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  1. Let’s just hope this isn’t too 90’s.

  2. Haunt looks like the Anti-Venom version of Carnage.  Anti-Carnage.

  3. This book looks too good to be true. If the preview was any indication, this book should be a very unique experience.

  4. I’m really excited about reading this in paperback.

  5. I really hope this is more of a Kirtman reading experience and less of a McFarlane reading experience.

  6. Hi, I’m Todd McFarlane. I’m known for Spider-Man and Spawn. Come look at my new character, who looks exactly like Spider-Man crossed with Spawn. 

  7. definately picking this up. i dont care what ign says about this

  8. lol "it’s spider-spawn"

  9. This book seems too gimmicky… I’ll flip through it in the store, but I doubt I’ll get it.

  10. my looking forward to book of the week

  11. Read a review that said book isn’t that great.  But I like most of kirkman’s writing so I might pick it up.

  12. Tempting. Is this ongoing or finite?  I may wait for the trade.

  13. I’m intrested in reading a kirkman story right from the begining, and I’ve never hated McFarlanes art so I am cautiously optimistic about this.

  14. "Spider-Spawn!" That’s pretty funny, and pretty accurate. Of course I’ll be picking this up, and I really hope it is better than Destroyer was.

  15. This isn’t on my LCS’ list for this week.  Drat.

  16. this book came about when kirkman challenged todd if he could do anything else than spawn, by the looks of this it looks like kirkman was right. oh the irony

  17. So it seems like McFarlane is working his way back into the drawing game, and this is another positive step.  People bitch about the 90’s but Spawn was the shit for the first 30 issues or so

  18. I have read this first issue and it a a good mix of Kirkman’s smart writing, combined with Greg Cappullo’s genius ability to layout a book.  I feel that Ottley’s pencils get lost in McFarlane’s inks at times but I think it is a perfect first issue to set the stage for the series. 

  19. @ghOul- what did IGN say about this?

    So … McFarlane is on pencils or inks? Why is this a big deal if he’s only doing inks?

  20. Isn’t Spider-storm just Venon?

  21. All we need is this comic in a sealed bag and it’s the 90’s all over again!

  22. @Wade: IGN has an advance review on it and it was pretty bad in their eyes.

    I haven’t seen any good reviews for it either, but I’m not gonna judge until seeing it with my own eyes.

  23. @boostergold4: A sealed bag with a trading card inside? Maybe a Marvel Overpower TCG card?

  24. @BrikHed-Look at you, Mr. Fancy Pants advanced review! 😛

    @TNC-I know the reviewer at IGN and I usually agree with him on books, so I have doubts that this will be good.

    It may be blasphemy, but I’m not too excited for this book.  The premise doesn’t excite me.  Hope I’m wrong though.  I’ll gladly give it a shot if I hear good things about it from a lot of other people.

  25. It seems the CBR guys didnt like it either and gave it a 1.5 out of 5. Im still picking it up regardless

  26. Kirkman always turns in great comics.  This will be great as well.

    Only problem is Walking Dead and Invincible were sleeper hits, no one knew they would be good.  Now everyone wants to HATE on Kirkman before issue #1 is out.  They did it for Wolf Man, even though that is freaking excellent.  Even Josh of iFanboy hated a bit, but it was great.

  27. As I read it, Invincible was kinda standard for its first arc.  If my friend had not told me to make sure that I read book two before I gave up, there is no way that I would have continued.  Hopefully, if this isn’t good at first, it will pick up.

  28. you could always wait for them to put the whole issue in a Walking Dead comic like they did with Chew and Vikings…

  29. @trouville77-60,000 issues of this were pre-ordere, double the amount for The Walking Dead.  If anything, they would print TWD in an upcoming issue of this book.

  30. There might as well be webs coming out of Haunt’s hands on that cover, since that pose is blatently a Spider-Man one. I have a feeling I’m not going to like this issue very much, but I’m gonna give it 3 issues to pique my interest, since this one is going to be all set up

  31. Um well…this was not bad, not bad at all.

  32. For all the negative reviews… i liked it. 

  33. Me too.

  34. I am pleasantly surprised! The story was good, and the Ottley/FCO art team is friggin killer. The art is SO much different than Invincible- the man’s got talent!

  35. @comicBOOKchris – more like a McFarlane pose.


    I totally dug this. Great first issue, beautiful art.

  36. I thought this was a pretty good first issue, I’m def gonna stick around for at least a few issues, as it looks to have quite a bit of potential.

  37. I thought it was excellent.  The art was beautiful.  I agree that it is different than Invincible.  This beat out Sweet Tooth for my POTW.

  38. This book didn’t impress me at all. I give it one more issue simply because it’s Kirkman.

  39. I really dug this book. It reminded me how much I missed McFarlane’s art. I know a lot of comic fans dog on him now, but I still remember that feeling I got reading his Spiderman run. I probably wouldn’t be reading comics now if his Spiderman and JIm Lee’s X-men hadn’t sucked me in. I am very excited to to see this develop. 

  40. @skeets
    It looks more Spider-Man-ish to me, but I’m not as well versed in Spawn. Thing is, Spawn kinda did a few Spidey poses didn’t he? Then again, he did sorta usher in that style of drawing Spider-Man so really it’s just the McFarlane style… one that he apparently can’t not do. He probably draws everyone like that! Probably drew a portrait of his mailman crouching with one hand draped over his knee with a number next to his signature representing how many envelopes are in the background.

  41. that’s what I was getting at.

  42. This was pretty cool.

  43. This book was great.  I was a little sketched out about how the hero, or whatever he is, came into the book. 

  44. This honestly seemed like a Mcfarlane wannabe book from the 90s. Not so good…

  45. Meh… Is it just me or did look like Haunt just left a bukakke video?

  46. I didn’t care enough to pull thi book on this site, but Ryan Ottley is fucking awesome. His style here is completey different from Invincible. McFarlane does what he knows how to do, ie draw spider-man and write spawn, but Ottley owns this book. I will be there next month just for the art.

    @truthseeker: mcfarlane didn’t draw this book.

  47. I really enjoyed this. I thought it was gonna be 90’s tastic, which is definitely not something I’m into, but it turned out to be basically all the good parts of Kirkman and McFarlane with very little of the bad. The premise isn’t something I’m completely sure about, but I’m sold through at least the first arc. 4/5.

  48. This was fun, and it looked great. More than I expected.

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