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  1. I’ve been looking forward to this since the interview IFanboy did with Darwyn Cooke a few months back.

  2. I think this i my favorite book being published at the moment…I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would not like this…oh yea, wait…it doesn’t have people in tights and capes.

  3. Well mistersizzle, while I really do like this book, it can be a little hit or miss at times due to the art

  4. Jonah Hex + Mounties + Darwin Cooke = a very happy poolgirl 

  5. If Cooke draws it, I buy it. 

    If Cooke writes it, I buy it.

    If I were Cooke and I wrote it, I would buy myself, even though that confuses me. 



  6. This was probably the best single issue I’ve read all year. A perfect marriage of art and storytelling.

  7. I just jumped on Jonah Hex. I always liked the character but never had the extra cash, so this week I dropped trinity and bought Jonah Hex instead because I saw Cooke was drawing and let me say here I could not be happier!

  8. i just got the comic cuz i have always liked jonah hex, but what really sold me was Darwyn Cooke because i love Cooke artwork.

  9. Btw- will Darwyn Cooke continue doing the art?

  10. @Kory – No, it’s just for this Canada issue.

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