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Grifter #1

The DCU’s most wanted man stars in his own series!

Cole Cash is a charming grifter few can resist. And yet he’s about to be branded a serial killer when he begins hunting and exterminating inhuman creatures hidden in human form – creatures only he can see!

Can the biggest sweet talker of all time talk his way out of this one when even his brother thinks he’s gone over the edge?

Art and cover by CAFU

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%
Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Wish I could buy this, but my comic budget is dwindling. Maybe later, at reduced-price digital.

  2. love me some grifter action, coolest mask ever!

  3. i know nothing about the character or the wildstorm universe, but i surprisingly can’t wait for this!

  4. This is hands down one of my most anticipated titles of DC’s New 52. Hopefully it will be strong.

  5. I’m a big Grifter fan. can’t wait for this book

  6. Cafu! That guy is awesome. Edmundson made the book sound cool on Don’t Miss, but I might trade wait it.

  7. Super excited for this book. Hopefully it’ll catch on, after the original wildstorm run bombed.

  8. I know nothing of Grifter other than the little bit of a look I got out of the Lois Lane and the Resistance Flashpoint thing, but he was pretty badass in that and since seeing him in the second issue of that mini I’ve been more excited for this than most of the new release books.

  9. I think this is where Grifter will be come one of the DCU’s biggest characters of the modern age!! He looks cool and seems to have a real attitude problem; which everyone likes. Maybe he could meet up with the main man for a beer?? (Thats LOBO in case everyone forgot about THE MAIN MAN??) This is gonna be a fun title for sure especially the way the opening story arc has come across.

    Just sayin’,

  10. I’m actually really excited for this book. I’ve never read anything about Grifter and know absolutely nothing about his origin. This book just looks like a ton of fun though. I’m just hoping it doesn’t turn into the Deadpool of DC…

  11. I look at this character and I just hate everything about him.

  12. I was intrigued. I don’t know anything about the older character, but the Don’t Miss podcast got me interested. I get the sense that this is going to be a very slow burn, so it’s on the “I’ll give it a few issues” pile.

  13. Still fun, but not nearly as interesting a character as he was in the Wildstorm days. This new origin squashes any hopes I had of seeing Team 7 appear in the new DCU.

  14. Frankenstein and Grifter = two of the most anticipated books of the relaunch for me.
    Frankenstein and Grifter = two of the biggest disappointments of the relaunch.

    Characters saying their actions out loud!? Cafu’s art really took a dive. And what the hell? I am stunned at the lack of quality in this book. I am now slightly concerned that I am cursed and my third most anticipated book of the relaunch will suck as well…….. JLD please be good.

  15. I REALLY dug this. I was, and still am, a huge Wildstorm fan and I thought this was an awesome re-imagining of the character. Good to see his brother Max, from Alan Moore’s Wildcats run, in there too. Definitely on board for issue 2.

  16. I enjoyed this. Came in with zero Grifter knowledge. Didn’t seem to matter one bit. I got a bit of a ‘Who Is Jake Ellis?’ vibe with the whole “man on the run, not knowing what’s going on” aspect. Throw in a Sawyer from LOST characterization. Interested to see where this goes. Jake Ellis was a very exciting book that never lagged and always intrigued. Hopefully Edmondson continues to bring the same approach.

  17. I wish I could’ve picked this up, but my shop didn’t have it. I can’t find any online either.

  18. A 4 star book. Inconsistent art weakened this for me. I’m interested but probably not enough to continue. I do like how this is sort of like the movie Crank in it’s pacing.

  19. I loved the end, but the rest of the issue didn’t do much for me.

  20. Now I know why Ron was digging this so much. He loves Cole’s sweet sideburns.

  21. This did absolutely nothing for me. I was kinda looking forward to a Grifter book but this is not the character from Wildstorm that I liked. I have no idea what is going on in this issue or why I should care. The art was lackluster. I doubt I’ll be back. I’ll leaf through the next issue and make my decision then but as of now, not looking good for Cole.

  22. Damn if Cafu doesn’t draw some funky eyes on people! Not as extreme as he did in Thunder Agents, but odd nonetheless. Review posted, 3/5.

  23. I found this a bit confusing. This character is brand new to me and I really had trouble with the telepathy thing until i read Paul’s mini review which clarified things. So he’s like a giant Antenna for bad demon thoughts? Sounds cool, but i didn’t pick that up on the page…i guess i didn’t know who the demon word balloons belonged to. i like the idea that both sides are after him…. I dunno maybe give it another shot…we’ll see.

    Did not care for the art. I mean it was well handled but bland….. a very frigid house style.

  24. I love Who Is Jake Ellis. I liked Edmonson’s writing here, but I didn’t get pulled in as much as I did with Jake Ellis. I liked the accuracy in Cafu’s art; his NOLA police station looks like the one on Royal St. Another solid 3-star book that I won’t be continuing with because of my budget. Hopefully Brooklyn Public Library orders the trade.

  25. Loved this book. The art was fantastic. Cafu really brought it on this book. Edmonson does a great job of setting up the story while keeping it interesting and exciting.

    One thing though, was there a mistake on the last page? He says “I want my 17 hours back” but he was out for 17 days… Anyone else catch that?

  26. well, they can’t all be winners

  27. Art was ok could have been better, I give it a 3-4, not bad at all will stay on because I believe he can be a big character in the DCU.

    Just sayin’,


  28. Gotta say, I was kinda confused here. I have next to no experience with the Wildstorm characters, but Grifter has always had a great 90’s asthetic to him that constantly caught my eye. That and his appearance in Flashpoint made me pick this up. I liked it. I liked him. I’m a sucker for the lone con man with a tortured past schtick. So I’m gonna stick with it for a while.

    But can anyone tell me if this was supposed to be an origin story? Is he already a hero at this point? Has he always heard demonic voices in his past continuity?

    Little help here, Wildstorm fans.

  29. I liked this, and I didn’t think I would. I never got into Wildstorm back in the 90s, so the character is completely new to me. The story was good, the art was great. I’ll buy this again.

  30. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but the bad guys in the book…clearly White Martians, right?

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