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I know it’s been a while, mostly because I don’t get books regularly at the moment, but after reading this issue I had to throw in on how awesome it was.

The story of the wilds of Canada through that of a young boy out with his father was amazing.  I am always a fan of books where there is little dialogue, sure it’s like reading book with pictures but it just felt right with this issue.  I loved how it was one big story building up how amazing of a man Hex is just to show how much of a bastard he can still be in the end.  The last lines were simply the best.

As for the art and coloring in this book, it was awesome.  I mean it’s Cooke it is really hard to get better then that.  The coloring of course was not done by Dave Stewart because to my understanding he has another project at this moment.  All the same Rob Leigh seems really freaking close to what Stewart can do.  Know it’s hard to compare the two in one respect that most of this book was white because of all the snow, but I felt like this was as sharp as New Frontier or the Spirit…

Now brings the gripe I have with this issue.  Since I had a really I mean really hard time seeing a difference between the quality here and The Spirit, which raises the question, Why can’t this team be working on The Spirit?  Which upsets me because that was one of my favorite books and I understand the reason for stopping, but come on.

Anyways get this book

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Jstump!  The return?  Man, where have you been?

  2. I work 40 plus hours, my comic shop is about an hour away, and all sorts of other things have been going on.  I hope to start getting some reviews back up here they just might be a week or two off here and there.

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