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Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Steve Epting

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Price: 3.99

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  1. This is the saddest review I’ve ever read on here.

    Good review but like your review I don’t really know what to say about it.

    I read a few comics for a good decade without participating in any comic media or community.

    I never knew what was happening.

    You could always do that.

  2. I wholly disagree.  The tension of the “3” storyline is enhanced by the fact that you know one of the FF will die, but you do not know which one.  The family is split and paralell storylines each present deadly peril.  The story is written in such a way as to fold the knowledge of a death, but not which death, into the arc.  THis is by design.

    In the Harry Potter series, we we told well in advance that important characters would die, but not which ones.  Indeed, the technique of “and one will die” is a time-honored plot technique.  In comics, toward the end of the Silver Age, there was a graphic novel “The Death of Captain Marvel.”  Spider-Man 121, the penultmate chapter of  the arc with Gwen Stacy’s death, has the famous cover with Petey saying “SOMEONE CLOSE TO ME WILL DIE!” and pictures showing various supporting cast.  You don’t know who will die until you read the issue, but you know someone will.
    Does it really make a difference that you know at the beginnig of the arc instead of the issue?  Sure, a shocking death is a storytelling technique as well, but not the *only* one. 

  3. I disagree with your disagreement. 🙂

    If the story is reliant on it’s marketing to raise tension then the story isn’t that great.

    There are several stories in which you know a character will die prior to you seeing the story play out (Carlito’s Way, the new season of Spartacus, anything with Life and Times in the title). But this one was structured like a mystery and it’s arguable that without the marketing, the tension would not be there. I can’t know for sure because of the marketing. 

  4. Are you asking Marvel not to double sales on the book? I know marketing  can be an annoyance, but it seems crazy that Marvel should be asked to not crow about something that will make them a lot of money. One might complain about decisions that start and marketing and pushed onto creators, which always read that way, but I am fairly certain this originated as a story idea and marketing ran with it. Marvel would like nothing more than to make FF a flagship title again, up there with Avengers and Uncanny X-men in sales. Hickman’s run deserves it. Maybe this kind of marketing blitz, combined with Hickman delivering of course, will help. Maybe not, but it would be criminally stupid for Marvel not to try. And yes, the story was structured around the foreshadowing of a death. That is why it was split into three parts. I liked the structure.

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