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  1. Tony Moore Wha?

  2. Looking very much forward to this.

    Anyone else feel like when Aaron leaves the book they are gonna cancel it?

  3. I hate to say it, but because of our crippling economy and my quickly diminishing funds, I’m going to have to drop this book along with some others.  I’m sort of reluctant to do so, but the last handful of issues haven’t really been as good as Aaron’s initial super campy and super enjoyable arc with the highway cannibal ghosts.  Hopefully our country will flip around and I’ll get these in trades later.

  4. @TommyBrownell – This is in danger of being cancelled even with Aaron on it.

  5. I came on the book with Aaron. I leave the book with him, unless Brubaker or someone of his caliber takes over.

  6. jason aaron and tony moore…hell yes!!

  7. I am really excited for this.  I will probably check this out for a bit after Aaron leaves, but I have a feeling he’s gonna be tough to match.

  8. I am so pumped for this. Tony Moore’s preview pages are gorgeous.

  9. wtf none of the stores i go to have this anymore…its saddening

  10. This thing was so surrealistically awesome.  Wow.  My (surprising) Pick of the Week.

  11. POTW for me as well, narrowly beating Scalped.  This was just fantastic.

  12. POTW for sure for me too.

  13. The art was gorgeous, and Jason Aaron’s story continues to be engrossing.  This issue felt a little slow at moments, but I enjoyed looking at each and every panel so much that I didn’t mind.  And the story that it’s setting up for the next few issues is really promising to be a wild ride.

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