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FLASH QUESTION: Will The Flash and his new allies be able to fix the world?

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Black and white variant cover by ANDY KUBERT
Variant cover by IVAN REIS and GEORGE PEREZ

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Definitely looking forward to seeing Kal-El thrown into the mix.

    Oh, and to see how Barry’s not burned to a crisp anymore! 

    It seems the more Flashpoint related books I read, the more eager I am for a new issue of the series proper. 

  2. This series has been entertaining so far, even if the tie-ins haven’t been able to match that same sense of fun. 

  3. Yeah I feel the same way.  First issue was good, second was really exciting, but most of the tie-ins (save for Deadman/Graysons) has only contributed a teeny bit to my interest in the Flashpoint history. 

    Is this Kal-El we think on the cover?  Project Superman #1 last week was OK…

  4. Not really having the fun that others are with this book. Its just kind of happening.

  5. I wish the tie-ins were better, because the main book isn’t doing much for me either. So far Deathstroke’s mini is the only thing I’ve found that’s worth it.

  6. I hope this is the issue SOMETHING happens.

  7. Can’t wait to see how it picks up after last issues ending. The tie-ins aren’t great, but they are the best and well handled event tie-ins that I’ve read (they are usually just as awful as they are irrelevant). Batman and Frankenstein are my favorites.

  8. I’ve enjoyed this so far. Of the tie-ins, I would have liked to see more about Grodd in Africa and the coming clash between them all,the Amazonians and Atlanteans.

  9. I’ve liked the tie-ins as much as the main story.  What’s most exciting is reading this knowing how everything will indeed change after it ends.

  10. @Slockhart  @MrFurious  – you guys didn’t like the Batman one?

    @misterckent  – I agree with you. Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Grayson’s were really fun.

  11. @AmirCat – I picked up Batman Knight of Vengeance because of Azarillo and Risso but the first issue didn’t seem to go anywhere.  I am picking up issue 2 to see if it picks up.  So far only the Project Superman tie-in really grabbed my attention. 

  12. I have enjoyed the Batman: Knight of Vengeance tie in, as well as Emperor Aquaman and Deadman and the Flying Graysons.  I’ve tried others, but haven’t really been captivated by them.  The main series is really entertaining, though, and I look forward to its resolution next month.

  13. I’m picking this up for almost for compleation only at this point. Flashpoint is my first DC event and it is not very good for a first time reader. I’ve only read DC for the last year and making you big event be a alternate timeline only works for readers that all ready read your books. If I don’t know why person X is alive and person Y isn’t who they are in the real world then I feel you’ve failed. In Fear over at Marvel at least there is a story being told with action. In Flashpoint the story is to caught up in the “hook” of the alternate timeline. I hope the DC reboot is better then this event.

  14. @spaceghost15  I have to admit to being completely baffled by your contention that Flashpoint isn’t new reader friendly. Everyone who is reading Flashpoint — new readers and old readers alike — are working with the same information. The story is set in a world that no one has ever seen before and all of the information is on the page. Now, you might not like the story being told, and that’s completely valid, but the idea that veteran comic book readers have some insight into Flashpoint that new readers do not is a fallacy.

  15. @Conor You don’t see it? Clearly half the fun is seeing how all the DC characters changed. If you don’t know them well to start with, there is no fun in seeing them change. Now I think you probably don’t need to be an expert in continuity as the changes are fairly fundamental, but you are crazy if you think alternative timeline/elseworld stories don’t strongly depend on already knowing what the characters are like in their “proper” worlds.

  16. @JimBilly4  He’s got a point.

  17. In fact, you both do.

  18. @conor  JimBilly4 got to it before I could. The story is a bit lackluster to me but then again so is Fear It’s Self. But my major issue is that I feel there is a inside joke or little easter eggs that I don’t get because I don’t read Blue Beetle or Wonder Woman or alot of the DC books. Maybe that’s not the case as you point out.

  19. I’m fairly new to the DCU, and I LOVE Flashpoint so far. Way more than Fear Itself..which I dropped.

  20. @AmirCat I thought the Batman book was exactly what you’d expect from a book where Thomas is Batman, and nothing more. I’m not too familiar with Azzarello (in fact, I think that was my first experience reading him) but just going by his reputation, it almost seemed like he was phoning it in.

  21. As someone who is more of a Marvel guy I fugured I would like Fear Itself much better than Flashpoint, I was wrong, Flashpoint is far far more intersting and fun so far, DCU is aming a ton of money off me just from this event alone

  22. @JimBilly4  Figuring out who these charactes are might be half the fun that you the reader are imposing on the storey but it is no way a requirement to enjoy, understand, or follow the story.

  23. @Slockhart  – I am not a huge azzarillo fan. My favorite part of the book was that Penguin worked for Thomas Wayne.

    @MrFurious  – I am excited to see who teh Joker is going to be.

    I will say that it makes me sad that Thomas Wayne is go gritty. My favorite portrayl of Thomas Wayne is the one in the movie Batman Begins. A caring doctor philanthropist.

  24. Witnessing the murder of your child can turn the most caring dotor/philanthropist into a vengence seeking psychopath…. unless you’re Casey Anthony…

  25. this was balling outrageous

  26. Fan-freaking-tastic.

  27. HAHA. Keep it coming!

  28. I am seriously loving Flashpoint and the tie-ins. Way better than Fear Itself IMHO.

  29. Good issue, if a little heavy on the jibba-jabba.

  30. WONDERFUL issue and event! 

    I thought I was “evented out”.  I’ve sat out everything since Planet Hulk.

    I am SO GLAD I nibbled and took the bait on Flashpoint!


  31. From a critical perspective this book is far from perfect, but despite that I am really enjoying it. It sounds like a lot of the tie-ins are pretty good, but I just can’t bring myself to shell out the cash for more than Batman. Might go pick up the Grodd issue, or whatever issues seem to really flesh out the “final battle” that was referred to here.

    4 stars for a fun story and passable art. 

  32. This is my favorite event that I’ve read in issues. The end of Flash didn’t bode well for this series but Geoff Johns has been nailing this and it makes me want to delve into the tie-ins. Hopefully they collect these tieins in hardcovers of 9 issues. I’ll check them all out.

  33. Johns’s Flash run is like the anti-Green Lantern. Green Lantern: Rebirth brought back a character that was unfairly killed off. Flash Rebirth brought back a character that had the best death ever. The following issues of Green Lantern showed how he is a great character, while Flash showed how terribly dull Barry Alan was, so much so that the writer decided to focus more on the upcoming crossover.. Sinestro Corps War was how you do crossovers right. Flashpoint is how you do it wrong.

    This issue had some cool, but predictable, moments, like the skinny superman, but otherwise, it was a whole expository mess just to facilitate DC’s not-reboot. Batdad wastes a whole page going Jim Ross about how Cyborg is a supposed badass and Grifter is in DCU London. Next issue Martian Manhunter comes in his stormwatch mobile with the totally FABULOUS Apollo riding shotgun.

  34. This book just keeps getting better. Fear Itself has got nothing on this.

  35. @WHATTHEDAST – Funny, last month I would have agreed completely, but after the most recent issues of each I believe I’ve flip-flopped. This issue of FP, in my humble, had waaaaay to much exposition, not nearly enough character work, coupled with some pretty lackluster reveals… well, reveal. In fact, this issue was so uninventive I consistantly forgot that Johns was writing it.

    FI, on the other hand, really brought it this issue, nearly making up for it’s extremely lame start. Interesting how things can turn around in one issue.

  36. @CaseyJustice  I thought that FI finally brought some excitement. I feel though that the story is disjointed. I’m not sure if it’s Fraction or Immonen. I’ve read enough Fraction to say that it could be him, but I haven’t read enough of Immonen’s work to say whether or not his ‘frame by frame’ storytelling is causing the disjointedness.

    Also, I grew up with Back to Future, so any kind of time-traveling tales get me excited.

    Either way, opinions are opinions. I’m just glad we’re not getting another Bendis Crossover.

    Maybe if we’re lucky DNA or Hickman will do the next Marvel crossover.

  37. This should have been about eight pages longer at the beginning and the first issue of the series.

  38. @WHATTHEDAST – Ohhh, don’t tease me with hopes of another big DnA crossover. That’s just mean!

    And no doubt, FI has been a flarking mess up til now. I’m not a Fraction fan. He wrote one of the best modern Iron Man stories ever, but since then his stuff is pretty abysmal. I would say the problems are mostly him, but then I live and die for Immonen.

  39. This was loads of fun.

    “Told you.”

  40. Warming up to Barry Allen after his heroic return to the roof…although I would have liked to see him keep the mummy flash look!

  41. Batman – gullible

    I laughed at the Subject 1 reveal.

  42. I really enjoyed this issue, not the most original plot but it’s a good one.  I’m quite excited for the rest of the story now.

  43. Flashfact: This event isn’t making me care about DC’s 10,000 C-level characters.

  44. This was good but the weakest of the series, didn’t feel right seeing Grifter there, feels like they’re just in the Wildstorm U now, but I like this Resistance team.

  45. The Grifter cameo was jarring.  I just do not associate him with the DCU.  That one page had icky-world-crossover feel all over it.  Granted, I’m still buying Grfter when it comes out in September, so I’m just a stupid glutton for punishment.

  46. Krypto is dead in Flashpoint! LOL

  47. That Grifter splash page was a head scratcher all around. I think most of those are “new” characters for Flashpoint, but Grifter’s presence made me wonder if I was missing something. New or not, they were not impressive or very interesting. Well. Maybe the cricket.

  48. I’m not feeling the sense of rising importance that a status-quo shaking event like this should inspire. I feel like it should slow down, roll out some roots, get this new reality under our skin with a bit more weight and depth. After all, the DCnU is kind of a big deal. It’s worth the investment. I feel like they’re scrambling to cram everything into 5 issues and a bunch of ancillary miniseries so they can roll out the reboot by this fall. I’m not feeling it. As an event, though, I at least understand what they’re trying to do (unlike Fear Itself).

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