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  1. The first issue was nothing but confusing but altogether interesting and has lots of characters that I would really like to figure out.

  2. I can’t wait for Most Excellent Superbat and the rest of the Super Young Team. This looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.

  3. First issue was really good in my eyes. Art was fantastic, hell the first splash page alone is a poster waiting to happen.

     I know alot of people were confused by the first issue, but it was great for me. Hopefully the recent reports of a new artist or lack of sales wont hurt this issue at all.

  4. Sorry for the double post, but I am new here….

     Um when you pull a book does that mean your paying for it here? Or does it just mean we’re picking it up somewhere else and then rating the book. Sorry, I sound like a total noob, but that’s because I am lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. @TheNext no need to feel bad about being new. welcome!

    when you pull a book, it just means it’s a book you’re gonna read or have read. it allows you to rate it and to review it, and also, if you want to make an easy list of your comics to print out, it organizes things really well for you. Plus, if I liked a comment you made or something, I could check what books you’ve pulled, or I could check what the iFanboys pulled. that’s basically what it does.

  6. Loved the first issue and I’m looking forward to this.

     @Robee What confused you about the first issue?  

  7. I was very confused about the first issue.  ( mostly because , I didn’t read , 52  , countdown, or pretty much anything DC before)    Minus Trinity , and Booster Gold .   That is all I know about DC.

  8. First issue was awesome. Sure it had a lot shit left unanswered … but it’s issue one of seven. If you read the whole seven issues & you’re confused then? Then, there’s a problem. Issue one (or chapter one) of any story is just setting things up, it can’t give everything away.

    Also — it’s Grant Morrison, so a little head scratching is part of the fun.

  9. so who’s coming back from the grave? perhaps a certain speedster we all know and love?

  10. The first issue was pretty confusing if you havent been on top of things in the DC uninverse but i think it was a good start and the art was great.

  11. I understood, I think, about 60% of issue #1. But after I first read it I went back and had so much fun re-reading it and checking wikipedia, figuring out who people were and how they connected. It was awesome. I’m not gonna let a little thing like knowledge get in the way of enjoying Grant Morrison mess with the DC world(s).

  12. Batman RIP and Final Crisis are the first time I’ve seriously attempted to buy in issues. Hope it pays off.

  13. Well said WadeWilson.  Morrison is good for that.

    Also, for crying out loud, can we update Ocean Master’s costume already?  Seriously.  Every time he pops up in something all I can think about is how ridiculous he looks. 

  14. I dont see what was so confusing about the first issue.

    Yes stuff like the Seven Soliders and the Kirby detective is hard to remember. But I knew who they were and even if I didnt, it’s not like I had to have read a billion New God books to understand them. The stuff with the…..Monitors (hate them so much! Bad writing!!)….is okay to sallow even if they did help hurt the sicken Countdown series.

    I still expect this to be a great series in the long run, and I’m sure issue 2 will be no different in terms of fun.

  15. Now I wonder when comic fans say they are confused does that really mean ‘I-am-not-intimately-familliar-with-every-ounce-of-back-story-for-all-of these-characters-and-I-need-to-know-to-fully-enjoy-the-motivations-going-on-here kind of thing?  I mean they can follow the story but for some reason we comic fans NEED to know all the details eventhough the story (So far) doesn’t really call for that knowledge.  I mean would having read every Jack Kirby story featuring Terrible Turpin made things clearer for people other than just needing to know here is a tough old time cop poking his nose in some really bad business?

    I’m not judigng or accusing I just wonder as Comic fans a whole do we take the enjoyment out of new books with our OCD type need to know backstory and continuity?  Don’t get me wrong I understand some stories REALLY need that knowledge to enjoy them but in the case of this titles first issue I’m not so sure you do. (That will probably change)

  16. @Hawkboy – Oh absolutely, the only reason I found some stuff confusing was simply down to lack of extensive backstory knowledge, nothing due to the book’s quality. But I jumped in and I’m learning as I go which is great fun.

    I actually don’t have much need in general to know every little tidbit that happened before with comics. I’ve been reading only for about 3 or 4 years now, so I’ve fully accepted that I’ve missed SO much of what went before I’d go batshit crazy trying to learn all the character’s histories as well as keeping up with the new stuff. So if I want to read something I tend to try and find an appropriate place to start, or just dive in and figure it out as I go.

  17. Im sorry. I am primarily a Marvel Geek, but I have a more than a casual knowlege of the DCU and I am completely lost. I keep alt-tabing to Wikipedia to see if it helps me figure out whats going on, but still I feel like I am in the middle of a foreign country with no idea of what people are saying, and why they are saying it.

    I will read the next one and hope the light bulb goes on. 

  18. Really enjoyed the second issue.

  19. wow. things just got kicked up a notch or ten. very nice!

  20. Great issue!  I just recently read all the Jack Kirby New Gods Omnibi and Morrison is really tying into that along with the New Gods seen in Seven Soldiers.  I may not know what is going on yet, but man am I enjoying the ride

  21. there is so much in these issues. I hope i can figure it all out by issue 7.

  22. I loved this issue.  I only have one bad thing to say about it.  On the first page they have someone wearing a jacket that has the cover of The Killing Joke on the back.  ARG.  I don’t know why that makes me mad but it really really does.  It breaks that fourth wall right off the bat.  Maybe I’m a little bit of a fanboy for being bothered by this but it happened and I was.

  23. Morrison needs to make his transitions more clear. This book jumped around like a crackhead on payday. It wouldn’t be half as confusing if you could tell where one scene ended and another began. The story gets a 4 because its got big potential, not because its seamless. The art reminds me of Eaton and D’Armata on X-Men Legacy – drab and muddy – the main reason I dropped it. It gets a 3.   

  24. What is really clicking with me in this Crisis is it seems like it might be showing us a Universe changing Crisis from inside one Universe looking out point of view. As where Infinite Crisis and even Crisis on Infinite Earths was more of a outside the Multiverse looking in.

    Also can we say this is "JLA"  Morrison so far?

    PS. Barry’s Back = Best Day Ever

  25. To me, this book is like a beautiful woman — I don’t fully understand it, but I am intrigued, I think it’s awesome & I want more.

  26. I am sad that Countdown was handled so poorly because it does hurt some of the impact of the gods. But this was great, and if it keeps building this will be the book of the year.

  27. @FACE – "This book jumped around like a crackhead on payday."

    Dude, that made me laugh so hard my entire office stared at me! 🙂 

  28. Doesnt anyone else feel that the artwork faltered big time from issue one?

     Otherwise the writing was great and the story is really starting to get its own feel. GREAT!

  29. @rift – I have no idea what you are talking about.  I thought the book looked great.

  30. re:cover

    yes, he has blue eyes, we get it.

  31. Out of interest, can anyone answer this for me? I haven’t read Flash of Two Worlds for a looooooooooooooog time, but when Jay mentioned where he and Barry first met, I immediatly thought of Grant’s Flash of Two Cities story from Secret Origins #50. Any chance this is the story he is referencing, and not the earlier one?

  32. I started to really like this series with this issue, I’m interested to see what happens now. 

  33. @rift – I agree with you, the art wasn’t on par with the first issue … it was still very good though.

    After a second read through … I was left pretty confused still. This book had the "Wow!" moments that will keep me hooked & reading, I just hope we don’t have this confusing writing style all the way through & then get all the answers in issue #7. It would be cool to have some type of idea what’s goin’ on before the end.

  34. I really like this. I don’t know entirely what’s going on, but I don’t care. After reading Seven Soldiers I have a better grip on Morrison’s style. I encourage anyone enjoying this to read Seven Soldiers–the style is very similar and I think you’ll find a very similar overall theme, which I think is very intentional on Morrison’s part.

  35. I’m enjoying this book a lot. Some of the stuff still leaves me scratching my head at times, but I’m confident that this will all pan out nicely by issue #7.

  36. It might be that I’m walking into the DCU with absolutely no prior knowledge and therefore expect to be lost but I’m really not having that much trouble following Final Crisis. I mean, I read Infinite crisis but then sat out on the big crossover series until now. I like the way that it seems to be unfolding like a sci-fi pulp mystery with seemingly disseperate storythreads.

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