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Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Steve Epting

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Price: 3.99

Yep yep, Fantastic Four #587.
Everyone is talking about this issue, so I might as well also. This issue gets a double gold star from me, and not just because of the
highly publicized death of one of the Four. I get that some people
regard these “important” issues where a big event happens to be
automatically better than anything else that comes out, but…no,
they’re wrong. What makes this issue such a success is that not only was
there a highly impactful death, and NOT ONLY was that death scene
masterfully told (which can be a rarity), but this issue was a well
written conclusion to a suspenseful story arc. When it was announced
that a Fantastic Four member would die during “Three”, most people
thought that the announcement was incredibly gimmicky. But here’s the
thing: writer Jonathon Hickman crafted this story in such a way that the
knowledge of the death adds more suspense to the overall story than if
it went previously unannounced. In “Three”, the team is split up and go
on three separate adventures, with all three possessing an ominous fear
that the character won’t survive. This story was a roller coaster of
emotions and red herrings, and now that it has reached it’s end, we can
now take in the excitement of the overall ride and marvel in the great
character development (especially the development of the dearly departed
character). As for the death scene itself, the entire sequence was
given increased weight by artist Steve Epting (who,coincidentally, drew
the death of Captain America!), whose clever cutaways and framings made
the last few pages 10,000 times more emotional. This was a masterful
story which manipulated the reader’s emotions and took them on a hell of
a ride. This will hopefully be remembered for many years to come…not
only for the death that occurred during it, but also for the impactful
way the story was told.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. We don’t see Johnny Storm die.  Annihilus may take him prisoner.

  2. @Invasionforce – hey, dude! When you click on someones review & it says ‘NO’ spoilers you aren’t suppose to give away the spoiler IN THE COMMENTS SECTION!!! Thank god I already read it earlier.

  3. @Invasionforce : Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe Johnny comes back as a brain washed baddie.

  4. We can be as jaded as we want concerning the permanency of this death, since this is comics after all. Regardless of that fact, one can’t deny that this was an incredibly powerful scene, and I think that’s all that matters. As long as the death and rebirth scenes are memorable, then it’s all cool.

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