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BRIGHTEST DAY blazes on as the New Guardians seeking the Indigo Entity are shocked to discover a sedated Black Hand. Can Hal Jordan trust the Indigo Tribe to house the herald of Nekron?

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by GENE HA

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Am I the only one that has found himself completely burnt out on Green Lantern stuff?  I have no idea why…there is nothing wrong with the books….in fact they are usually well written and well illustrated.  I think Blackest Night just kind of wore me out on the concept…  ?



  2. @jeff – Ditto. Still buyin’ ’em, though.

  3. This should be fun. I’ve been waiting to find out what’s up with Black Hand. Lookin forward to it.

  4. Yeah, I took GL off my pull list & may trade wait for it, but Black Hand & the Indigo Tride may get me to pick this up.

  5. Nok?

  6. This is the issue I have been looking forward to most. Since we started the one corps per issue formula.

  7. @jeff & @Casey: I think Blackest Night was such a high for so long that it’s only natural that what followed would be a let down.  But, besides that, the Lantern titles have recently lacked a strong plot.  First, the titles are no longer inter-related; whereas, they used to reinforce each other, making the story seem bigger and more important.  Second, Green Lantern has shifted its focus every month.  First, it’s an issue about Lobo, then Victor Hammond, then the Love entity.  It’s been good, just all over the place.  I think, honestly, it’s why Emerald Warrior has been the best of the bunch.  There is a solid plot that seems to be going somewhere. 

  8. Oh, and I am looking forward to learning about what happened to the Black Hand since the end of Blackest Night.  Nok, indeed.

  9. What’s "Nok"?

  10. Yeah i feel the same way. I loved GL for so long that i feel like it’s kind of blasphemy to talk about dropping the title, but i think with soooo many amazing books out right now, and the economy the way it is, GL (or any issue) has to be at it’s Blackest Night "high" every single month.

  11. Nok Nok. is the language of the indigo lanterns. 

    i think i have figured out how to communicate with them. When they say "nok nok’, you say "whose there?" and hilarity with ensue  

  12. Creepy cover.

  13. This could be my last issue on the series. I’m totally burned out from this new status quo and this isn’t even a Hal Jordan book anymore. (Nor is a Green Lantern really the central character here)

    It has the Indigo Lanterns and Black Hand… I hope something interesting happens here. 

  14. I think TNC should stay away from DC books. Doesn’t seem like he likes any of them.

  15. TNC: You’re a Simpsons fan. You should know the importance of a supporting cast being highlighted.

  16. @comicbookchris: Yes, but remind me.

    What is the title of this book? 

  17. GREEN LANTERN. which is why they are highlighting GREEN LANTERN’S supporting cast

  18. @edward: Many of whom are Green Lanterns.

  19. Love this book still, the Larfleeze stuff is great, and the Victor Hammond parts were pure amusement.  Sweet Gene Ha cover to boot.

    @edward – hilarious.

  20. TNC: I can answer your question by asking you the same question about The Simpsons, which essentially makes that show just as bad as you’re making Green Lantern out to be.


    Johns has done an amazing job at introducing us to a new supporting cast, and it would be a crime to not have AT LEAST one arc focusing on them. 

  21. I feel as if there isn’t any better time to be a GL fan then right now, but I just got caught up on the run hardly a year ago, so it’s all still kinda fresh to me.  Although, I’ve been absolutely loving all the issues since Blackest Night wrapped up.  Larfleeze, Hammond, entities, Lobo, Red Lantern cats, etc.  It’s like a really colorful variety show lately!!

    It could even be my POTW!!, but probably not cuz all of the Batman stuff…

  22. Anyone going to point out his name is Hector? Not Victor.

  23. I’m loving GL at the moment, this could be killed if I have to read every GL book to under War of the GL’s.

    This is the only GL book I read, and normally they make it understandable without the other books.

  24. I agree that after Blackedt Night this book has slowly and steadily declined. I feel guilty for dropping it but does DC feel guilty for the price they charge for comic books. It’s all about marketing. If enough of us drop it they will notice.

  25. I only buy this GL book so I am not burntout at all (this and Brightest Day), 

    When it comes to GL make mine Geoff Johns.

  26. I had this on my pull list for a day, came here to read the solicitation and comments, and got pushed over the edge. I’m going to say goodbye to Green Lantern for the time being.

  27. Never feel bad for dropping a book. You can always get the trade later if you want to jump back on and get caught up. Especially if it is a top ten book like this one.

  28. Oh Jim! I’m so sad 🙁

  29. @Minion: You know how you can think one thing and type another?  Yeah that.  Hector.  Hector.  Got it. 🙂

  30. I actually really like that the focus of the book is now on the New Guardians–all the new characters and the revamped classics like Sinestro and Carol are intriguing and, I’m sorry, but at this point I’m convinced that you can’t have a solo Hal Jordan book be interesting.

  31. The story is meandering a bit all over the place. Is GJ trying to synch everything up to finish another six months from now when Brightest Day concludes? A year is a long time to stretch a story. Some might fit, but others might feel, well, stretched.

  32. I do still love the book, but I do miss the old pre-BN story arc styles/structures.

  33. yes yes, Hector.

  34. @ctrosejr – Great analysis. That might be the issue, the meandering. It really feels like we’re movie from one thing to another without much time to deal with anything. For example, last issue we got about 1/3 of the story on the Blue entity, and from the looks of things we’re heading to the Indigo planet in this ish. I won’t judge til I read it, but that seems like a quick wrap-up to the Blue story.

  35. Gotta say, didn’t really like this issue. I’ve been a vocal supporter of GL amidst all this fatigue, but I really can’t defend this one. It was beyond talky. In fact, talk is pretty much all that happened. Aside from the Indigo tribe, we got very little in terms of developments. And I expected a bigger reveal for Black Hand.

    But the end is what really killed it for me. How many people have been infected by Parallax in the last four or five years? Now we have to see Barryllax fight GL? Really? The device is getting old. At this rate, Parallax is going to end up like Anti-Monitor; a serious foe turned easy win by overexposure for shock value.

    I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been enjoying GL since BN, and I’m definitely still on board. I just wanna get off the roof of this church and blow some shit up.

  36. @wheelhands  I felt the same way about the end. At first i was like "Sweet!" but then a few minutes later i was like "really?" but according to barry apparently superman and batman are on their way so maybe next issue will be better

  37. @Roi: That’s true. Maybe we’ll at least get a sweet battle out of it. But really that’ll probably just make the win easier.

    Honestly, I just wanna get back to Snake Hammond. I was really stoked by that and I wanna see where it goes.

  38. I really loved this issue. I believe I’m fine with the Cosmic Corps.

  39. Liked it, didn’t love it. Earned some serious points with that ending, but talking heads all issue does not an exciting tale make. Also, I found myself agreeing with everything Barry was saying as he pointed out that Hal is acting out of character.

  40. This was a great issue!

    Finally Geoff Johns focuses on Hal Jordan and why the hell he is allowing the Guardians to bring hell on Earth. Having the Guardians be more on the side of the issue and not be the focial point was the best thing to do here. It makes the Larfleeze joke funnier because Johns doesn’t overbear him with constant jokes. But the stuff with the Indigo Lanterns was great and I loved that Johns made us realize that they are more sinister then we first thought. Overall a great issue because Jordan was the focus and no one else.


  41. Good issue although the bit at the end earned a liz lemon eye roll.

  42. So, Johns new play is to just put different characters in different coloured costumes, by giving them a coloured ring or combining them with an "emotion entity" *groan* & call it a story?

    If Mahnke’s art wasn’t so killer, I woulda dropped this book a while ago. 

  43. I liked this issue, but agree the ending was tierd. Haven’t we seen this cliff hanger before, twice in recent memory in Sinestro Corp War and Blackest Night.

  44. @Zeppo  Yeah I feel that. It would have been a better cliffhanger to just reveal who the cloaked figure was. Seriously you have the big bad ride Parralax into the middle of our heroes and *don’t* reveal who they are? Really?

  45. I’m not sure how this jives with Flash #6 in terms of continuity but I enjoyed both stories nonetheless…

  46. This book is getting nuts with all the factions and entities and I love it.

    In regards to the cloaked figure –  I assumed it was Scar, the fallen Guardian, from the moment I saw him.  Who else could it be?

  47. That panel of Parallax starting to climb into the Flash was absolutely disturbing. Now that cloaked troll with the green energy shackles (!) has the speed [Flash] and the viciousness [Parallax] to steal the other two entities who are on site. By the time Superman and the rest get there, it’ll be too late. That’s the main thrust of this arc. The theft of the entities. That’s why I’m still interested. That and Johns, Mahnke, and Almay.

  48. Does anyone else take issue with the covers?  I’m finding Hal to be rather weird looking.  I can’t tell if I feel that through the whole book, but for sure on the covers.

  49. @Ele: +1

    Too busy.

  50. So… what does this reveal about the Indigo Rings say about Ray Palmer?

  51. The first page kind of lost me on this issue, and nothing else that happened did anything to bring me back. I’ve been reading GL for a few years now and this was one of the weakest issues I’ve read in that time. The lame bit with the EMTs and the one worrying about which one had insurance was the epitome of a vacant political statement. EMTs do not care who has insurance and who does not! They are not employees of the medical establishment, they are first responders. The rest of the issue was just all talk, a little set-up, and no development. I could really do without Parallax Flash.

  52. @midnight138  Agree – “Vacant political statement” – also, ignorant and unnecessary…

  53. Scar and the shackled, hooded dude are almost certainly not the same person. I think this is some very old foe, probably a fellow guardian banished/imprisoned long ago by the rest of the Guardians.  

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