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This weekend at Chicago’s Wizard World Geoff Johns and Brian Michael Bendis got together and hosted the first ever Marvel/ DC panel. It was actually called “Johns vs. Bendis”. The two of them even had a brief wrestling match (i’m not joking) much to the delight of the assorted fans to open the panel. 

I bring this up in order to make a point about the ‘supposed’ war between Marvel and DC and the loyalty shown by the fanbase. There’s always going to be the DC guy and the Marvel guy, but I think a strong contingency’s growing of mixed fans. Fans who know both companies have pros and cons.

Bendis asked the guests to raise their hands as DC fans and Marvel fans. DC won out, but Marvel had the sales. After they tallied up the Marvel and DC counts some of us began to yell that they should take a count on fans of both. They wouldn’t.

Final Crisis is a book any DC fan could love, but can a Marvel guy love it? It seems many are trying based on comment sections here and in other forums. One thing both fanbases share in common is a compulsiveness about not ‘missing out’ on something big. I’m one of ’em.        

This story of Morrison’s can be a bit hard to follow, regardless of what anyone here has said, but it can be understood. It helps to read it a second time – it is only a comic book and not War and Peace. I gave it a second read this morning and I’m glad I did. It is a gem and it deserves POTW honors.

If only all comic books could have so much potential! So many stories just stall out (i.e. GA/BC) –  I guess it’s an effort to prolong the series?  Morrison’s only got seven issues to get this done though and maybe it helps. He’s really on the move here.

The last time I felt so much potential in a comic book was Secret Invasion #1 and it made me wonder why Secret Invasion #1 didn’t get POTW when it was released.  What was POTW that week and who picked it? The answer: Action Comics #863. Picked by who: IFanboy’s resident DC guy – Conor.

I’m not trying to shred the Big C, cuz lord knows he hates me enough already, but I am suggesting that his picks can be as biased as anyones. My interpretation of SI #1 could be argued. It’s just that it felt so much like this.

It’s not fair for me to give an opinion on J.G. Jones style of art. It could be good. I wouldn’t know though because it’s just not my thing. Just a matter of personal opinion that it should only receive a 3. If it’s your thing give it a 5. I am changing my story rating to a 5 though.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 3 - Good


  1. The Pick of the Week is about whomever has the Pick’s personal favorite book, so of course it’s going to come down to that person’s preferences.  People aren’t robots.

  2. @conor – i respect that. I just wish SI had gotten a day in the sun before it started sucking so bad and it missed its chance. You guys should get something up that allows the IFanbase to vote on a POTW. It’d be nice to see the results. As it is, the highest pulled book isn’t necessarily the best (until this week, strangely enough).

    btw: If I hadn’t felt like this had gone on too long already i would have mentioned that conor reads plenty of marvel books as well.

  3. @FACE – I see what you’re saying but SECRET INVASION #1 did get its own Mini which is no small thing.

  4. so hard not to take the Mini/small thing and run with it. 😉

  5. action 863 was an incredible book – the concluion to the best superman story arc in a monthly book in a very, very long time. there are always great books that don’t get a POW, because there can only be one…

    secret invasion hasn’t yet gotten a POW (though captain britain, a secret invasion tie-in has, and by conor no less) but it’s been near the top of the discussion list every time it came out.

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