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It may be BRIGHTEST DAY, but when a mysterious group of so-called heroes turns up, another Rogue ends up dead. Plus, the mystery deepends as The Flash witness another murder – his own!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
Variant cover by GREG HORN

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Is this book delayed or am I just not very patient?

  2. @SmokMnky: Two weeks delayed.

  3. @SmokMnky

    I know what you mean. I don’t think it’s "late", but last time I think it came out near the start of May, now we’re getting this one the end of June. So it’s not missed a month, but it’s been more than four weeks since the last issue.

    I do think it’s worth the wait though. I love the Manapul art is beautiful, and Johns is making the story very accessiable, I’ve never read a Flash story before.

  4. Love this series. 

  5. awesome. I thought i missed this. 

  6. The wait is worth it. Manapul might need some extra time but it’ll all come out gorgeous in the end.

  7. Whenever I see Manapal’s twitter he seems to be doing a lot of everything but not drawing this book.

  8. @NawidA: He’s a busy guy, but he finds time to draw even in the strangest places. Check this awesome photo out

    I’ve had a mancrush on Manapul for almost a year now. He’s so good. I hope he never leaves this book.

  9. I am liking the mystery aspect of this. If you can combine police mystery, wacky rogues, and cool speed tricks with beautiful art… that is a formula for success.

  10. I’ll echo JimBilly4.  I love all the elements of this book.  It’s one of those books where I am enjoying the ride so much, I don’t care if we ever get there.  More please. 

  11. So I was the only one that didn’t notice the delay? Fair enough.

    Still hyped for this book, BTW. 

  12. has manapul’s art ever looked this good? I don’t read superman/batman so this is the best monthly art i’ve seen in a while and I will pull this as long as he’s on it, but i’m not familiar with any of his other work.

  13. I love this Wally Allen…I mean Barry West…uh…Flash book.

  14. This has been my favorite new book since BatMan & Robin and Red Robin.

    Awesome art and so far an interesting story.

  15. This and Zatanna are two of my favorite books that launched recently.  Loving the tone.

    I don’t want to typecast the guy as a speedster artist because I like him in general but looking at Kenneth Rocafort’s art on the upcoming Velocity miniseries makes me think he would be a PERFECT fill-in artist for The Flash.  Considering this comic is already running late, if Manupul does need assistance DC would be foolish not to go after Rocafort.

  16. Wait, shouldn’t Brightest Day be coming out this week as well?

  17. nope. already came out twice this month.  Next week is the next issue

  18. Funny to hear people talking about delays as I had to check last week when this was coming out. I thought I missed it too and even though its delayed, if you are thinking bout a book and wondering where it is, you are looking forward to it and enjoying it. For me, I can’t wait and yeah the art is probably worth it.

  19. Ever since Ive switched to DCBS and get books twice a month, delays haven’t really bothered me. Ive already ordered the books so I don’t have to worry about forgetting about it. Im also not as focused on what books come out on an individual week because I don’t get books every week so I don’t really notice when a book gets delayed. 

  20. @glwarm Amen to that.  Haven’t had to worry about missing a book for 2 months now because of them.

  21. I’ve never really cared about the Flash until this series, sad I know.  But this has been a lot fun, I hope they really explore his CSI/Forensic Scientist aspect a lot more as I find that fascinating.

  22. @glwarm I third that, although I do run into the issue of failing to order an issue and not realizing it until a month later. Wait, why don’t I read so-and-so? Oh, because I never ordered it. Luckily my local LCS tends to be well-stocked.

  23. Oh I wasn’t complaining I just wasn’t sure if I had missed something or just mis-remembering when it came out. I still enjoy the book but I’m hoping this isn’t the beginning of something

  24. Not my most favorite title by far, but I’m somewhat enjoying the new Flash.  I don’t like the art that much though.  The new Johns/Kubert project sounds way more interesting for me.

  25. Akamu! Where are you!

  26. This was….good? I mean it wasn’t a bad issue by any means. But I just didn’t feel the warmth or any ‘wow’ factor like the previous two. Manapul’s artwork in this was still top notch, although now I’m confused by the lateness….cause it didn’t seem like there was anything here to keep anyone from holding back for a few weeks.

    3.5/5 (Mostly for Manapul’s artwork) 

  27. Pure fun.

  28. Fun comic.  Nice blend of modern style with Silver Age goodness.

  29. This was my favorite of the three. Feels like we’re really starting to pick up speed. The Boomerang scenes were fantastic. Black construct boomerangs? Didn’t see that comin’. I also really dug the fight between Barry and The Renegades. Nobody writes more intelligent speedster action than GJ.

    I still miss Wally. But if Johns keeps up this mix of mystery and fun, I may eventually be convinced that bringing Barry back was a smart move.

  30. I thought this was great!

  31. Shocked no one has talked about the Flash Facts yet. Best part of the whole issue.

  32. Another great issue. Can’t really much more. Francis Manapul, I love you. 4/5

  33. @TNC: The flash facts didn’t turn me on that much. Was cool but not anything for me to write about for me.

    I liked how the main story’s plot is thickening and everything is getting ricjer and meatier. It’s coming along great for me.

  34. Loved the Flash facts!

    Love Manapuls art. Please never leave this book. A little dissapointed the fight was a repeat from last issue, but other wise it was a great issue.

    How easy is it to get away with murder in Central City, just be the first CSI on the crime scene and they’ll ignore your dna as evidence.

  35. @Prax: not in that way, I assume?

  36. Awesome art and fun story and I didn’t really notice the delay.

  37. It’s weird aside from the job the book reads like a Wally West Flash book from the late 90’s.  Am I the only one who has noticed this or am I just crazy?

  38. its another fun issue. This one seemed to be much shorter than the rest, but maybe thats because it was primarily one giant action scene. At any rate, i’m really into this new series, and it is in a lot of ways becoming my ideal super hero comic. 

  39. I would like the Flash Facts more if they weren’t substituting for story pages. If I counted corrected this was a 20 page story with several large splashes and spreads. So yes, it reads fast. Loved what I got though. Beautiful art and tight storytelling.

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