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HULK #10

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  1. what the hell is wrong with me?

  2. hahahaha

  3. Wait a sec….is that the NEW Dr. Strange on that cover?

    Cause I know from other website something is gonna happen to Dr. Strange in New Avengers….Did Loeb ruin another comic’s storyline again!!!??

  4. Loeb does his best work ruining his comics.  Though for some reason I keep buying this f’in book.

  5. This has to be one of the worst comics on the stands.  That being said, I totally want to buy this because of the Defenders appearance.

    Yes, I’m what’s wrong with comics.

  6. @TNC: Not sure exactly how that would be Loeb’s fault.  Unless he’s suddenly in charge of scheduling and editorial at Marvel.

  7. Unless he reveals who is under the mask, Loeb has not ruined anything.

    In fact that could be Stephen Strange under the mask cuz that is his old "super hero" Dr. Strange costume from his solo series.

    They put in him a more super heroey costume to help with sales.

    It didn’t work.

  8. @conor: Well think of it this way.

    Jeph Loeb ruined the reveal for Ultimate Spider-Man with Gwen Stacy. Now Loeb is introducing (or I guess now I gotta say presumably) the new Dr. Strange…or at least a new version of Stephen into his book. When the issue for NA hasnt even started that story arc for the character I’m mentioning.

    He might not have addressed who the guy is yet, but the cover is balantly spoiling the new character or design at least.

  9. Oh good…another $3.99 book, this stuff is costing me a fortune over here in sunny England! By the way "The Offenders"…so obvious i cant believe its never been done…genius!

  10. Namor is great, especially with the rest of the Defenders, but…no.


  11. Defenders? Yes!!!! Loeb? No! No! No! & No!

  12. Yeah, but Mcguiness drawing the Defenders – YES!!!!


  14. No, I’m sure it will increase at one point in the future….

  15. @TNC-Don’t assume too much from the cover.  And if Marvel didn’t want the new sorcerer supreme to be revealed yet (assuming that is even him) then they wouldn’t release this book at all until NA addressed it.  Damn, you use your "jump to conclusions" mat waaaay too much around here.

    @JAMESDEAN2020-sigh…New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Thor and Hulk are all permanently $3.99.

  16. @drake: Jeph Loeb ruined the fate of Gwen Stacy before the recent Ultimate Spider-Man addressed the problem….I dont think that’s jumping to conclusion.

  17. @TNC: Again, he has no control over scheduling and editorial.

  18. @conor: He might not have control, but would it fucking kill him to call up Bendis to make sure he isnt ruining both of his titles? I mean I might not read both of the men’s works anymore but this is the second time Loeb is putting in a story element he should damn well researched for before putting into the title.

    Even if it is more of editorial’s fault, why the hell arent they telling Loeb what he’s doing? If I noticed these two reveals in almost the same year I would be fucking flipping out at him and anyone else to agree on the scheduling of this issue.

  19. I actually just found the article that explains this problem fully….but in fear of spoilers I dont think i should post it up.

  20. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again if this book is crappy then give me more crappy books, because this is one of the few Marvel comics that is actually fun anymore.  More power to Loeb as far as I’m concerned.

  21. If you have to buy ONE comic this month — be sure to by TWO copies of HULK!   <—-BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ $3.99 , I dropped this at like 7 or 8.

  22. That’s Dr. Strange in his Blue Mage guise, something he wore for one issue, Loeb said that he always loved that look so he’s just going to do it. BTW he also mentioned that Hulk is not in continunity in that same interview, I believe it was on Word Balloon. If you want soem real Hulk action, pick up the Double Sized Herc, a nice story featuring Hulk and Cho in the back.

  23. I tried to explain that was Strange’s super hero costume from his solo series from what . . . the 1970’s?

    But cats didn’t listen and kept on arguing.

  24. @ScorpionMasada-The reason for the discussion was not about the costume he was wearing.

  25. you know, even if that wasns’t the reason for the discusion it does have bearing on it.  loeb pulled dr. strange (spoiler sorry) from a time period when he was wearing this costume, it is not the new sourcerer supreme. so therefore loeb did not ruin anything.


    loved the jump to conclusions mat (have one actually) but i dont use it with my comics and i dont sugest anyone does either (props to whoever used that reference first).  In other words whoever said that loeb is ruining another comic you should probably read the comic before assuming that that is what has happened.

  26. drakedangerz, read more closely before you attempt to correct me.

    TheNextChampion: "the cover is balantly spoiling the new character or design at least."

    If you think pointing out that the costume is old and an old costume of Dr. Strange doesn’t relate to the discussion, then you need to up your reading comprehension skills.

  27. Oh okay, so he gets plucked out of time and has that ridiculous outfit on….Okay sorry I did jump to conclusions there.

    But I only let people slide on rare occassions….

  28. This is the last issue for me.  Can’t justify buying this anymore especially now that it’s 3.99.

  29. $3.99…ok im done, i wonder how many regular titles will cost this much by the end of the year???

  30. Connor is right, "Hulk" is the Anti-Fanboy comic. Despite being a total Fanboy I take no offense, this book is everthing a Hulk comic should be!

    Carry on, Loeb and McGuinness. Carry on!

  31. This was another fun story which played well on Marvel continuity across many years.  And of course the art was fantastic as well.   I never cease to be amazed by the number of critics who hate on this book month-after-month without reading it!  And for those who hate it simply because it isn’t the Hulk book that you want it to be, I understand.  I’d like to see a Hulk series that followed on from where Planet Hulk/WWH ended, especialy because of how great Planet Hulk was.  Perhaps that’s what Skaar is being built up to become?  In any case, for what it is, this series continues to entertain me greatly.

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