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Final Crisis 2 is here, and we get;


An encroaching sense of impending doom

Some really creepy moments

A BIG DEATH (Why not?)

A BIG RETURN (if you’ve been living on Jupiter for the last two months)

A nice funeral, that clears up how the heroes of the DCU perceive death (“We pray for a resurrection”)

Two (at least) of the big boys out of action

Some really smart dialogue

And some very nice art


There was nothing difficult to understand here, and on the strength of this issue FC is shaping up to be the best Summer Event this year, and perhaps the best Crisis DC has ever had.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Nothing difficult to understand? A work colleague has read a fair number of DCs over the last few years -mainly Grant Morrison stuff – and had to read the comic five times to get it. He didn’t know who Kamandi was, what the Alpha Lanterns were about . . . even me, with my Masters in DC Trivia, was confused by Granny and Darkseif suddenly being in other bodies.

     Sorry, there’s no way anyone but a hardcore DC fan can come in and enjoy this book.

  2. Rubbish!

    Everything is on the page that you need; does one ‘need’ to know the history of the boy in cut of jeans and long blond hair? The Alpha Lanterns? They police the GL’s, and I don’t even read GL.

    And, blimey, if you can’t work out that that Granny and Dakseid are taking over new bodies (remember in #1 when boss Darkside mentioned his body wearing out?), then maybe comics aren’t for you.

    It’s quite dispiriting , the constant nagging that only hard-core DC fans can enjoy this. Perhaps it’s a case of if it gets repeated enough on the internet, then it must be true.



  3. @Mart – I’ve only been reading superhero comics for a little over 2 years and still enjoy it. While I do consider myself more of a DC guy than Marvel Zombie, I am by no means a hardcore DC fan who’s familiar with every single bit of DC continuity that Morrison is mining for this story. While I’ve read his Seven Soldiers of Victory (need to go back and read the Mister Miracle mini), it’s been awhile and I don’t recall every single plot point. Part of the fun for me with stories like this is soaking it in and looking up characters with which I’m unfamiliar on Wikipedia…at least it gives me a little bit of context.

  4. Yeah I didn’t think this issue was that hard to follow.  I didn’t read DotNG’s and I got what was going on.  You can read this and not need to know all the hidden stuff in it.  Hal tells you who the Alpha Lanterns are and what they do in  the comic.  As for Kamandi.. I didn’t even catch that it was him the first read through and I really don’t think you have to know it’s him for the plot to work.


    I can’t wait for the next comic.  I’m loving this event.  It’s my first time reading an event monthly.  Fun stuff.

  5. Yeah, I’e been maintaining this since #1: I have never read Death of the New Gods, Seven Soldiers, or anthing prior about the New Gods at all aside from Countdown. I can’t tell you a damned thing about Anthro and Kamandi, or any of that. I’m understanding it just fine. 

    The "confusion" concerning Final Crisis is just a placebo effect. The buzz leading up to its released wsa harboring reservations about continuity heavy it would be and how people were expected Morrison to tell a story no one would be able to follow. 

  6. I’m really concerned by the commenters claiming refusing to listen to people who say they’re having trouble following FC in general and this issue in particular.  No, it’s not some sort of weird internet meme.  They’re saying that because they’re having trouble following things. 

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