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Blackest Night comes to its epic and stunning conclusion in this over-sized issue as the Green Lantern Corps descends on Earth to make their final stand against Nekron and the Black Lanterns!

Written by PETER J. TOMASI

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.5%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Come on, I know its 40 pages but it should still be $2.99. 

  2. @glwarm76: Why? There are extra pages which cost extra money.

  3. Even if there werent 40 pages i would pay 3.99 for it just because it has been consistently awesome. 

  4. I will gladly pay $3.99 for this book – it has been my favorite DC book for a while now. Really going to miss Tomasi and Gleason when they move on.

  5. Whoa where did Ice come from all of this? She came back over a year ago and now she’s a Black Lantern?

    It’s only Monday and I’m extremely interested in this. 

  6. @torippu – where are they going?

  7. @AmirCat

    Tomasi’s moving to Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors.  I’m not sure if they’ve announced where Gleason’s going.

  8. I thought that Gleason was going to be working on Brightest Day…

  9. @torippu

    Ah, so he is 

  10. @TNC I am fairly certain I saw Ice pop up in the background when all the living but formerly dead people got Black Lanterned. I think this is first time it will be addressed directly. I am still hoping that Guy keeps some of that RAGE blood, with the standard power=corruption trade off. That sounds like future fun to me.

  11. @conor: Im in law school and have a limited budget so when a book that is normally $2.99 jumps to $3.99 it messes with my budget. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it adds up and prevents me from picking up more titles.  If a series is always $3.99 I’m prepared for that financial hit, account for it, and can intelligently decide if the series is worth that price but when a series throws a $3.99 price tag in there every once in a while it hurts because I’m not going to drop a title for a single issue in the middle of a story-line. I dropped Action Comics because it was $3.99 and I didn’t feel that it was worth that price but I could make that choice based on a consistent price point. Unfortunately, GL Corps. doesn’t give me that choice here. I’m going to pay the $3.99 because Im onboard for the series at the normal $2.99 price point. I understand DC’s decision to increase the price because there is more content but I don’t like it. Is it too much to ask to get more pages for the same price? I mean why are there extra pages? Fans didn’t ask for them. Im going to give DC the benefit of the doubt and believe that there are extra pages because the story couldn’t effectively be told in 22 pages and DC didn’t want to split the story into two issues. Thats fine but I don’t want to have to pay for that. If DC decided to make GL Corps. a 40 page $3.99 comic every month, I’d be ok with that and would proceed to drop another book to make room. 

  12. A major reason DC didn’t want to split the story into two issues is the that Blackest Night ends this month and none of the tie-ins will be allowed to go past that. Of course it is not a hard sell to increase the pages and cost of one of the highest selling DC books right now as it enters the last chapter of a gigantically successful event. It is a license to print money, and so they did.

  13. I agree 100% JimBilly but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. 

  14. Patrick Gleason has made this title what it is.  I won’t be on for Brightest Day, but I wll certainly miss his work.

  15. "Blackest Night comes to its epic and stunning conclusion in this over-sized issue as the Green Lantern Corps descends on Earth to make their final stand against Nekron and the Black Lanterns!"

    -I am confused. When should I read this? After or before GL52 and BN8?

  16. @JimBilly: I don’t remember Ice being in that panel…..I’ll have to look closer.

  17. @TNC Don’t strain your eyes too hard. There is probably a 30% chance the memory is just a fever dream. All in my head or not, I remember her showing up somewhere (could be in one of the tie-ins, I suppose…)

  18. @TNC She’s in it. She’s on the cover to BN #5 as well. She’s a character who died, but who came back to life recently. No one’s slipping one by you.

  19. @dirtyharry2030- if they absolutely didn’t want you to read this, they would not put it out before those other two books.

  20. @Slockhart – So the new GL book is going to be different than the GL Corps?


    I wonder if GL is gonna be like Batman/Spider-Man with a million books. 

  21. She’s on the cover? Damn now I really need better glasses.

  22. @TNC Third one down from the left. Kinda hard to miss. 

  23. @Prax: What do ya know. Didn’t even notice she was on the cover.

  24. I think "epic and stunning conclusion" probably just means for this book it’s the conclusion of the Blackest Night tie-ins. The real conclusion is obviously going to be in BN #8. 

  25. @ABirdsEyeView : If you think Gleason made this book then you should consider Brightest Day as I am pretty sure is doing at least part of the art on it.

  26. Just so all know there is no conclusion here at all and it was very haphazardly done for the end of this series.  I thought there was a lot going on and then just left alone.  I did like the Star Trek reference, but you reveal there is a Black Lantern planet and then go well lets forget about that and go try and kill the Anti monitor?  It was the first Blackest Night title that I really just went meh to. 

  27. Dove bullet. I love comic books.

  28. One word FRIDGE!!! Awesome issue!

  29. Damn good stuff.

  30. So many cool moments in this one, some really nice characterization, and some really great panels from Gleason. 5/5 for me. So close to being the POTW, but the book would have needed to be a little "slower." Still, exciting. And by the way, Tholian Web? Amazing! (Guy’s a Trekkie! Hardcore!) One of two Trek references in a DC book this week. (B&B has the other). I also really dug the one ominous panel with the three-pong plug floating near Kyle!
    @forestjwp Keep an eye on Green Lantern #52.
  31. I’m a bit shocked that Tomasi brought back such a sensitive moment in DC history. But he executed the scene perfectly with Rayner and his ex-girlfriend. It also helps that Gleason really outshined himself in that scene as well.

    Overall a great issue all around. Is this really the final issue for this team? Kinda sad really… 

  32. The book was action packed and I did love that kooky Dove bullet but why would a large cockroach alien make a rifle?  That and the amount of action and probably the length of the book caused the art to suffer by the end of the book, can’t wait to see how they wrap this up and bring all these dead people back.

  33. That scene with the ‘tholian web’ was phenominal.  This book, like the previous ones, was a little too action packed though.  Not enough time to breathe.  Oh well, still a lot of fun.

  34. I’ve been waiting for the fridge to come back ever since this thing started. I always envisioned it hitting the surface of a planet right in front of kyle like the phone booth in bill and ted. but this was cool as well

  35. 4 stars and my POTW… I hate it so much when that happens… 

  36. The Tholian web was awesome, the Dove bullet was awesome. The book may be going 100 miles an hour lately, but there’s a lot of fun along the way. 

  37. Space fight. Someone who is dead comes back & messes with the living. Big splash page reveal. The Blackest Night formula continues.

    Sure it’s entertaining (mostly) but I’d really like if this story had more … story.

  38. Poor Vath, losing his legs… I guess technically he can still fly…

  39. @JonCrites- no thanks, I’m probably going to pick up the Warriors book and that’ll be enough of an addition for my Marvel-dominant pull list.

    @dneufeld- it would be a real shame to drop Vath Sarn as I really hope there’s a place for him and Isamot in the GL books. 

  40. Dex-Starr rage-puking into a Black Lantern’s ear

    Tholian Web

    Black Lantern fridge (with BL magnet)

    Dove bullet/bug sniper/Elvis Costello reference? ("I hope his aim is true!")

    This is gonna be a tough PoW but GLC is seriously in the running. 

  41. @captbastrd That’s how great this issue was. It was so packed with cool moments that your the first person to reference the Dex-Starr appearance.

  42. great stuff, funny stuff, creepy stuff, stuff stuff. It’s a 4 in my book. But there was definetly alot of punching. Only made more obvious once Akamuu noted it in his review.

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