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One of the four will fall!

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Steve Epting

Price: $3.99
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  1. Very exciting!

  2. I will admit that I am very surprised that who has died hasn’t leaked yet.

  3. Can i put dibs on it being H.E.R.B.I.E. 

  4. I’m taking bets.

  5. It’s on.  Don’t typically read FF, but it seems like a great time to hop on!

  6. Can’t wait for this!!!

  7. @AmirCat  I bet my Crime Does Not issue 51 in raw GD – VG that no one dies but rather that one of the members is removed from the team in some other way.

  8. I’m thinking it’s Johnny.

  9. I’m thinking bye-bye Reed.  (We can always turn on The Bridge & get a pile of him anyway.)

    @MrPopular  I wouldn’t mind taking pot shots at that ‘bot just for the cartoon alone.

  10. I’m reading this in trades but…yeah…I’ll buy this.

    My money is on Reed. Johnny packs no emotional punch and Sue dying doesn’t make sense with time-traveling-Val’s monologue. Then again, maybe the kids miscalculated…

  11. I’d hope Hickman is killing somebody to push his plot instead of just a typical comic book gimmick.  Sue dying is going to going to basically leave Reed un-checked and let him go off on his mad science adventure without regard for pretty much anything else.  Sue is his tether on reality

    If Hickman wants to keep moving forward on the “Solve Everything” plotline, killing Sue would really make it interesting

  12. I’ve heard a lot of people say they think it’s going to be Johnny. I’ve been thinking it’ll be Reed.

    It’s hard for me to judge whether or not this constitutes a “gimmick” or whatever it’s the product of what Hickman’s been building doing. I’ve liked this title but haven’t sensed much of a driving plot pointing toward any character’s necessary death. Without the countdown-themed covers getting us ready for this, I think the death would feel like it was totally coming out of nowhere.

    Still, it’s cool to have something like this to get excited about. Polybags have gotten a deservedly bad rap, but in this instance it seems kinda fun.

  13. Reed or one of the kids.

  14. @JNewcomb  I like that theory. That would be a cop-out, but it’s probably what will happen. I think it will be Reed.

  15. Whose hitting the shop tuesday for this? I am. 

  16. My guess is Reed, but I’ve heard convincing arguments for the Thing.

  17. @Zeppo  Will Bendis let Ben out of his New Avengers’ “No Dying” contract?

  18. I heard a rumour his appearences in the greater Marvel uni, and the Fear Itself promo was misdirection.

    I still think it’s reed.

  19. My money is on Ben.  But, Reed is a close second.

  20. I’m cutting myself off from as many forms of media as I can for the next two days. I don’t want to spoil it.


    He spoiled it on Twitter

    “It’s Val. She dies from a heart attack. Early onset childhood obesity. …And so begins Marvel’s war on bottle-fed babies.”

    Called it.
  22. My money is on No one actually dying, but Reed has to fake his death to join the Council of Reeds to save the universe.

  23. Here we go (back to the 90’s).

  24. @NathanNicdao have you been reading this?!?

  25. I’m having fun actually being excited for this. It’s nice to not feel jaded or suspicious or questioning the motives behind the storyline, but instead I am genuinely excited about this and I don’t know why but I am not going to let anyone talk me out of it. I’m having one of those precious “I love comics and being part of all of this” moment.

  26. @AmirCat  That was a real bet by the way. I’m willing to honor it if someone wants to meet me on it. Anyone?

  27. I know this death won’t be permanent, but I really hope it isn’t Ben. Even a few issues of FF without Ben are unbearable!

  28. Ben is the heart of the FF (you might argue Sue is, but I see her more as the common sense that balances Reed’s intelligence out). Johnny is the passion…or the libido.

  29. Is this a good time to jump onto this book? lol 

  30. Now I have to avoid the entire internet and news media for 24hrs so I can’t be spoiled.

    Stupid Marvel. 

  31. Wow, the press got ahold of this one fast… I had it spoiled by about 12:45 am

  32. I got spoiled by checking my twitter. Thought I still had a day. Good thing I don’t read it so I don’t mind so much.

  33. Just saw the spoiler then on bleedingcool

    Kinda annoyed with who they picked, but oh well

  34. Well, that hapenned.

  35. Hah.

    To make things worse, Cassaday’s cover is kinda horrible. The other one is absolutely fantastic though.

  36. Just read it. I just cried. Perfect. Absolutely perfect issue.

  37. Wow, that was a really strong issue. Epting’s art was gorgeous and I loved Hickman’s writing here too. I kind of wish this wasn’t my first issue of their. I’ll have to read the whole story once it’s in trade.

  38. And kudos to everyone here for keeping this particular page spoiler free so far!

  39. This issue was frakking fantastic.  The work-up to the death scene, the kids/Johnny/Ben trying to figure out how to stave off the Annihilation Wave, the Sue/Namor, and Galactus owning the crap out of Nu-Earth, all of it was a perfect wrap to the Three story.

  40. @djd  So it’s not a clearcut death?

  41. Flame on!

  42. And here I was thinking we would get a clearcut death. This “death” will be easy to undo. 

  43. Was there two covers? I got an awesome Alan Davis cover in my polybag. If there is random covers then that’s pretty cool. I noticed there wasn’t a barcode on the actual comic too, just on the polybag.

  44. Seriously, thanks everyone for the spoiler free thread up to now.

  45. Really good.  Lots of goodness packed into one dynamic shot of a story.  Sad but gallant and well done.  That is, if he’s really gone.  Thinking Johnny will end up in a support group with Steve Rogers and Bruce Wayne and all those Brightest Day souls so they can talk about their alive-dead-alive-superhero feelings.

    As an aside – working late at the office tonight, dropped into the comic shop to grab an issue, read it in the car, then went into the office and put my copy on my bosses desk, walked into my office to see he had put a copy on my desk already.  Pretty cool

  46. And the one to leave this mortal coil is…… ME, if I would have spoiled it 🙂 😉 😉

    Awesome issue!!! 

  47. Great issue. Hickman has made me care about the FF.

    It was also kinda fun avoiding spoilers all day getting my book and rushing home to read it right away.

    So is the FF book going to continue as is? Thought I read something said next issue will be the last. I’m guessing they will have a fanastic 3 book instead.

  48. Kind of annoying how so many people are upset about this death being a publicity stunt–meanwhile, it’s been an incredible story and the mystery element of which 4 will die actually makes this quite different than Death of: cap, superman, batman, flash, ect, ect.
    The mystery of which of the four will die actually heightened the anticipation in this already great story, at least it certainly has for me. 

  49. The hype about the death aside, this issue was well done, as has been the case through the entire Hickman run.

  50. I think the arc was great, and would have been better only if the ending weren’t exactly the same as Wrath of Khan (with Sue as Kirk and Reed as Scotty, by the way.)

  51. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! – My LCS was out of this by the time I got there :'(  Ordered it online, but I have to wait a week to read it now.

  52. Marvel handled this very poorly.

    But Hickman executed (bad choice of words there) this perfectly. Everything about this issue, as a ‘death’ issue and ending an arc, was great. Loved the Sue/Namor stuff and it has the best panel of the week in my opinion with their final moments. But the death with Johnny was again handled perfectly and I loved every second of it. Great work by Hickman and Epting.


  53. Maybe this isn’t the book for me.

  54. I loved it. I avoided spoilers by painfully living without the Internet for these past couple of days. In Hickman I trust.

  55. This has been a GREAT run.  I’m really interested in where it goes next. 

  56. Of course there’s going to be hype…are we really going to have the death of a major character and noone talks about it and Marvel just says, no we’re not going to promote this?  I’m not a Fantastic 4 reader, but this generated enough buzz to get me to buy all five from the Three/Casualty storyline…and I really enjoyed it.   Im even willing to check out the next couple issues to see if this turns into something I want to pick up regularly.  This was a beautifully told story, and even a non-follower like me had no problem figuring out what was going on.

    That being said, it WOULD be nice not to have had the ending spoiled early.  You’d have thought they learned that from the Death of Cap. 

  57. Am I the only one who read the last few (wonderful) pages as basically Bruce Willis cutting Ben Affleck’s air supply and shoving him into the space ship?

  58. got me interested in reading the FF for the first time

  59. SOLD OUT everywhere, and the A.V. Club blatantly spoiled the death on Monday.  What a total FAIL!!

  60. I swear my black bag was double coded in heafty material. I had to get my teeth in that action. Could they maybe just put the next bagged issue in a zip-lock?

  61. @dgazzuolo  coated…and hefty…you damn fool.

  62. A few people mentioned that the avoided media and the internet to avoid spoilers. I too became a hermit, especially since Marvel announced that this issue would be coming out a day early to beat the media coverage. All in all a great issue! I bought the countdown series to get caught up on this arc and I must say for someone who has not been a dedicated reader of this series the death was very emotional given the circumstances around it. Hickman has a way of drawing the reader in and making each character meaningful until the end. Sad to see the series ending but excited to see what happens with the rest of the team.

  63. Man I wish I couldve read this without knowing Steve Rogers was gunned down on the court house steps.

  64. The next character Chris Evans plays will die.


    And Reed should’ve said “WTF?!” instead of “My god.” There are bait-n-switch scams in other planets too!

  65. @kndoubleu  Nope, I was thinking the EXACT same thing.

  66. I succumbed to the hype surrounding this book but now I can go back to completely ignoring it again.

  67. Classy and amazing

  68. Check out the review of this issue on Critic Hammer 

  69. Yeah, there’s no way the dead FF member could have survived that….kind of disappointed about that.  At least we saw Cap get gunned down on the courthouse steps.  Oh well, besides the disappointing “death” it was a good issue and I loved Namor and Susan 🙂

  70. Finally got to read this, really good stuff, even knowing who was going to die I still really enjoyed this.

  71. Enjoyed this … but … he didn’t look dead to me … he’ll be coming back as a brooding and vengeful, “they left me for dead”, anti-hero.

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