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FF #2


Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Steve Epting & Rick Magyar
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Russ Wooton
Cover by Daniel Acuna, Marko Djurdjevic & Greg Horn

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 9.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Hickman + Doom + Epting=Great Success!

  2. @TheNextChampion  – Doom is a great villain. As far as FF, while I’m getting this issue, I have not place it on my pull list since I am uncertain about it.

  3. Excellent stuff with this here, and the adventures in Amazing Spider-Man.

  4. FF is where Doom as villain belongs. He tends to get overused by the entire Marvel universe sometimes. He can’t be behind every nefarious plan… Or can he?

  5. I haven’t been this excited for an issue of a comic book in a long time! I absolutely loved the first issue of FF, and the cliffhanger with Doom had me salivating for issue two. I can not read this soon enough!

  6. “CAN’T WAIT!” (Bart Scott style)

    Love me a good Doom story.  

  7. I just read Brubaker’s BOOKS OF DOOM. Is that considered the actual, “in-continuity” origin story of Doom?

  8. a funny thing about this book is that it’s called the noise i make when i just prevent myself from saying fuck in front of children

  9. Getting this directly from the publisher, so I won’t have my copy for a couple months. :-

  10. Well I am back!! I was at work and I could no longer post so here I am at home with a new avatar and almost the same screen name so it should not be to hard for my new found freinds on here to find me. I am picking this up tomorrow only to give it one last chance to grip me. Otherwise it will be a scratch.


  11. Already said this last month, but I really just wanna see a scene of them trying to squeeze Doom into the white costume…

  12. FF surprised me in the first issue, I really enjoyed it. It’s on my pull list until further notice (until it sucks) and I love a good ol’ Doom story.

  13. This issue will determine if FF is added to my pull list.  With Hickman writing it more than likely will be.

  14. I’m still confused as to why they had to help Doom.

  15. @torgelfi  Yeah, I was hoping someone could explain that as well.  I just started reading with FF#1 and didn’t know if the weird relationship with Doom this issue had something to do with stuff that happened pre-FF…Any help?

  16. @albabycakes – Doom is losing his intellect.  Valeria agreed to help him regain it in exchange for something.  What she got in return is unknown or I forgot.  I’m not sure which.  I am getting on in years.

  17. @kmob181  Why is the REST of the team helping him though? Spider-Man, Mr Fantastic etc.

  18. I enjoyed most of this story as well, but…well hey I only jumped on Fantastic 4/FF with the leadup to Johnny’s death.  So I’m not really sure what the whole deal between the team, Valeria, and Doom is.  I have vague knowledge she was once an adult and working for Doom, but I dont really get why their daughter wants so badly to help Doom or defeat Reed.  This is one area where reaching out to new readers, and explaining things a bit more would have been more helpful.

  19. @ResurrectionFlan – Not sure.  I have been abroad and haven’t read the last 4 issues.  It is possible they are just upholding her promise I suppose.

  20. I’m loving this book. So much fun, like that we’re coming full circle with the Doom storyline that was established a while back. 

  21. I saw it as Reed was presented with a problem… And he fixed it. That’s what he does.

    As for Val’s true motivations, I’m sure that’ll be explained next month or after.

  22. Great issue. Gorgeous.

  23. @TheNextChampion  

    So Very True

  24. FF is by far one of the best books out now.  Hickman and Epting= amazing.  Doom was written well and the issue had a few twists along the way along w/mentioning facts from past stories (i.e. “Unbelievable” by Marc Waid.  Well done and great book.

  25. More pulls than the Batman book?!  WOW.

  26. fantastic four the past few years has been kinda hit and miss for me, I think the new ff is headed in a great direction, this issue was better than I thought it would be.

  27. I don’t really get why Reed went along with helping Doom.  I thought he was in on the pact that Valeria had with him but from the reveal at the end this was obviously not the case.  I’m not sure I buy the “he was presented with a problem and he fixed it” explanation, I think I need more.

  28. Can someone help me understand why the FF helped Doom? When Reed saved Galactus’ life back in the day I struggled with that for awhile but I got it. Galactus was part of a plan that was above his pay grade in term of judging it. However, he should have left Doom to his fate. As far as the book is concerned it’s pretty good. It’s a fresh look for Reed and the gang. Torch is gone. They have a school of “gifted youngsters” 🙂 to look after including their own daughter. Spider is one the team but I don’t know where he finds the time between them, The Avengers, and his own career.

  29. @RickyStardust  I’m confused.  Reed has helped Doom and there isn’t a good reason (unless I’ve missed it).  FF and Doom = adversaries?

  30. Also, why would Reed not explain his actions to Sue and Ben?  The debate could have made good content.

  31. Well this only last a few hours so I doubt anyone will look at it before the new books show up. However in regards to the question about why Reed helped Doom, in the first issue Val and Reed’s father explained to him that helping Doom was necessary for the greater good of the future and Reed’s father who is from the future confirmed that. Reed showed some struggle at first but it seems he finally gave in

  32. I had a great time reading this one. I feel like the current team is doing great justice to the characters, and they’re having a lot of fun telling stories with some of the most iconic characters in pop culture. I wanted to hate FF and the dismantling of the whole Fantastic Four identity, and I’m sure this isn’t going to be a permanent change, but they’re selling me on the changes. I’m loving the characters and the action, and that’s the important stuff.

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