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  1. I guess the 3D is why it’s 4.50? 

    This is by Morrison yes?

  2. @cam.  Yes it morrison. It is also 40 pages, and the FC books all start at 3.99, so I guess it makes sense that such a book (with 3D glasses) would cost so much. I guess…

  3. Does this come with the much needed dosage of LSD in addition to the 3d glasses?

  4. 4.50? damnit DC.

  5. I’ve been awaiting this for quite a while.

    jobob347: As I think has already been explained regarding Morrison’s Batman, the comic IS the "LSD".

  6. Yes watch Pink Floyd’s The Wall, listen to the Moody Blues, read Batman RIP….and you’ll be set for this.

  7. I’m trying to resist this for financial reasons but may not be able to. I’ll flip through it at the shop and make a decision then.

  8. Does anybody else get a headache when they mention a trip through the 52 worlds of the multiverse?

  9. @Kory I say bring it! multiverse is always cause for epic win when it’s done well… Morrison doing multiverse? Heck la.

  10. @GungaDin- With 3-D glasses too!

  11. -sigh. Do they really have to make me look like more of a geek while reading comics.

    Does the next issue come packaged with suspenders and braces?

  12. Perhaps next issue comes with a bootleg copy of the Star War Christman Special.

  13. @Kory I think all Grant Morrison books should come with a bootleg copy of the Star Wars Droid Special.

  14. Whats better then Grant Morrison writing superman. Grant Morrison writing a team of supermen, all in 3-D to boot.

  15. Ultra-dimensional forces?  

    A wounded emissary from a world of doomed super gods?

    Epic, reality-spanning menace?

    Mind-blowing voyage?

    Hyperdelic journey haunted court of the King of Limbo?

    Who would think G-Mo would write something like this? I’m shocked.


    It’s funny to me, that DC not only admits this story will be "mind-boggling" but they put it in the solicitation like it’s a good thing, lol. 


  16. It *is* a good thing.

  17. That opinion is mind-boggling to me. 😛

    I’ll be buying this book, because it’s a Crisis tie-in & because Mahnke kicks ass. I just hope the story isn’t too warped for me to follow.

  18. @Wade- This won’t be as mind-bending as RIP.  Unless Superman is drugged with crystal meth.

  19. I just hope the "3-D" in this book is of a higher quality than the "3-D" work that DC did for Black Dossier.  I still have a headache from trying to read that portion of BD.  (Not to say that I didn’t enjoy BD.  It is a very fun read.)

  20. @Conor- It *is* too expensive!

    Just kidding. I couldn’t help being a smart @$$. I had a friend had a thing about the use of good vs. well. My pet peeve is "suposaBLY vs. supposedly". Its funny how these little things are like finger nails on a chalk board.

    Back to the price… I’ll still buy it but wish I would have pre-ordered on DCBS. 


  21. Just finished reading this–consider this FINAL CRISIS 3.5.   Lots and lots of answers here.  Who was that German Supergirl from FINAL CRISIS #3?  Why is there more than one Monitor?  What, exactly is The Bleed?  Is BILLY BATSON AND THE MAGIC OF SHAZAM in continuity?  Most importantly, who is the Big Bad behind it all?  Conor, if you have the pick this week, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is it.

    Now I’m gonna go read it again.

  22. this was a heavy week for me so i had to make sacrifices…this was good wasn’t it?

  23. I don’t know.  It was a lot of stuff.  Not bad stuff but a lot of stuff.  I gave it a low score… mostly because I didn’t think 3d (err… I mean 4D) made this book any better and thats why it cost so much and well.. thats just not cool in my book.

  24. I liked a lot about this book, but some of it just fell flat (or incomprehinsible, whatever you want to call it.) I really liked Captain Adam. I like him being Nearly Doctor Manhattan. And the fact that he takes drug pretty much to not be Doctor Manhattan. I hope we see more of him. I liked the 3D. I thought it was fun. This issue left me wanting more. I just hope the next issue manages to satisfy.

  25. "Wha’ happen? ™"

  26. @NealAppleal – Yeah I really didn’t like the Dr Manhattan rip off.  Okay I know that in fact Dr Manhattan was a rip off of Captain Adam but now Captain Adam is ripping off of the "look" of his rip off.  Crazy stuff.

  27. @CharlieBlix I don’t think there was any ripping off involved in any of that. It’s a multiverse. I assume that there is a spectrum between Dr. Manhattan and Captain Atom, and this dude is somewhere in the middle. It seemed only natrual to me.

  28. @NealAppeal – I’m pretty sure The Watchmen isn’t part of the multiverse.  Plus I wasn’t talking about in the comic but what really happend with Watchmen.


    "The rights to Captain Atom and most other Charlton characters were purchased by DC Comics in the early 1980s. Originally, these Charlton characters were to be reintroduced in writer Alan Moor’s Watchmen; however, this was deemed to render the characters unusable for future stories, and characters inspired by the Charlton originals were used instead.  Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen resembles Captain Atom in that Dr. Manhattan has similar, but greater, powers, and like Captain Atom, gained those powers through a similar scientific mishap."- Captain Atoms Wiki page.

  29. I have agree with CharlieBlix and a few other posters.  This was really hard to get into.  The Dr. Manhattan that wasn’t, the 3-D that just looked like crap (in my opinion) and the story that is really hard (for me) to fit into the Final Crisis timeline.

    The book fills in a few blanks concerning FC (as Todd mentioned above) like the significance of Nazi supergirl, but it also raise a number of questions that I don’t think I can answer, like is this "Dark Monitor" the real big bad of FC or he, in fact, linked to Darkside in some fashion?  

    I will be picking up part 2 and hoping that it fills in the blanks #1 created, but as it stands this book has an interesting, if muddled, story with 3D art that, in my opinion, simply fails (the 2D art was reasonably good).  I gave it a 3.

  30. @CharlieBlix Oh, I know about that, dude (thanks to absolute watchmen). I just mean, it’s just another form of the character. I wouldn’t call it a rip off, because it makes the orignal that much richer for it. Like I wouldn’t call a single thing in Planetary a rip off. That’s how I feel about both Manhattan and Captain Adam. I’d only call something a rip off if it tried pretend it wasn’t taking directly from something else, or if it wasn’t add anything to what it was taking from.

  31. @Neal – I don’t know.  It just looked wrong to me to use the same look as Dr. Manhattan.  Almost like they were just trying to jump on the Watchman hype going on right now.  I think it hit me more when I read it because I had no clue who Captain Adam was or how he was kind of linked to Watchmen.  When I saw him I was kind of pissed.  Then I researched it and was only annoyed.  So I guess I could be over reacting.

  32. @CharlieBlix Ah, I think I can understand that. When I saw the montitor dude sketching Adam in Final Crisis, it struck me as pretty wrong. For some reason I didn’t care to much when I saw it in this. Maybe it’s because I watched the Watchman trailer in the time between this and that issue of Final Crisis. I have had try to sort of give up grip I had on watchmen as a fan, so i can stand the fact that it is going to be a movie, and people i don’t like will see it and talk about in front of me, and maybe even read the book and talk loudly about how it’s not a comic book, but a graphic novel while there standing in front of me in starbucks or whatever. So I’ve imagined every possible watchmen related amboniation (toys at burger king? Parodied in Super Hero Movie 2 or meet the Watchmen or whatever they’ll call it?) and this doesn’t strike me as a misuse of the material. Maybe an overuse, but not a misuse.

  33. What’s ‘Watchmen’ ?

  34. @Aerodynamics… thats a joke right?  Haha?  If it isn’t… umm… you should go read it.  I’m not going go all comic nerd… breath… breath.  Yeah… go read it.  good stuff.

  35. *blink blink*


  36. @Aerodynamics Do yourself a favor. Go to the top of the page, click "store," search Watchmen, purchase, read, lavish, love.

    All in that order.

  37. This book just reminded me why I’ve never been abig Morrison fan. NealAppeal used the perfect word to describe this — incomprehensible.

    Check out my review (rant?) for more not so positive thoughts. 

  38. just a note for all you out there: the 3D seems to work much better further away. I found about an arms length to be ideal (though not ideal for reading). made the thing much more impressive. Also, the effects in the background are for the most part better than the foreground stuff.

  39. Question: Were you meant to leave the 3D glasses (or "overvoid viewers" *rolls eyes*) on for the whole book, or just for certain pages?

  40. no clue. I left them on most of the time because i had them affixed to my glasses (yes, I looked totally awesome).

  41. That made me "LOL" for real, mate. =D

    I’m sure I looked just as awesome. I found myself reading this comic fast, because I didn’t want anyone to walk in and see me with those things on (also because the comic made zero sense to me).

  42. @Wade- I’m pretty sure you were only to wear the glasses when the pages were in 3D.  At least thats how I did it.

    @NealAppeal – Ha… thats great.  Please say other saw you wearing them… too funny

  43. Funny story.  I’m reading this at the kitchen table eating a bowl of Wheaties.  I’ve got the 3-D glasses up to my eyes to look at the pages and my girlfriend walks in catches me and goes" what in the hell are you doing!"  I told her if she decided to leave me it would be completely understandable.  Oh, and this book kinda sucked.  So thanks G-Mo, not only will I probably be single after today, but I’m also out of 5 dollars thanks to you.  Broke and lonely.  God, why did I buy this book.

  44. yeah this kinda sucked. i probably should’ve bought last will and testament instead. o well.

  45. I think I know what’s going on here. The book is so awesome that it lapped itself in time/space and came out the other end as suck.

    It’s all a matter of perspective. The … wisdom … wisdom of Solomon …

  46. @Kory – You eating cereal, reading this & looking up to see your girlfriend. LOL HILARIOUS image, man.

    @jerichobp – Last Will & Testament was awesome. Probably my POW (I haven’t finished my stack yet) & this 3D Superman book might be the worst comic book I have ever read. It was like the ravings of a mad man, & I know it’s "meant to be like that", even the solicit says it’s "mind-boggling", but if this thread is any indication — it isn’t a style many people enjoy.

    @Aerodynamics – I think you have solved the puzzle of the wisdom of Solomon triangulation outburst portfolio of doom. Your prize is a death race of epic transitions to the centre of the nexus sphere. Walk bravely kind warrior. (That was G-Mo speak, put the 3D glasses on & this paragraph will sound awesome) 

  47. @WadeWilson: If only that paragraph were true! Why must you taunt me.

    PS – the solution to the puzzle: like Solomon would do, cut the comic in half and only read every other page. It’s all so clear now!

  48. Someone name for me a recent Grant Morrison book that you could actually hand a new reader and have them not want to walk into oncoming traffic after attempting to read. Anything he writes is so new reader unfriendly I can’t even think to hand this stuff to my little brother who is attempting to get into comics. 

    I keep trying and trying with his books, I keep blowing more and more money. At times I feel like I have never read anything in the DCU before, even though that’s the majority of what I purchase.

    Right I get it, Gmo makes a book where you have to think. To me half the time it’s just BS where crap is intentionally left out for this dramatic effect that just doesn’t work. Hell I dunno. I guess it’s just me. 

    This probably wasn’t the best place to post this, but I’m just about at the end of my rope. This wasn’t really confusing at all, but why is it after I read the Geoff Johns portion of this "Final Crisis" I feel refreshed and like things make sense. Then I go and read the gmo portions and feel not only lost but as though nothing makes sense. 

  49. I feel like I just got hit by a bus

  50. @Jobob247 I’d say All Star Superman, We3, Seven Soldiers of Victory, and 52 (if you’d count it with GMo being only a fourth of the book). Hell I’d probably include his batman stuff and Final Crisis as well.

    This is the truth of it. There are Grant Morrison people and there are people who are very much NOT Grant Morrison people. I don’t think it’s about whether your a new reader or someone steeped in decades of continuity. I’m a fairly new reader. I started getting into monthlies and books with continuity with Fifty-Two, and I like Final Crisis. Just so you know.

    And I say you should give your brother some final crisis to check out. Tell him it’s a different kind of thing, and you don’t like it at all, but he should check it out just because it’s another kind of comics that’s out there.

  51. @Aerodynamics – Reading it like that would make as much sense to me as it did reading it normally … maybe more?

    @jobob – I think NealAppeal is right, it woudln’t matter if you’re new to comics or a 30 year veteran — G-Mo’s style is not for everyone. Like you, I have been reading mainly DC comics (for over 20 years) and his stuff more often than not leaves me shaking my head in confusion, at least a bit.

    I did enjoy his JLA run A LOT, his Batman run has been mostly good (& understandable) and 52 was also awesome, but he was a co-writer there so I don’t know if it counts. 

  52. Wait a minute……

    This is a Grant Morrison book, with stylized art, a gimmick, and a story so confusing that only Friedrich Nietzsche would understand?

    Sounds like my kind of comics. 🙂

  53. Rogues Revenge owned this and Last Will.

  54. I don’t think I know what happened in this book.  Can someone explain what he’s trying to say?

    Loved the 4-D action though!  There were a couple of GREAT pages. 

  55. LOVED this book!  It was crazy and nuts and confusing and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

  56. I liked the 3-D effects, but the plot was barely comprehensible.  Disappointing.

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