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  1. Whatever happened to using the door?

  2. If this issue is simply 32 pages of Sinestro beating the shit out of Mongul then I will be a happy man.  Generally I want more, but this issue can be pure power ring warfare.

  3. I don’t think this is gonna be a full blown fight with Mongul. But considering Indigo and Hal have to gather all the leaders of each color Corps; he’s probably going to fight Mongul to have full control of Sinestro corps.

    All I know is that this has been an amazing title once Blackest Night kicked in. If there’s someone I wanna see draw a Sinestro vs Mongul fight it would be Doug Mahnke.

  4. Didn’t Alan Moore already do the definitive Mongul story in "For the Man Who Has Everything"? SMH. This is pointless. Why would Johns even TRY to use Mongul again, if he can’t tell a better Mongul story than Alan Moore can, which he can’t? It’s just a waste of resources to produce this book, print copies, and truck them out to stores. Everyone who reads this is just going to come away feeling like their time’s been wasted. Might as well just reread the Alan Moore story, because that was better.

    P.S. Just kidding. Been anticipating this issue for a while now.

  5. @flapjaxx – That was excellent. 

    We need to find some way to make sure Josh reads your post.  I’m fairly certain he would enjoy it immensely.  How can we get his attention?  I have an idea: PREACHER IS THE WORST COMIC BOOK EVER WRITTEN.  JOHN CUSTER IS THE MOST ONE DIMENSIONAL CHARACTER EVER CREATED.

    That should do it.

  6. Am I the only wondering why Arnold Wesker seems to be the only Black Lantern that uses his ring?

  7. I’m dropping this and will be trade waiting. It’s too big of a story for me to enjoy as a monthly.

  8. Excited for this. Should be a fantastic time. I don’t know if every gets the fun symmetry of Mongul appearing in Green Lantern #46 so I’ll share this link:

    @RMC I would argue it’s too big to be read across multiple trades out of order, but to each his own. 

  9. @RMC: but you’ll miss the discussion of the book or get the ending spoilt. that sort of thing sucks. it’s like when i found out that chick in the cryong game had a penis. exactly like that

  10. @PraxJarvin – Thanks for sharing that image.  That’s a cool bit of symmetry. 

    @RMC – I suggest you keep track of when the issues actually came out so you can read the issues in the trades in the correct order. That is going to be a difficult task.

    @edward – I was one hour into The Crying Game when I read your comment. DAMMIT!

  11. Brad pitt is edward norton too. and bruce willis is dead

  12. @Edward – Dammit.  I was also watching Sixth Sense and Fight Club. (I always watch three movies at the same time).  I will never forgive you.

    To get back on topic: Do you think we will actually see these three fighting in this issue?  Is this were we see the expected Hal/Sinestro team-up that allows Hal access to the Yellow ring for his fight against the Black Lanterns? 

  13. @Stuclach I’m pretty sure the way things shake out, Sinestro is the one who will be wielding the power to stop the BLs. That’s the sense I’ve been getting at least. Don’t forget, Sinestro was the greatest GL.

  14. @stuclach-I would love to see them duke it out, but we’ll see.  

    @Prax-I’m really leaning towards BL being about the redemption of Sinestro.  That’s the feeling I am getting from the GL and GLC issues in the last few months.  

  15. That would be a nice turn in this:

    Have it read like a Hal Jordan story but slowly turn it into Sinestro’s. It could totally happen and make perfect sense for it to occur.

  16. Its funny…since Blackest Night started, both this book and Green Lantern Corps have been running together in my mind, and I sometimes forget which book I’m buying haha. Not complaining though, as I’m loving the overall Green Lantern story

  17. @comicBOOKchris

    I know the feeling. If I remember correctly, GL seems to be random corps vs random corps, and GLC seems to be Green Lanterns vs Black Lanterns.

  18. Can’t wait for the three-way between Hal, Sinestro & Mongol! (fight, I mean).

  19. I like how GL has been bouncing around so much. It feels like we’ve been getting one shots for the past 4 issues that are all related.

  20. does anyone have a reading order for blackest night so far? Should the companion stories be counted in the main reading order?


  21. @PraxJarvin – I’d love to see Sinestro redeemed, but don’t know if I can see that.  He has done some pretty atrocious things.  Alan Moore’s "Tygers" speaks of Sodam Yat becoming the greatest Green Lantern and we already saw that he was the last surviving member in Lo3Ws.  Imagine if he pops up in the last issue and just lays waste to the BL’s.  Talk about a Deus Ex Machina.

    @dirtyharry2030 – For now I would just read them in the order they came out.  I’m sure someone will assemble an incredibly anal reading order ex post.

  22. @dirtyharry2030 – Sorry about the "ex post" in there.  I’m grading a fat stack of Econ exams.  It simply means "after the fact".  (And I apologize for implying that you didn’t know that, if you did.)

  23. I’m wondering who the white lantern will be. My guess is either Hal, Sinestro, Carol, or Saint Walker.

    Hal and Sinestro are considered the two greatest ring slingers. Carol cause she will make a great sacrifice for Hal. And Saint Walker to make his story come full circle.

    I don’t see the White Lantern surviving Blackest Night. Either the character will die (Carol, Saint Walker, Sinestro), or the character will go back to being what they were before (Hal, SInestro, Carol.)


  24. Yay!

  25. @supertrackmonkey-if it was going to be anyone, it would be Hal.  At least, from what we have seen so far.  He is the only one that has wielded more than one type of ring, well…other than Sinestro.

  26. DC has gotten this event boycotter to buy BN and the GL tie in.

    … that means I think this story is very good.

    Please don’t judge me.

  27. @drakedangerz: maybe it not anyone one person that wields the power to destroy the Black Lantern Corps.  I can see it now… "with their powers combined I am Captain Rainbow!!!"

  28. @ JesTr: Isn’t that Captain Planet?

  29. @JesTr-haha, Sinestro’s egg head on Carol’s busty torso with Hal’s arms and Saint Walker’s legs.  I love it!

  30. I still contend that based off of the ‘daddy issues’ that Johns has placed in the run, and the fact that the dead are returning that the White Lantern will be Hal’s dad.

    But I will be happy as long as it isn’t Hal.  (too predictable)

  31. @Jupiter It’s important to remember with this event that the issues of GL and GLC aren’t event tie-ins: they’re legitimate parts of the event.

    @Drake Maybe there will be a big twist and Kyle Rayner will save the day, but that’s less likely than Black Lantern Ch’p turning good and saving the day day. 😉

  32. @JJ-I’m judging the hell out of you right now.

    @Prax-Ch’p…how I miss thee. 🙁

  33. @MisterJ: I agree completely. if hal becomes a jesus like white lantern and solves everyones problems i will be a little disappointed.

    And, Johns really does have a strange thing with fathers. First, he recons Hal’s origins to made he’s father’s death Hal’s defining characteristic. Johns then kills off pa Kent and Supergirl’s father. And that was within that two months…. very interesting 

    Finally, mister j, you’re still wrong about this 

  34. @Edward: curious. Why would that disappoint you? Is there somehing inherently disappointing in that possible outome?

  35. @JumpingJupiter – Not to put words in Edward’s mouth, but I would find it disappointing (unless done in a very interesting way) if we got the outcome that many of us would have predicted a year ago.  I want to see something unexpected that still fits the story and is told in a very interesting way.  I EXPECT that much from Johns, given the quality of his previous work.

    To reiterate: I’m OK with Hal saving the day, but only if it is done in an unexpected way.

  36. @JJ: not only is stuclach a beautiful man with fabulous muscle definition he’s also correct

  37. @Edward – I see you got the picture I sent you.

  38. @JJ The only I reason I would like Hal to become White Lantern Jesus is that it would make up for Emerald Twilight. This is why I’m predicting White Lantern Sinestro. He atones for his sins, all the while becoming the ultimate expression of power that he’s always wanted to be. (Well… since Emerald Dawn & Emerald Dawn II).

  39. The redemption of Sinestro could very well be Johns’ goal.  Especially after we got a glimpse of him falling in love during the last issue.

  40. the green lantern title really has been sinestro story as much as Hal’s since the sinestro war arch.


    it would be awesome if Sinestro was redeemed than join the JLA or something. 

  41. Hal saves the day as a White Lantern? Yes, please.

    Sinestro redeemed as a hero? No, thanks.

  42. Come On, if Hilter saved Priness Diana would you give him a pass? (sorry)

  43. @edward That is the best alternate history story waiting to happen. 

  44. @conor: What would your beef be on that happening?

    Seriously, I’d like to know why.

  45. @TNC: (Most of the time) I hate when evil characters are turned good. It’s an over-used cliche. It usually takes everything that is good and interesting about that particular character and ruins them.

  46. If we’re talking Jesus type characters saving the day — what about Ion (Sodam Yat)? Not only is dead right now & can come back from the dead, he is also the most powerful of all the Lanterns.

    I don’t know if someone coming back from the dead could happen though. Wait, what’s this story about again?

  47. @WadeWilson – Alan Moore’s "Tygers" (the issue that contained the Blackest Night prophecy) states that Sodam Yat will play a pivotal role.

  48. @Stuclach: Shhhh be quiet or Alan Moore might hear.

  49. @conor: But don’t you think it’s about time Sinestro gets some type of humilitiy out of him?

    I’m not asking him going from Hitler to a Saint in the course of this event. Just have him be the one who saves the day. Heck, make it like he won in an evil way. Like if he died to save everyone, more people join the Sinestro Corps or he becomes a martyar to the people. That would be an interesting take on the ‘legacy’ of Sinestro.

  50. Sinestro should totally become a hero, that way he and Black Adam could team up on an issue of Brave & The Bold where they help a bus load of orphans and then volunteer at a soup kitchen

  51. @stuclach why do you have burnside as an icon?

  52. @edward-HA! With a citation to top it off!  Nicely played.

    Also, you were wrong.

    On a different note:  It would be cool to see Yat resurrected as evil, and then beign able to shrug off the effects of the Black Ring and become a White Lantern.  That is a fun concept.

  53. @drake: There’s something wrong with that sentence but I don’t know what. I like the idea of the story though, JMS should get right on that. 🙂

  54. @Vadamowens – I typically have giant wooly sideburns and wish to honor their creator.  [Also, my brother is working on his Ph.D. in History and informed me of his existence and sent me to pic to use.  If you want to see what I actually look like go here:

  55. That may be the best traditional superhero comic (I don’t count B&R or All-Star Supes in that category) I have read in a long, long time.

    SPOILER: Did we know that the Hawks were the couple in the Violet power battery?  

  56. This was probably the best issue of Green Lantern I’ve read in a long time. This was probably the best pure superhero comic book to come out in ages. It moved with a good pace, but was also filled with character moments and explorations. Mahnke is really knocking this book out of the park, which is hard to do after Ivan Reis. There were just so many strong moments in this issue. Sinestro’s narration, the reveal, the big fight, the small character moment of a background Korugar citizen both amazed and disgusted. It’s nice to finally see the villain win at something! 5/5 for me and easily my POTW. I have to say, this ticks all my boxed as a GL fan.

    SPOILERS, @stuclach I don’t believe so. I have to admit, I saw that and I went running around the room screaming for 10 minutes… in joy that is. Of course the eternal lovers would fuel the power battery! It’s those little things tying the entire DCU together that Johns excels at. And it’s not easy. There’s also the distinction of them being Khufu and Chay-ra and not the Halls which hints at the importantance of the Hawks being killed first. Great issue.

  57. Having a straight couple be the centre of the violent battery is totally gay

  58. @PraxJarvin – Johns absolutely pulled all the threads together in this issue.  This may be the best Green Lantern story I have ever read.  Amazing.

    SPOILERS – You are clearly more versed in DC history than I am, so I’m gonna tap your knowledge.  What is the current canon on the Hawks?  I thought Khufu and Chay-ra were reincarnated as the Halls.  Is that still canon?  DO THEY REMEMBER BEING THE ETERNAL LOVERS?  IF so, this issue become even more awesome than I thought it was.  I did the exact same dance following that scene.  Once again Johns does something simple and straightforward that feels like genius.

  59. @stuclach a little patchier than burnsides, but great hair bro.  I love the pointiness;)

  60. @vadamowens – I admit that it is a bit patchy.  I tore much of the skin off my face during a go-cart race when I was in elementary school, so the beard/sideburns won’t grow in a few places.

    @The Entire iFanbase – I apologize if my face ripping off story has upset your delicate sensibilities. Please forgive me.


  61. SPOILERS @stuclach THe current canon is… they be dead! But, essentially, after the fiasco of the black-haired Hawkman and such, David S. Goyer, Robinson and Johns rebooted the Hawks in JSA. Essentially, this time Chayara came back first, with no knowledge of the past. Hawkman came back (in JSA 25) and immediately began hitting on her unrelentingly. This went on for a while until someone finally said "Yo, your ‘We’re lovers destined to meet throughout time story is pretty stalkery’" and he backed off. They decided to set up shop in St. Roch to learn from each other and then Kendra went on to join the JLA and futz around with Red Arrow. That was about it, really. Carter Hall remembers the life of Khufu, Kendra doesn’t. That’s the really heartbreaking thing about Blackest Night #1. She finally remembers (oddly enough because she finally falls in love with Carter… Hmmm… I bet that has something to do with it.) and then is horribly killed. In a sense… they are Khufu and Chayara, but they’re not their bodies?

  62. @PraxJarvin – Thank you. That certainly fills in the gaps for me and makes this issue even more continuity encompassing than I thought.  I hope this leads to a respectable Hawks book going forward.  They are too unique to ignore.

  63. @PraxJarvin  Wow. That really did answer the few questions i had about the issue. Awesome job. 

    But amazing issue. Johns is incredible at setting up an encompassing story, that pretty much no other writer would be skilled enough to pull off, and then making it great. All the while he fills every fanboys needs with the continuity being perfect, the fights that everyone wants to see and just amazing writing overall. 5/5 

  64. Pretty good issue.  I agree with most of what was already said.  And I will add that I found it extremely funny that Sinestro attacked Hal and Carol with a ball and chain while they were flirting.

  65. @drake Sinestro is nothing if not one for over the top visual gags. 😉

  66. @Prax-I’m calling it.  Next issue, Abin Sur slips on a giant banana peel.

  67. Great issue. I thought the "enter Mongul" scene was great. It made me smile inside as I was reading it.

    The writing and art were top notch and this was my hands down POTW.

  68. This issue made me want a figure of the main member from each Corp… no idea why.

    Things have really kicked into high gear with this issue.  I gave it my POTW, but it really had absolutely no competition… I had two 2/5s and two 3/5s

  69. @Slockheart
    As in leader or most important member? Or both, since Hal’s obviously the main GL for our story’s sake, but is not the leader (though a promotion couldn’t be far off considering the Gaurdians might’ve be dead as Dillenger).

    What I really want to see is each Corps’ ‘spirit animal’ kinda thing, a la Parallax (weird bug thingy) and Ion (crazywhale). Is the Predator that of the Star Sapphires? If so, it envokes naming it ‘Sexual Predator!’

  70. *I meant to continue my first point: "… but Sinestro and Atrocitus are both leaders and main members of their corps, for all intents and purposes."

  71. @captbastard The Predator is indeed the animus of the Star Sapphires. It’s based off of a weird character from the 80s called the Predator who was a GL villain.  He was retconned, in the 90s I believe, to be a figment of Carol Ferris’ psyche left over by the Star Sapphire. Yeah, I know. At one point that (Male) Predator slept with Carol. So yeah… anyway. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

  72. Thats a different cover than was available at my comic book store. Is it a variant?

  73. @edward. you crack my shit up

  74. One of my favorite issues of GL in quite a while. I got exactly what I wanted out of it. Sinestro is such a badass. 5/5.

  75. I found this a bit weak. Can someone clarify why Sinestro had to face Mongul?

  76. @JJ Mongul recently took over the Sinestro Corps. in the pages of GLC (Over the course of a year and a half or so?) while Sinestro was locked away in the Science Cells of Oa. While it’s not exactly addressed, I do believe something similar to the sentence I just wrote takes place in the book.

  77. @Prax
    Thanks be to you, oh quoter of GI Joe tag lines.

    After some searching and frustrated bouts of, "NO! I don’t want a page about Sodam Yat as Ion, I want the WHALE!", I found the comicvine page about these light-beasts (or ’emotional embodiments’ as they more plausibly refer to them) here: (POSSIBLE SPOILIES!) . So far it’s just Ion, Parallax, Predator, and (I don’t remember reading who the Black Lantern’s EE is in the books, so this might be spoilers if it’s not yet revealed), but I’ll be happy to see the page filled out when/if we meet the other corps’ EEs. 

  78. @Prax: Oh I gathered that much but Indigo-1 says she brought him to meet his foe but, what was her motivation. It seemed that that confrontation was important to her. As if it needed to take place for some reason that evades me.

  79. The only thing I really don’t like about this whole story line is the subtley changing appearance of Sinestroy.  I liked it when he looked more like David Niven or Vincent Price.  The fact that his appearance is becoming more and more Hitler-like just seems kind of cliche.

  80. @Jon Makhne’s take is actual less directly Hitler than EVS’s look.

    @JJ Presumably because she knew he’d take charge? Also, that if they’re going to win she’d rather have Sinestro in charge than Mongul (I’m certain Hal would agree as well. Devil you know and all that.)

  81. @PraxJarvin Not to mention Abin Sur told her that the Green Lantern to trust was Sinestro. Good to see Sinestro back in charge of his corps, though. I like that dynamic better than Mongul’s.

  82. @JumpingJupiter
    To have one leader of the Yellow Lanterns? Because, for all his horrible deeds, Sinestro is the lesser evil vs Mongul? For reasons we may soon have revealed to us?

  83. Plus, Sinestro has always stated that he is trying to make the univese better with his actions, while Mongul just wants to rule.  I presume she wants this war between the Sinestro Corp to end so that they could handle more important matters i.e. Blackest Night

  84. One of the best overall issues of Blackest Night yet.

  85. I re-read a couple three times and it struck me that, as Redliberty said, Indigo-1 had a special purpose for Sinestro as per Abin’s recommendation but she seemed to require him to pass some sort of test. That test would be him going up against mongul. Also, it wpould serve the purpose of unseating Mongul from his throne. He being likely an un-cooperative character to deal with during this war of light.

    Thanks for helping me out with this. A good issue but the art was a little jumpy at certain junctions.
  86. @JJ-Having three different inkers is responsible for the art.  Too much inconsistency for such a high profile book.  Kinda surprising move for DC right now.  Mahnke had talked about the pressure of doing a monthly, I wonder if is due to him taking longer than expected.

  87. Awesome story so far.

  88. I shouldn’t read comics when I’m tired cuz this was kinda 3/5 for me

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