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  1. Say it with me:  NO MORE CROSSOVER!!!!!!

  2. I actually enjoyed the crossover, but yes, I am glad to get back to my regularly scheduled Fables programming!

    Also, the cover combined with the solicitation made me poop my pants for some reason. I suspect good things!

  3. God I love dark mages.  Fuck ‘Great Fables’!!!!

  4. I am so happy that abortion of a crossover is done too.  I want to see more about this baddie turning the collapsed Fabletown into his personal fortress.

  5. So much crossover hate.  I didn’t mind it nearly as much as the rest of you.  Perhaps that is because I have been reading Jack of Fables as well as the main book?

    The cover for this issue makes me afraid to touch it.  Is evil contagious?

  6. I wouldn’t have minded the crossover as much if it hadn’t forced me to buy two more books a month that I wasn’t reading with characters I didn’t give a hoot about… Anywho, Mister Dark is SCA-RY.

  7. The crossover gets hate because it killed momentum on the main book while progressing plotlines from the spin-off book.  Another reason is that it was boring in comparison with the high caliber storytelling going on previously.  The lame ass ending didn’t help at all either.

  8. Perfectly average, 2-star book. It sets up some interesting stuff for the future, but didn’t do too much for me personally.

  9. I loved, loved, loved this issue!

  10. This was Fable-ous!

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