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The inmates of Arkham Asylum have taken over DETECTIVE COMICS in “Beneath the Mask” Part 1 of 2! It’s Black Mask verses Jeremiah Arkham for control of the asylum. But what of the enigmatic Three Beauties, and how does Batman fit into the mad plan? Everything that was set up and teased in BATTLE FOR THE COWL: ARKHAM ASYLUM and ARKHAM REBORN is at last revealed, but the answers to the mysteries just might drive everyone – including Batman – mad!

Then, in the co-feature, the spotlight is shone on Renee’s personal life. But just who knows about her secret identity, and what will they do with that information? That is the question…

Written by DAVID HINE
Co-feature written by GREG RUCKA
Co-feature art by CULLY HAMNER

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. No Batwoman, this makes me sad. At this point I’m only really interested in Morrison’s Batman story, so I’ll be dropping this book for now.

  2. This is heartbreaking

  3. It’s sad to say goodbye to Kate Kane. I feel like we were just gettin started. Til next time Red.

    On a positive note, I dig that cover. I’m always down for some Chiang Batman. Wish he was on interiors. Don’t know much about this Haun fella.

  4. Welp, guess I’m dropping the book, I thought Rucka mentioned one more arc but I guess it was the Cutter one that just finished up. Oh well

  5. Awesome cover but that doesnt change the sadness that just overcame me… Bummer. 

  6. the preview was very "meh". i have a feeling i will be done with this title until bruce is back.

  7. I’m going to give this a shot, but it doesn’t look too promising. At least we still get Rucka writing The Question, right???

  8. I feel like we’e entering a nebulous ‘meh’ era of batman between this and the Batman title (like a few years ago when Anderson Gabrynch and Bill Willingham were writing them and the were awful, forgettable Batman stories) but hopefully with Morrison’s return to Batman and possibly a grade A writer on Detective there will be hope

  9. I pulled this one accidentally. I will at least give it a fair hearing, but I think no Batwoman means this will be the last Detective I get for a while.

  10. I have hope for detective, so i’m gonna stick to it, but they are fools for not continuing with batwoman.  I was the best batman title by far.  

    But Streets of gotham have also been great, and i suggest that and gotham city sirens for good batman. 

  11. I would love to stick with it even if it was a ‘meh’, but i am having a hard time convincing myself for whatever reason.

  12. Finally no more of this "independent strong woman" bullshit!

    (if you didn’t realise that was a joke you are an idiot)

  13. Hard not to, when you epilogue the "joke."

    And because there is no independent strong woman bullshit, I’m off this book.

  14. Droping. 🙁


  15. officially dropped

  16. I guess I’m the only one who didn’t like the Rucka run…

    As long as it’s better than Streets of Gotham, I should be pretty happy.

  17. I think I remember liking the Arkham Asylum issue by Mr. Hine quite a bit. I’ll give this a shot.

  18. Hurts, but the show must go on.

  19. Dropped. 

  20. I conflicted on whether or not I should drop this..

  21. I get my Batman fix in B&R.  Sorry, Detective Comics.  Dropping and eagerly awaiting Batwoman.

  22. David Hine is awesome  I would recomend any one interested in a well written story to check out this two-part arc.

  23. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Jock!!! You magnificent bastard! Batman’s forearms look they could twist the head off the Juggernaut ’till it went pop!

  24. No Batwoman, no interest.

    If they put The Question stuff in trade, though, I’ll totally grab it.


  25. GEEZ, it can’t be that bad.  Can it?  I’m gonna give it a try but I suspect to drop it after this issue.

  26. Shame people are thinking of dropping this.

    Hine has actually done a very entertaining storyline involving Jeremiah Arkham over the past couple of months. Sure he wasn’t involved with the reveal last month (avoiding spoilers for now), but he definitely has a good hold on this character. If this is his finale for the character then it was a nice 3 Act story from Battle for the Cowl-AA to Arkham Asylum mini to now. 

  27. Whyyyy!?!! It was so good with Batwoman as the lead! Oh well, I’ll still pick it up for The Question.

  28. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    that cover, with it’s amber leaves and scorched sky, is amazing, & it’s Cliff Chang. I really liked his drawings of Dianah and Ollie in Black Canary & Green Arrow. Chang’s great.

  29. No Batwoman, no thanks.

  30. Glad to see that at least a few folks are sticking around for David Hine. I’ve gotta say, Hine’s graphic novel, "Strange Embrace," was fantastic, and I haven’t read much of his recent Arkham work (I’ve been avoiding spin-offs and mini-series), but I’m actually kinda looking forward to Hine’s work here. I may even check out his upcoming run on Azrael when it stats. Hine’s great with dark atmosphere and psychological horror — and we haven’t seen much of that in Batman for the past few years. I think I’m ready for it again.

  31. @daccampo: Hine will be perfect for Azrael. Nicieza has done a great job with the character; but Hine’s psychological ideas will make that an even more tense book.

  32. @TNC – yeah, it’s weird, I have no real love for the character, but because it’s got its own little corner of the Batverse, I’m thinking Hine can really make it "his." And THAT is something I look forward too. I’m gonna start, though, by grabbing this Detective issue to see how he does with Arkham.

    I’ve heard this is the "third" story of his using the Jeremiah Arkham character. Can anyone tell me if the other stuff is worth tracking down? The Battle for the Cowl or Arkham Reborn stuff? Has any of it been collected yet?

  33. Dropped!!!!!!!

  34. @daccampo – I found the Battle for the Cowl one shot very enjoyable.  It is a one shot, so it is probably rather easy to find (and cheap).  I didn’t read the Reborn stuff.

  35. I agree with TNC.  I’m excited to see Hine’s next Arkham arc.  I bought the Battle for the Cowl issue on a lark and enjoyed it.  Then the Mini was excellent.  Hine does great mystery/suspense/psychological horror tales in the Bat-verse.

     It’s definitely different from the Batwoman stuff that Rukka did, but dismissing it for not being Rukka is like refusing to eat a good hamburger because it’s not filet mignon.  If you didn’t like the Arkham stuff before, understandable, but if you haven’t read his prior work, it’s worth a read.

  36. This was enjoyable.  It wasn’t as good as most of the Batwoman stuff, but Arkham is an interesting character with an interesting role to play.  

  37. Best issue of Detective in a long time.  Between the ending to the Arkham Reborn mini and the Black Mask reveal, I was worried that the Jeremiah Arkham story was running on fumes.  Glad to see it’s not.

  38. Seeing as this tied directly in with Arkham Reborn and Black Mask arc, this was a solid issue.

  39. This was the definition of mediocrity. Not awful bad but definatly not super awesome. Just ‘meh’

  40. I liked the issue a lot. I’ve really enjoyed the character development of Jeremiah Arkham. He’s become much deeper than originally anticipated.

  41. This was cool. I thought it was a step above meh. Hine definitely knows what he’s doing. My one beef would be that he’s writing Dick a little too much like Bruce, but even I’m tired of hearing that nitpick.

  42. Not even Rucka’s Question could save this mess. Drip. Drap. Dropped.

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