A whole new chapter in the epic GREEN LANTERN saga gets under way as Guy Gardner begins his secret mission for Atrocitus, bringing him into conflict with Hal Jordan with massive repercussions for the Green Lantern Corps!

Guy takes fellow Emerald Warriors Kilowog and Arisia along as he explores the Unknown Sectors – but what happens when they discover his mission and what’s waiting for them in the unpatrolled darkness?

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by LEE BERMEJO

Price: $3.99
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  1. I’m really looking forward to this.

  2. Giving this a shot, the promo was cool but left me wondering what this will be all about.

  3. That’s a pretty sweet cover

  4. @Malecema I like the cover design but Guy’s face looks weird.

  5. I’ve only got one of my usual on my pull list this week. Will check this out in the shop and make up my mind.

  6. @Minion Yeah what’s going on with his eyes?  It almost looks like there’s a design there but I can’t quite tell.  I think the color & lighting on it is great though.

  7. @Malecema/Minion – Is it a Red Lantern symbol in his eyes?

  8. FINALY!

  9. Ever since I heard about this coming out I’ve been waiting for it. Finally! Can’t wait to see what Emerald Warriors is about, the wait is almost over!

  10. @PozrDu: That would be something, Atrocitus, Dex-star, Lobo & Guy Gardner…

  11. This will mark the first Green Lantern book that I haven’t bought since the start of Rebirth.

    I just can’t justify the four dollar price tag for 22 pages, so I’ll have to live vicariously through the iFanbase.

  12. @TomO: it’s 32 pages

  13. @supertrackmonkey

    22 pages of actual content.

  14. Yeah, the 4 bucks is slightly annoying, but I’ve been really looking forward to this since that teaser in the back on one of the recent Green Lantern issues. 

  15. Excited for this. And that cover is bitchin.

  16. I’ve trade waited all GL titles since the Sinestro Corps.  It’s hard , but I have a nice collection of GL hardcovers now. 

  17. @TomO Did you buy Ion as well? If so was it good? I’ve been debating with myself over whether to buy the trades.

  18. I’m conflicted with this one.  I want to read it but I’m already reading two GL books and this one is $4.  DC’s saying this is their only $4 ongoing for now so clearly they’re testing the waters.  It’s inevitable that all comics will be $4 before long so no sense complaining – just wonder what message I want to send for now.

  19. The preview was awesome  looking forward to some good Guy Gardner books.

  20. I want to see Tomasi back on Green Lantern, but to be honest Guy Gardner is my least favorite lantern. Tomasi did wonders with him in GLC but still….trade wait.

  21. On a barely related note, I just reread Blackest Night with GL & GLC books and that shit was awesome.

    The Green Lantern book was indispensible to the Blackest Night mini.

  22. The $4 price tag is a shame. Im picking this up because of the crazy first issue discount on dcbs but didn’t order issues 2 and 3. I just can’t justify paying $4 for a GL book when I pay only $3 for a Johns written GL book already. If this was a $3 book, I would have likely switched from GLC to this book on a monthly basis, but now that Im not really digging GLC anymore and this is $4, my GL reading is going back to only one series. 

  23. Can’t wait for this, although I think they need to be quite careful with GL related books in order to keep high quality. Counting Brightest Day, which is loosely related at the moment, there are four GL books

  24. @Minion- Ion ranged from "meh" to allright on an individual issue basis.  I don’t think it’s really required reading for the Green Lantern mythos writ large since Rebirth.  It’s an interesting side diversion, but only for the Kyle completists…and the Tangent universe completists, is suppose.  The tangent issue (#10, I think) was the highlight of the run.

  25. It is odd to make the second spin-off, B-list character book the $4 one, leaving the highly in demand GL and GLC untouched. People will get the 1st issue (people always do), but if it doesn’t blow their socks right off which book are you going to cut of the 3? I like me some Tomasi, but I don’t think his name moves books by itself. An interesting experiment for DC, but I am not sure it will tell them much except that GL is now over-saturated… or it will do really well and I will continue to be surprised at the appetitite for green ink in space.

  26. I guess that $4 price tag isn’t slowing most of you guys down.  I wish this book (and Marvel’s 3.99 books) got zero pulls so the price would stay lower.  Oh well, someday I will say good-bye to you, comics.

  27. Nothing, even zero pulls, is going to keep the price of comics where they are, or even lower them.  Sooner or later all books are going to be 3.99 and it won’t be long after that when some will go up to 4.99.  It doesn’t have much to do with greed, but with inflation & the value of the dollar and other such economics stuff that I don’t understand.

  28. Inflation has been 2-4% for some time (twenty years at least). It has been even lower lately (nothing like a recession to slow things down). If I assume 3% inflation that leads to 34% increase in prices every 10 years, 56% over 15 years, 81% increase every 25.

    A comic book cost $1 in 1990, so $4 is a 300% increase. But that is certainly not fair, as comic books in 1990 were printed on toilet paper. In 1995, comics cost $1.50 for a 167% increase to $4 and in 2000 comics cost $2.25 for a 78% increase to the present $4. I will note that the increase from a year 2000 $2.25 comics to $3 is ~33% which is right in line with inflation. You are spending as much inflation-adjusted money on $3 comics now as you did on $2.25 comics in 2000, although I believe my 3% inflation estimate may be on the high side.  

    Of course that is not the point. Comics are not done like salaries, with cost of living adjustments. They are sold at prices to maximize profits, which is generally whatever the market wil bear. Comics will be $4 because we are willing to spend $4. I guess the point, if I have any, is that inflation of currency is only part of the story of the inflation costs. Older customers who expect higher quality product and are willing to pay for it is a bigger factor. 

  29. If no one bought the higher priced comics, the price would have to adjust.

    However, junkies will bitch and still pay and I don’t deal with fantasy economics enough to entertain such a thought.

    Now, I wish people didn’t pay to see crappy blockbuster movies.

    Low quality boycotting of art should happen. That to me is an ideal I will continue to hang onto.

  30. I’m really curious about this whole thing, so I’m pulling this series. As far as $4 comics….well, we vote with our wallets.

  31. I want this comic. I want it enough to pay an extra dollar for it. If you do NOT want it enough to pay the extra dolla, do not buy it. Wait for trade or skip it all together.

    Wow, that wasn’t so hard! You’re welcome.

  32. Great first issue. Pasarin really stepped up to the plate on this one, and Tomasi’s still got it. Bring on #2!

    Can anyone tell me if we’re supposed to know the villain at the end? I didn’t recognize him. 

  33. @WheelHands, I don’t recognize him. 

    I enjoyed this quite a bit. Seems pretty well tied in to whats going on in the main GL title so it’s hard to say if this is good on its own. The mysterious bargain set with Atrocitus is a huge part of this story so far yet that event happened in GL a few months ago…

    See where this goes. I already like it as much as when Tomasi did GLC, plus I enjoyed the art quite a bit more than Gleason’s. 

  34. This was a great issue I’m probably hooked for at least a few issues.

  35. That 2 page spread must’ve taken FOREVER to draw.  That was a lot of debris.

  36. Bleez looks like an awesome character, can’t wait to see what she’ll be up to.

  37. 4 dollars says I’m following this comic in wikipedia. I wish others would do the same, but with so many pulls it looks like DC will be breaking even on this book as compared to what they could have gotten with a 3 price and additional readers.

  38. It was worth a shot, but I have no interest in continuing this book.  I don’t think the characters can carry it.

  39. @Aeopile: They’ll do well more than break even on this book.

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