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  1. When will the summaries stop saying Prelude? I want my Blackest Night!

    Is it weird that this is a Red Lantern debut but yet I care more about the Blue Lanterns?

  2. I like the concept of the Red Lanterns, I just don’t know if I like the blood spewing.  Maybe I’m alone in that opinion.

  3. Yeah I just noticed the cover…..She needs to see a doctor. She might have some liver problems with blood coming out like that 🙂

  4. I keep wanting to jump into this title because of Geoff Johns but it seems like it’s been in the middle of an arc forever. Can anyone recommend an earlier Green Lantern collection by Geoff Johns that might be a good start?

  5. @Doctor13 – The Secret Origin trade just came out I think. That’s where I jumped on in issues and it brought me up to speed on everything I needed to know. If you want to go slightly further back, Sinestro Corps War trades are really good (only 2 trades as well).

    But I’d go for Secret Origin and carry on from there.

  6. cant wait for this one!!

  7. fun fun!

  8. These chicks never wear any freaking pants!

  9. What’s worse?

    Seeing a hot chick vomit blood all over you? Or see a ray of light going in/out of her privates? Cause we’ve seen both in the last 6 months.

  10. @Doctor13 if you could find FC: Rage of the Red Lanterns and the last issue of this, I think you’d be just fine.

  11. @JJ-she is just too mad to wear pants!

  12. Levi Strauss killed her family and she is out for revenge.

  13. Where is rage of the Red Lanterns Part 1? I’d like to pick it up and catch up on the whole red lanterns thing.  I’ve only been reading Green lantern for awhile and I feel like I’ve missed something…

  14. @ecthelion – Part 1 was Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanters, then part 2 in GL #36

  15. im still waiting for my red lantern ring so i can vomit blood and have (more) fits of uncontrollable anger

  16. @Eyun & @NealAppeal – Thanks for the tips! I’ll run those down.

  17. @mikeandzod21-Red lantern rings take forever.  I sent away for the orange it came right quick!  Now its mine, all mine!!!!

  18. Best DC title out there.


  19. Wow, I wouldn’t wanna be around that girl on the cover when it’s "that time of the month". Or does the massive blood spewing power only work out of the mouth?

  20. @Wade: Ew ew ew ew ew ew eeeeew! That visual will be with me for waay too long.

    @Drake: "Where are my pants! Blargh!"

  21. I am more interested in the blue lanterns myself.  And can they power up any ring or just the green ones?

  22. *hands Wade a trophy*

    Congradulations. You won the sickest joke ever written for 2009. Yes it’s only January, but there is gonna have to be some really sick fucking joke to top this. 🙂

  23. Didn’t this just come out like two weeks ago? Are they trying to get it out a little more quickly cuz of Blackest Night this summer?

  24. Green Lantern #36 was late!!

  25. @Champ – *holds trophy with great pride* … still 11 months to beat it though … I like them odds.

  26. I was a little disappointed with the last issue. Not because it wasn’t good, it was very good, but There was just a serious lack of evil space kittie. Hopefully this issue will remedy that.

  27. @Handsaw-My guess is any ring can be powered up if they want to.  But it seems like, at least for now, that they are on the same side as the Green Lanterns, so will assist whatever lanterns join them. 

    I believe someone pointed out that in issue #25, the splash page with all the lanterns, that the Indigo lanterns were seen healing members of all the corps, not just the "good guys"  That should prove interesting as well.

  28. Let’s try to keep things above board here, folks.

  29. ?

  30. @conor: what do you mean?…. oh, wait i get it. EWWWWW

  31. Can’t wait for my Blue Lantern fill.

  32. Personally, I have high hopes for the Orange Lanterns. They sound the most promising to me.

  33. I have a feeling the War of Light will be a little more grey than a "Good Lanterns v. Evil Lanterns" type fight.  If I remember right, Johns said something like "You’ll be surprised who’s on what side." I really do hope we see the corps (what’s the plural of corps?) changing sides, switching allegiances and sticking to their guns (emotionally speaking.)

  34. OK, I won’t make any jokes about the upcoming Brown Lanterns then …

  35. Blue Lanterns FTW

    Another great issue by Johns, and a great ending too.

  36. OH MY GOD so awesome. Hal as a red lantern!! i love the blue lanterns btw they are awesome!! and agh one of the  best titles from DC right now

  37. excellent issue.  I love this book

  38. This book is bananas…Each issue really delivers…

  39. I don’t know who this Geoff Johns guy is, but he sure can write some good comics.

  40. Does anyone have any good guesses regarding the quotes and characters on the DC Nation page?  Some of them seem pretty obvious, but I’m clueless on most.

  41. I think #3 is Wally West. 

  42. My jaw dropped when reading this book. So much goodness packed into 22 pages.

    I liked Sinestro in this issue a lot. I may be wrong, but I think he’s destined to be back in the GLC by events end. But wow… POW for sure. 

  43. This book is friggin crazy. Redemption for Sinestro? It’s entirely possible. Biggest mistake everyone seems to always make is to think they have Sinestro figured out. Jeez…this is just a crazy book.

  44. Yeah! Sinestro is one cold blooded motherfucker. This book is so good it made me vomit blood all over myself.

    I realized while reading this, that I’m not a huge Hal Jordan fan, I like the Green Lanterns in GLC way more, but I still love this title. That’s gotta be a sign of an awesome comic, if I’m not a huge fan of the main character but it still entertains the hell outta me.

    One thing no one’s really mentioned here — how AWESOME was the art in this issue!!??

  45. I was sad to see Laira go but Damn that was an awesome end to the issue.

  46. Spoilers – yeah, I was hoping for a lot more story with Laira.  I get it that her death was the impetous of Hal Going all crazy because he felt he’d failed her twice, but I just feel redeeming her could have been a really interesting story.  Plus she was just a good character 🙁

    I love love loved this issue though.  Do you think Hal will be wearing every friggin ring by the end of blackest night lol.

  47. @speaknspell, I agree whole heartedly

  48. The art in this whole series has been spectacular.  That centerfold was awesome.  I  think that they were suggesting that Sinestro will be a redeemer for the GLC in this issue.  The crucifixtion of Sinestro had a Christ-like quality to it.  I’m going to revisit the story to date and see if that really is the suggestion that’s being made, or if I’m reading too much into the art. 

  49. This book is so fine!  This was such an enjoyable issue.  Had my doubts about the number of different colored lanterns springing up – at least at first, but not anymore! I particularly like the way Hal interacted with the pacifist blue lanterns. Its so well written and the art is so amazing.  Am loving it!

  50. i forgot to buy it… fiddle sticks!!!

  51. I love the Red Lantern stuff . Geoff Johns continues to amaze me with this title . When I first heard about the various color lantern corps coming out I dreaded it , but great writing and excellent art made a believer out of me . LONG LIVE THE BLUE LANTERNS !

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