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  1. I’m this close to dropping this book.  Last couple issues haven’t wowed me.

  2. i just jumped on board with this and i’m loving a monthly book with kyle again

  3. Yay, really interested in that Sinestro story.

  4. Let’s see:

    Red Lantern brutality? Check

    Mongul? Check

    A surprise appearence by Sinestro? Check

    This is gonna be a good issue.

  5. I really don’t like that cover.  Still, this is always one of my top books.  Thus, it will rock

  6. @Kory – I look forward to dropping this as well, but this would be the worst time to do so. Night’s finally here and half the story will be within the pages of GLC. Best to ride it out and abandon it quickly before Kyle and Guy start getting all mushy again. I so hate Kyle rayner..

  7. It’s funny, this is the book that has made me kinda like Kyle.

  8. I’m thinking of dropping this book and waiting for the trade…

  9. I have no idea what is going on in that cover….

  10. @conor – yeah, you used to be down with the anti-Rayner squad. What the hell happened? ; )


  11. Hey, what’s with all the anti-GLC talk? This book rawks (as the kids say).

  12. @FACE: I’m thinking of dropping this because of Blackest Night.  I was initially excited for the event because I was led to believe it would run only through GL and GLC with a couple of one-shots here and there a la Sinestro Corps War.  But now it’s going to be a separate 8 part miniseries along with other tie-in miniseries.  And before anyone says "well, you don’t have to buy them", this was the same company who told me that all I would have to read to get the Final Crisis story was to read the main series, but it turned that I did have to read the tie-ins.

    I’m still going to stick with Green Lantern because I’m a Hal fan, but I’m sick of crossover events and I don’t have the money to buy any extra series right now.

  13. This book has been near perfect since the end of the Sinestro War. Love it. Although I do think the inker is inconsistent sometimes.

  14. @Kory – Steal em’! lol. Blackest Night is gunna be awesome, or else I’m over-hyping it in my own head & will be severley let down. One of the two.

  15. @Kory: You didn’t have to read the FINAL CRISIS tie-ins to get the story.

  16. @TNC it looks like he’s flying into a big red planet or atmospher thats trying to clos up around him and he’s using the ring to keep an escape tunnel open

  17. @Roi: Or it looks like he’s holding back an exploding Star.

    @conor: uh…..didnt you do a show about FC and explain we did have to read Morrison’s reading order to get the full gist of it?

  18. @Champ – you’re gonna do this again?

  19. @Conor: Yes, you’re correct, but they were needed to get the full impact of certain plot points, like the scene with the vampire monitor. 

    I’m more frustrated by the fact that I have to buy a separate "Blackest Night" miniseries, just so I can keep up with what’s going on in my Green Lantern books.  I don’t like having to be forced to buy another book, that’s all.  And as someone who has "event fatigue", I don’t want to be a hypocrite; I’m putting my money where my mouth is a sitting out the event.  If it’s good, then I’m sure there will be a trade.  If it sucks, then I will have saved a butt load of money.

  20. *ignores*

    I’m hoping this is gonna be good pencils by Gleason this issue. Cause he seems to be off every other issue with character models.

  21. @FACE: You….me….Team Fortress 2…it’s on.

    @Kory: All I’m saying is that, now I have to be so worried about with what I post. I remember being on here for the first time and just saying with how I feel. Now I have to looka at my posts so closely I have to worry if a certain phrasing of a sentence will send everyone in an uproar. I just dont know how to please any of you. Cause one moment were all buddies and then the next it’s every man (and woman) for themselves. I’m sorry I really didnt want to speel like this, I really dont. I just wanted to talk about GLC….but when people just gang up on me like this…how am I suppose to react? Just take it?

    …..and the Sixer are the dark horse this year….The fightin Six!

  22. @Champ – The internet is a free country, dude. Say what you wanna say.

    PS – Why does that cover make me think the words"cosmic enema"?

  23. @Wade: Maybe Kyle had to much to eat before the jailbreak?

    ‘Oh I knew I shouldnt have had those tacos at the Vega system’

  24. I like how the solicit states "How can they hope to stop an entire Corps?"

    Hope…how interesting

  25. I’ve been loving this book for a while now. This and Green Lantern I think are the best superhero books DC is producing right now. I honestly think that if you’re excited about the upcoming Blackest Night and you’re not reading this book you’re missing out on a lot of important story.

  26. @ Kory I’d drop alot of other books prior to bailing on this event. Sad that a shitty series like final crisis is going to make you drop blackest knight 🙁

  27. @kory – I’m with jobob, don’t let Final Crisis put you off Blackest Night. You can’t really compare FC to any normal mini. Reading every single FC book was no garuntee of it making any sense, even when read "in the right order". I’m pretty sure you could read the Blackest Night mini on it’s own & get a story out of it.

    @Champ – Let me put on my anal-internet-nerd cap for a second & correct you. That’s Ion on the cover, not Kyle.

  28. Just to be clear, I’m staying away from Blackest Night not because of any dissatisfaction with Final Crisis, but because I’m sick of company wide events in general (from both companies, not just DC).  I was totally fine with it being an event within the Green Lantern books, but now that DC has seen that "thar’s gold in dem thar hills", they’ve made it an 8 part miniseries, with multiple tie-in miniseries.  I have to read comics on a budget now, and I don’t like having to be forced to pick up another series just so I can keep up with the books I’m currently reading and enjoying.

    Recently both Didio and Quesada were asked why there were so many events, and their response was that they sell, so we’ll continue to sell them.  As someone who is sick of events, I can’t be someone who whines about something, yet still buys it.  I want things to change, so I’m using the only power I have, and that’s the power to keep my money or spend it elsewhere.  I like my comics to be self contained, so from now on the comics that stay in their own world and don’t have to worry about keeping up with the continuity of fictional universe are going to get my money.

    I don’t want this to come off like I’m anti-DC/Blackest Night/Geoff Johns/Dan Didio, far from it.  I think Blackest Night is going to kick ass, but if it doesn’t, I’ll have saved a shit load of money, and if it does deliver like I think it will, then I will get the TPB that will be out 2 months after it ends.  And with palces like, I’ll be able to get cheaper than I would’ve if I bought it in single issues.

  29. I may actually buy this.

  30. This was a fantastic issue! My POTW hands down.

    Great creature designs, a much better use of pencils by Gleason, and just overall some fun stuff in this issue. I cant wait for the next issue, Tomasi written himself a lot of fight scenes for this arc.

  31. Nice to hear TNC!

    I am so pyshced for the Blackest Night!. Sinestro Corps was my favorite event book since I started reading comics against (circa Civil War).

     I, on the one hand, am happy that there will be a seperate Blackest Night book to go along with GL and GLC. The more GLgoodness the better!

  32. I didn’t get the cover I was promised!!  I got a Sinestro one instead.  ack! 

  33. Just finished it.  Good stuff.  Consistant too.  Love the way Ion is being treated. 

    The box-shaped green lantern was hilarious, but I didn’t like how that red lantern’s face looked like…well, a girl’s naughty zone.  Very distracting

  34. What a cool issue!! Action plus! Also great art & story — what more could you want from a comic (besides free beer)?

    It was funny to me how the murderous Sinestro Corps members were grossed out by a tongue lol. "Let’s enslave this planet & brutally kill anyone in our way and … eww that guy has a tongue around his neck! Gross!" … Also, what was Arkillo mumbling about on page 17? Could anyone decipher that?

    PS – @kory – Exellent points. You almost sold me! But, I’m the type of sucker that DC would love, because even though I agree with all you said, I’ll still be buying Blackest Night …

  35. I’ll be buying Blackest Night, Green Lantern and the ‘Corpse’. As well as most tie-in. When something is this high quality, this amount of work and dedication and planning, it has to be rewarded and I’ll be putting my cash down for it happily. 

  36. I liked this issue.  I’ll be buying the mini and the GL and GL Corps books.  I think all skip all the tie-ins like the Blackest Night: Superman and others.  If they end up being good I can buy the trades later.  I see where Kory is coming from.  I didn’t buy the FC issues because I didn’t like the event. The only FC stuff I bought was the Revealation tie-in because I like the Spectre.  I read my roomates FC Requiem and thought that that was the best story to come out of FC.

  37. I haven’t enjoyed the last couple issues, but this issue was a return to form.  Dropping this book is going to be one of the hardest things I do.

  38. I have "Event Fatigue" fatigue. I’m tired of being tired.

  39. Excellent book! Totally deserving of the POW!!

  40. What’s with the cover change on this site? Was the first one we saw not the right cover?

  41. Has this series been this good in the other issues after Sinestro Corps War?

  42. Awesome read. That issue felt literally jam packed. I definitely got my $2.99 worth there. That splash page in the science cells might be one of my favorite panels in a long time. Shocking last page, too. I really can’t wait for that to be fleshed out more. Is it Cliche? Yeah, but not at all expected.

    And yeah, I’ll say it again, I felt like I got two issues out of that one. Three plot lines, each handled pretty well and each with enough "time." 

  43. @TheNextChampion – There were two covers.

  44. @comicBOOKchris – This series has been good since issue #1. People are finally taking notice!

  45. I have been liking this book a lot as well, but the art in this issue wasnt as strong as some of the other ones.  It almost seemed rushed in some panels.  Especially the red lantern in the sciencecells.  The first couple pages were really detailed, but then it kinda got odd.  The panel where the red lantern is stepping on top of a yellow lantern was particularly awful.  what is with his head it just didnt look right, like they gave  him a different head or something.  But the funniest part was the yellow lantern he was stepping on.  That poor dude looked like something I could draw, and that’s pretty bad.  After that the art picked right back up.  I know it is a minor, but it just bothered me for some reason.  Still though it was a good issue overall.

  46. Eh, I’ve been loving all things Lantern, but this issue failed to wow me the way the last few have. I’m still more than on board though. Bring on Blackest Night.

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