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  1. "White-hot uberstars JEPH LOEB" Who rights this stuff?

  2. My last issue of this series

  3. Loeb is the ugly chick with the hot friend (in this case McGuinness). 

  4. *Notices this and Ultimates 3 come out in the same week*

    The Universe shall explode at 12 Midnight on Wednesday. Go to your love ones people! This wont end well…..

  5. I haven’t read a lot of Loeb. He doesn’t interest me. The little I have read has been terrible.

    This is the silliest series of comics I’ve read by someone who has/used to have respect as a writer. My students love it just like they loved World War Hulk.

    It is campy nonsense.

    I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed it enough (like I enjoy movies like Rock Star) to keep going.

  6. I cant get, I wanna but i cant do that to myself its over to fast and its unsatisfying.

  7. This is such a guilty pleasure

  8. Nothing guilty, here. I LOVE THIS BOOK. Rather, I did love this book until I saw what was coming after #6. I’ve no interest in the "Lady Liberator." Loeb put out six extremely entertaining issues, though, and I guess that’s enough. It was a fun arc, and I’ll pretend it was just a mini.

    I’ll miss you, Rulk! 🙁

  9. This has been a great series and was the victim of being the in thing put down I’m afraid.

  10. I like this a lot.

  11. As much as people, like me, don’t like this comic…it is pretty obvious that Loeb knows what kind of a book he is writing and that he is going to keep writing it that way.  If you’re enjoying this book, more power to you.  I’ll admit that I am guilty of picking this up and reading it in the store every Wednesday it comes out.  I just don’t buy it! 😛

  12. This has been interesting and a good side book to read thats unconnected with most of the Marvel universe, as its nonsensical, unbelievable, and is classic Loeb exageration.

  13. This is a car wreck, that you cant look away from. You want to but you still have to look. I hate Loeb, but I find myself still checking out this book. I try to justify my purchase by saying I like McGunnies, but his art has been hit and miss on this run. And still I buy it. Why?????

  14. @Guardedmarman  White hot uber-stars made me laugh out loud.

  15. @Dietz82

    maybe your a skrull???

  16. This will be so confusing if they ever try to re-print this arc in a Marvel Essentials black & white trade.

  17. @zenman – why?

  18. @J4K3

    I think he means because there are two Hulks, so it would be hard to tell them apart.  Though I take it he didn’t notice that they have different pants, different eyes, and different hair.  Plus Rulk always has a smug look on his face like his shit don’t stink.

  19. ummm…so who’s the Red Hulk cause i just read this and i still don’t know. Also Jeph Loeb is not looking ggod in my eyes right now(Ultimates3 & Hulk) does he have any work that will make me hate him less?

  20. @Captkey3s

    looks like he still didn’t feel like telling us who Rulk is.  Gotta wait a little longer I guess

  21. I would have appreciated some bit of closure.  I can understand maintaining some piece of the mystery for future stories, but essentially at the end of this arc we still don’t know anything meaningful about what we just read.  Did they explain why Rick is A-bomb?  Obviously they didn’t explain who the Red Hulk is, but they also didn’t explain what he was all about.  General Ross is involved, and I supose he was working with Samson (maybe?), and they have some objective, maybe related to the government, maybe personal, maybe good, maybe evil, and they recruited/drafted/abducted (person not named) to become the Red Hulk (I assume that they made him/her into the Red Hulk, but I don’t actually know that) and this new Red Hulk was motivated to fight the Hulk because of greed/anger/revenge/ego/personal history/other…  The art was enjoyable to look at, and the story was simply outrageous and I was able to read it and laugh, so I felt entertained, but at the end I felt that it failed to deliver on its promise.  Even if Red Hulk had been a purely comedic reveal I would have been pleased to just have the reveal.  As it was, the story simply failed to pay off.

  22. @J4K3:  Just kidding.  It would be difficult to differentiate green hulk from red hulk in a black & white format.  Kind of like the problem DC has re-printing old, silver age Green Lantern stories in b&w when his power ring was useless against the color yellow.

  23. @Zenman But they always told you when it was yellow so it was all good. lol.

  24. Did Jeph Loeb forget how to tell a story?  And why is it that I look forward to his DAUGHTER’S ONE PAGE BLUE HULK STORY MORE THAN THE ACTUAL BOOK ITSELF?!

  25. Since when is Namor the diplomatic one? When did Samson lose the crew cut he was rockin a few issues back? And if hes not Rulk why is he walking around shooting people wearing just his pants? This is way to cheesy for me.

  26. I think Rulk is Quarterman. I know he is suppose to be dead. But it was probably a LMD(life model decoy) after all he is a shield agent-or was. But thats just my guess.

  27. the story is decesnt i just have a few questions

    1. who is Rulk?

    2.why is rick a-bomb? and why is he not dead

    3. why is hulk dumb agian?

    4. When did samson go from anying missguided, to evil villian?

    anyone that can aswere these please explian. oh and scratch the first one, i know it will be revield some time.

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