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I have a passing familiarity with the Spider-Man controversy. “Webhead makes a deal with the devil, keep the wife and kill Aunt May or lose the Emm Jay and save May, cue fanboy rage”. Now, it may be my lack of knowledge of current Spider-Man lore but reading this issue for me mostly felt like doing math on drugs. You think you get it but suddenly eventually realize you have no clue.  For instance Tony says “On what planet can you just — just swing in from out of nowhere and it’s not a thing?” Huh? What thing? Or when Spidey says “Not me. None of this is about me.” Uhm, what isn’t about you? And if Tony is so firm on his position that Spider-Man is breaking the law why is he doing zilch about it? “It’s a law, Spider-Man. Not a suggestion. You want to unmask, right now, to me, then we can work together. Otherwise? Go home”. Go home? That’s the consequence for breaking the law? A firm verbal reprimand and then you essentially get told to go to your room? yyyyeah. Anyway.

I enjoyed the basic premise of the book, it being “hard core reporter Urich trying to get to the bottom of the Stark/Stane conflict”, and how it eventually reveals the consequences of that very conflict. And further still it delves into the complexity of the Tony Stark character. Exemplified in part by his mingling with bikini babes as a ploy to close in on a supertech black marketeer. But ultimately all you need to read is the last page. An excerpt of Urich’s article that demonstrates that Fraction has the pulse of the current state of the Iron Man world.

The art mostly disappoints. D’armata’s coloring still does all of the heavy lifting due to Larroca’s lack of any rendering. Resulting in rushed colors that make all exposed skin look shrink wrapped. Juxtaposed with the occasional photographic elements it turns into a weird mess. The layouts, architecture and tech look gorgeous however. So visually, it’s a give and take thing for me. I keep hoping for a change of art team but I tolerate the current one. Oh and I sure hope there will be a new cover artist for the next arc.

Overall this was a tolerable character piece with a small side order of
plot but the Spider-Man interjection felt bothersome and awkward to me.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average

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