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  1. This looks like a stellar issue (Fraction is great with filler). Though I must wonder, why/how is Iron Man teaming up with Spidey, an unregistered hero, without arresting him? The first arc didn’t really have a set place in the Marvel time-line, except that it must’ve been post-Civil War due to Thor’s appearance. Perhaps Mephisto is working some more magic on this one?

  2. would this be a good jumping on point for this title? i lvoe fraction but missed this title due to budget, but now i have free space on my pull list

  3. Sounds intriguing, especially since Iron Man doesnt seem to care that Spidey is with him. Then again Spidey technically isnt unregistered. With or without OMD, his unmasked himself and signed with Iron Man’s side. I’m sure we’ll get some BS reason for this team up. But who am I to judge?

  4. Meh, I’m glad this is just a one off. I’d rather writers stick to the title and not convolute things with cross overs. Especially with the tangle that is BND or OMd or whatever it’s called.

    But hey, Fraction is a great writer so I might be surprised.

  5. And yes, this is probably a good place to jump on. The first arc wrapped up with the previous issue.

  6. Great jumping on point.

  7. <sarcasm>The reprecussions of Civil War continue to impact the Marvel Universe</sarcasm>

  8. Spdey can’t be registered at all, seeing as how Jackpot and another SHIELD guy tried to arrest him for being nonregistered.

  9. Maybe it’s, like, a story from the past?  I doubt it, though.  We’ll have to wait and see.

  10. @J4K3: Well he should be registered, again with OMD or not. He revealed his identity to the public and signed on for the registration. Maybe it’s nulled and void when he decided to fight on the other side though. Still, even if people dont remember who he is, he still signed on with Tony.

  11. Well, honestly, how many times over the last couple years has Tony or one of his subordinates had unregs in their crosshairs and let them go?  I think it’s safe to say Tony isn’t really making "arrest the unregistered heroes" a very high priority at the moment.

  12. I want to jump onboard Invincible Iron Man, but I’m not buying this issue. I’m not a crazy OMD boycotter but this seems like a nothing more than a slap in the face to people who have been reading Marvel the past few years. If "everything still happened" as Brevoort keeps saying, then there should have been a lot more tension between Tony and Peter than I saw in the previews of this. I will happily buy the next issue though, which promises to be Dark Reign-o-riffic.

  13. Hard to judge this as being a "slap in the face" before you actually read it, regardless of what you think of OMD/BND.

  14. i’m assuming this issue is going to address the tension that exists b/t Spider-Man & Iron Man, and what history/memory they have of working together.  If it doesn’t, I’ll be annoyed, but I think it’s tough to jump to conclusions based on a couple preview pages.

  15. @TheNextChampion – If Tony Stark knew that Peter Parker was a registered superhuman, then he wouldn’t allow S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to attempt to arrest him, considering that he RUNS S.H.I.E.L.D.

  16. The best conclusion to come to when dealing with Spiderman pre-BND is to just not think about it.  Assuming things causes too many headaches and we never know for sure because the writers and editors aren’t exactly talking about it.  Just wait til this comes out and see what (if any) answers it gives us.  Don’t be surprised if you get none, but at least its a Matt Fraction story.

  17. If I can just say one more thing on this. This is why OMD was going to shoot Marvel in the foot. Even if the retcon was the best thing ever written, the idea that everyone is going to have their memory wiped was going to ruin interactions with Spider-Man. Now with New Avengers and SI, Bendis has done a great job practically ignoring that OMD aspect. But other writers with single team ups (like Ms. Marvel and now Iron Man) are going to have a difficult time trying to write a story and ignore all aspects of Civil War.

    Now I have a headache and I need to lay down.

  18. I’m sort of getting sick of Larroca’s art. The faces are just so fake and wax-like.

  19. me too

  20. I enjoyed the first arc but not sure if I want to jump to trades with this one or not…

  21. Hopefully they reach some sort of agreement in this issue. That’s the only thing that’d make sense, Won’t stop me from enjoying the issue anyway.

    Oh, and OBAMA FOR THE WIN 🙂

  22. Great. I paid 3$ for a one page epilogue.

  23. I thought this was an excellent issue.  It added a "Frontline" perspective to the previous arc, which added some weight to the story as a whole.  Its always dissapointing when the next issue comes around and all is well again.  Bodies are being buried and building being rebuilt… good stuff. 

    My only problem is the BND stuff.  I just dont get it… it degrades so many previous events.  I could go into details, but you know what I mean.

  24. Yeah, I really enjoyed this issue.  It was tons on fun and really went a long way towards letting us know what frame of mind Stark is in.

    @DocHess-I’m with you with the OMD stuff.  I just ingnored the headaches and approached it as "OK, Tony doesn’t know who Spider-man is.  Just go with it, and enjoy the ride"  If you look at it THAT way, its not too bad.  Fraction is just working with what he has, and he did it excellently.  This man should seriously be writting Spider-man.

  25. @drakedangerz-i totally agree with you that fraction should write an arc of spider-man. him and Joss Wheadon.

    i totally enjoyed this issue and it was the first one that i totally enjoyed with no reservations. Fraction’s been impressing me as of late.

  26. Yeah, why isn’t Fraction writing Spider-Man? Great issue, the art was, well Larroco, but the story was top-notch.

  27. best issue so far, i loved larrocas art here, and this was a great ‘fuck you’ to BND spider-man, i felt.  made me really miss JMS stuff, and really wish they hadnt raped spider-man so hard and bad.

  28. this wasn’t a bad read haven’t picked up iron man for ten years .. art great spidey written the way he should be and tony back to being tony.

  29. Past me! Stop while you still can. Don’t read any more issues.

    Sincerely Future Ruo21.

    Easter Egg #2.

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