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Art and cover by JOCK

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“Detective Comics” #877 is the second part of Scott Snyder’s “Hungry City” storyline and it lives up to the greatness of the previous issue. Snyder has made this series live up to it’s title by giving it a true, dark detective feel. While there is action, this book is more about the mystery and for the most part I’m loving it.

Scott Snyder has an amazing talent for strong dialogue and he really seems to know his characters well. Within every character interaction in the book you’ll find clues that open up the broader story. I also like the way Snyder writes Dick. You recognize the genuine and distinct difference between him and Bruce. And even though this issue contains one of the most lame, corny, and out of place lines I’ve read in ages, I love Snyder’s work here and I’m hooked.

While Jock has never been my favorite artist I’ve been pretty impressed with his art lately. The dark, sullen tone of his work is a perfect fit for this book. I feel his art in this issue was a little neater and sharper than the last issue. Gone were the cluttered action panels and the mismatched facial features. Everything works pretty well here except I was a little confused and underwhelmed at what I had seen on the final page.

Snyder and Jock should be commended for making “Detective Comics” a worthwhile read again. I still find myself absorbed in Snyder’s writing and Jock has surprised me with some solid, moody artwork. These guys have a great story going and one everyone should be reading.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I agree with EVERYTHING you said. This is a mighty good and accurate review, my friend!

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