomically incorrect Superman? His pelvis makes him look like a Ken doll.

  49. Shouldn’t this cover be Superman about to punch Green Lantern?

  50. i love this. i wish lee and johns would do this book for the rest of my life. i know thats ridiculous but to imagine even a 100+ run with this creative team makes my penis hard.

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