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  1. That Hal Jordan cover is soooo sweet. I really want to see what the next two character-study covers are.

  2. That is an awesome cover.

  3. @sixgun

    i know one of them is of the flash, and it’s beautiful (i don’t have a link on me unfortunately).

  4. Agreed. Stunning cover.

  5. I’m excited. I’m hoping for a lot of things exploding, people holding their faces and screaming, lazers, bright colors, and all that good stuff.

  6. I keep wavering about whether I’m going to get this or not.  And then they try to seduce me with that awesome GL cover.  Daaaaamn  yoooouuu, J.G. Jones!

  7. @ohcaroline – It’s worth $3.99 just for the cover! And the inside just might be kick-ass too.

  8. I can’t decide whether or not to get this, either. I was sorely disappointed in the last Crisis. I prefer a major story that’s more ground level than cosmic. So maybe I’ll give the first one a shot and see where it goes.

  9. If you want ground level, check out the Spectre/Question tie-in to this.  In the meantime, I’ll be picking this up, and if Morrison has the creative control he needs to make this good, I’ll be sticking around.

  10. DC, this is your chance to get me to start reading your other books. No pressure.

  11. Headed for a record number of pulls…

  12. The record is SECRET INVASION #2 with 628 pulls.

  13. yeah, that’s a ways to go.

  14. I’m pretty sure the third character cover is supergirl, but don’t quote me on that

  15. so we got the books on Wednesday in Canada so I have read this book already. I will spoil anything but I will say this, the art is simply amazing and the story has really got me hooked, I am looking forward to where this series goes.

  16. Canada is awesome this week.  Getting Final Crisis today was awesome.

  17. Lucky Canadians with your maple syrup and Final Crisis.  I hope that this book wont make my marvel brain explode.  DC Universe 0 only made me scratch my head in confusion and turn to wikipedia.

  18. The Art for this is so MEH.

  19. Don’t read much DC but as this is the Morrison it’s a buyer!

  20. @Invasive:

    You must love Lenil Yu’s shite art them,Marvel readers have no taste honestly who gives a fuck if any Marvel reader didn’t like the issue,The less Marvel Queers reading DC the better. 

  21. I loved this issue a lot. Particularly the part where Turpin goes to club Dark Side and meets the boss. Nice touch. And the death towards the end of the issue just hit me really hard. I didn’t expect it to be that quick, without a struggle or anything before it. It just happened. The art in this book is beautiful as to be expected of J.G. Jones.


    @ Asdfman:

    I’m a DC guy, but I actually appreciate Leinil Yu’s art a lot. If he ever gets a project at DC again, I’d be a happy camper.

  22. @Asdfman look everyone is entitled to their opinion, theres no reason to start insulting people.

  23. Wow- Asdfman how about you just go away…forever.

  24. he’s a troll guys, don’t bother.

  25. I really thought i had been making some progress in understanding the DCU.  this book just shattered all those illusions

  26. yeah, I was pretty confused as to who was who in this, but for some reason I’ve decided to just roll with it. I’ve come to expect this from DC writers at this point. They all pretty much do stuff like this–lots of dialogue that hints at continuity from years past that the faithful must enjoy but the rest of us go.."huh?"

  27. really confusing and nothing really happened.  Also, my store didn’t have he GL cover.  My copy has a stupid cover.

  28. ___________ was just handled and killed, pretty crappy death.

    Also no Aquaman *sigh*

  29. I liked it but yeah my LCS also didn’t have the cool cover… blah on that but oh well.  I did like the story though.  Can’t wait for more.

  30. @zattaric , I thought the other cover (with the red bars down the sides) was awesome!  Both are cool, and I didn’t care really which one I got, but I will have an anal retentive freak-out if I’m not able to keep getting the same style covers.  Same deal with Astonishing the last few months.  I like a uniformed-looking run of covers.  The only time I get both covers is if I know I’ll be able to afford it every month.  Which is not often.

    Anyway, I loved this book. J.G. Jones’s art is astounding, and the layouts even more so.  That one panel of John Stewart "ringing up" his costume was brilliant.  So was that first double page spread.  Oh, and just in case we’re taking a running tally for Asdfman the Troll, I like Leinil Yu too.  A lot.  Also, Asdfman, we’re called Marvel Zombies, not Marvel Queers.  Jeez, get it straight….

  31. ….pun intended.

  32. I got the GL cover…eh…it was pretty but at the end of the day it’s just a guy standing there. Boring. I much prefer covers that actually hint at what the book’s about. If I hadn’t been planning to buy the book already this would have done nothing to tease me to pick it up.

  33. Who is the guy at the end?

  34. @s1lentslayer – no idea. My guess the "punished" Monitor

  35. loved it.

  36. somebody please explain to me what happened to the final issue of Salvation Run? not that many people were reading it.. but, you see, a majority of these villains (including Luthor and Savage) were exiled to a foreign planet, a prison planet of sorts.. conflicts took place.. anyway, it wasn’t great but still. how can these villains be back?!

    i really liked this but have a hard time playing along because part of me is lost to continuity.

    kudos to dr. light and his pharmaceutical needs as well as the human flame’s camera phone. gotta love the modern era.

    don’t know about the art. don’t wanna fight about it. all i know is the panels featuring trinity were repulsive.  

  37. A lot to build up, excitement, tension, waiting for the book…

    and I didn’t really understand it.

    That’s cool though, it’s Grant Morrison, and when it’s over, it’s probably going to be awesome.

    The art was epic, loved the first 3 pages.  

  38. I for one loved this issue, i will agree its not for everyone though.

  39. I enjoyed the issue for the most part.  I missed a few things on the first read through, but on closer examination it came together.  (I believe that is Vandal Savage as one of the cavemen.  Awesome.)

    Comparison to Secret Invasion:  Secret Invasion #1 had considerably more action, but felt a bit hollow.  SI #2 had little real action and felt even more hollow.  Final Crisis #1 was lacking in action, but felt like there was some important thread holding it all together that seemed like it might actually matter in the long run.

    I don’t follow either DC or Marvel in a very thorough fashion, but didn’t have any serious trouble enjoying/understanding either first issue.

  40. iFanbase! Tell me you loved that page as much as me!! It blew my mind!!!

  41. Who woulda thought Final Crisis would have kicked things off with a caveman throwdown, AND it’d still be an awesome first issue?

    Not me.

    Great start. Let’s hope they keep it up!

  42. @stuclach Great catch on the caveman Vandal! I did not see that one! Thanks so much.

  43. That is him, right?  If so, it ties in nicely when he is screaming (in a caveman like fashion): "I am not averse to the taste of human flesh!"

    Gotta love crazy caveman dialog.

  44. I would be really angry with how slow burning this issue was if I hadn’t followed it with Batman #677. As Batman made clear, Morrison is someone who likes to build towards something. Yes, it didn’t have the explosive opening that Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis had but I’m pretty damn sure that it’s going to end up being much better than both when all is said and done. And seriously starting off a huge, hyped storyline like this as basically a police pocedural is a really gutsy, interesting thing to do.

    All you haters: I really suggest giving this a few issues before writing it off.  

  45. I’ll definitely keep reading, but I gotta wonder if Morrison himself actually reads DC.  Seems weird to be retconning stuff that just happened months ago.

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