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“Hungry City,” part 2 of 2!

When the carcass of a killer whale is discovered in the middle of Gotham City’s financial sector, Batman is thrown into a mystery the likes of which he’s never experienced – a mystery which soon brings the Dark Knight face-to-face with the terrifying new symbol of organized crime in Gotham!

Art and cover by JOCK

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 10.8%
Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. That’s a great cover.

  2. Jesus Christ, what a cover. DC shouldn’t even put the book logo over this.

  3. I might buy this just for the cover

  4. C’mon with that cover. That’s a James Bond movie poster!

  5. @WilliamKScurryJr  It should be the DKR poster

  6. @Alexferrer  I completely agree with you. If they sold it just like that, it would be perfect.

  7. Look at the cover. Damn

  8. I feel redundanct writing, wow what a cover, but it really is amazing. Jock will definatly be up for cover artist of the year, and I’m sure his interier’s will match. 

    I love the story idea, that Dick must protect the daughter of the man who killed him family, but I miss the Gordan story. Can Snyder wrire two on going bat-books, please?

  9. @Zeppo – I second that sentiment.  I want a Dick/Batman comic and a Gordon comic.  Both by Snyder.

  10. At this point, I want Snyder to write all my Batbooks

  11. Jock is outdoing himself. It’s an even better cover than last month and I simply love next month’s cover too. Top of the pile for me this week!

  12. This might be my favorite book on the stands right now.

  13. The cover? Meh….

  14. i’m having a difficult time figuring out whats going on in that cover. I blame the low res image. We’ll see how it works with the logos and barcodes and stuff. 

  15. Is there going to be an Orca inside a lady now?

  16. My least favorite cover of the Snyder era. Still, not that bad though…

  17. Very striking….the white leads your eye to the image inside her

  18. I would buy that comic for that cover no matter what the issue was about.

  19. I propose a Constitutional Amendment declaring that Scott Snyder writes all Bat-books from this point forward.  And having Jock illustrate them wouldn’t be bad, either!

  20. this cover is pretty amazing and Snyder has kept me on the edge of my seat with each issue…top of my pile…always, can’t wait for tomorrow!

  21. I just don’t get that juiced over covers. Sure some really catch your eye but at the end of the day…well…it’s just the cover.

  22. Such a pity, I was genuinely disappointed when I saw the update cover… Oh, well.

  23. I was never the biggest Batman fan, but Snyder has been making magic in this book. And Jock, is well, Jock. The art is so good it doesn’t even need explanation.

  24. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Well, the cover WAS nice. Too bad.

  25. What have they done to the cover? Totally ruined now with that ugly green Green Lantern banner and what’s up with all the letters anyway? Hopefully it doesn’t have any impact on the interior of the book…

  26. dc just gave the fans a big FU with that ugly banner.  the beautiful art is now overshadowed by $$$$

  27. YAY they crapped it up with a banner and crappy distressed type. D-ZINE WINZ!w

  28. Banner doesn’t bother me. It would bother me more if DC didn’t push the movie on one of their best books. Don’t we want Green Lantern to succeed?

  29. on sight a cover can sell you a book, the story is on the inside – STOP  –  LOOK  -reconiZe

    dont be surpise by a disguse   the wool   been pulled over ya eyeZ – YA need to real eyes B 4 your demise how fast truly   TIME FLYS

  30. I think there is room for a 5th logo on there.

  31. @martinNL and the rest – Completely agree.  Picked up the issue this morning and that green banner is a major eye sore on an otherwise stunning image.  It’s bad enough that we’re being advertised to on the front covers now (maybe try the back next time, you can have the whole thing!) but at least when Marvel did the same thing with Thor, it was a small thumbnail under the Marvel logo like the comics of the 90s had and doesn’t detract from the overall composition.  With GL, you’d think that he was the guest star or back up of this issue.  To me it reeks of deperation.

  32. Can’t wait for this one to be in my hands. Have recently got into American Vampire on the basis of this, and have been impressed by how talented a writer Snyder is. I haven’t been a fan of Jock’s art in the past, but he’s won me over here with his covers and interiors.

    I would love to see Snyder explore Dick and Babs’ relationship. So much they could do there.

  33. I did not mind the banner on this but I passed on the 7.99 StrangeAdventures
     cause of the banner, it just pissed me off. 

  34. Amazing how Snyder changed the tone of this issue from being disturbing and twisted to light-hearted and funny. I had a lot of fun reading this new type of attitude by Snyder. Also, best work I’ve seen of Jock yet.

    5/5 (POTW) 

  35. The layouts of the pages in this issue impressed me the most… The layout of the 2 page spread with Bats’ face in the middle as he talks with Zucco’s daughter: Totally awesome!  

  36. @mithrandir  Agree on that two page spread…loved how he used the bats in the negative space…

  37. All I can say is … “Meep, Meep, Sucker.”

  38. I will keep posting this every month until Snyder/Jock/Francavilla leave:

    If I could only buy 1 comic each month, it would be Detective Comics. 

  39. Cover art in this book was awesome. The story is great. Love Snyder’s writing.

  40. @mithrandir  Dammit!  You took my comment.  THe composition of the entire issue was so well done it was amazing.  I would buy pretty much anything that these two decide to team up on.

  41. Snyder is the Dogs B@llocks

  42. Oh thanks DC for ruining a few different covers this month. I’m glad someone reminded the “comic book” community that this summer a “comic book” movie is coming out…….

    Anyway, the book was great. Im really glad i picked this up, but i think i liked AV a tad bit more;). 

  43. Detective, Batman Inc, & Batgirl are the only DC books I’m actually enjoying right now.

  44. @Thechangingman  You should really give Xombi a try! It’s a little crazy, but loads of fun!

  45. This was great, my POTW.

  46. After Batgirl left Detective Comics, the book seemed to go downhill but since Snyder and Jock took over the creative duties, this has been the best Batbook out there.

  47. This book single-handedly brought me back to DC.

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