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The siege that will reverberate through history to the present-day DCU begins as the Demon Etrigan and his unlikely lover, Madame Xanadu, face the Horde!

What five (mostly) noble souls would be crazy enough to join them? The cover gives but a hint, and the point could well be moot by the time this issue’s done. For the Horde is armed with the magic of Mordru – including some decidedly different dragons!


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  1. It actually took a second read of Demon Knights issue #1 to hook me in, but I’m on board. It appears that Cornell can be a tricky read with the uninitiated.
    His writing has a different pace and rhythm than I’m used to, but in the end, I really enjoyed the characters and story that is developing.
    Really looking forward to this issue!

    Stormwatch on the other hand…

    • I completely agree with the unusual pacing and rhythm of Cornell’s writing, that may turn some off to this series. After reading the first issue a few times, the series is off to a solid start and I’m interested in seeing where Cornell is going, but I’m waiting until issue 3 is released to check #2 out. When issue #3 is released, the digital price of #2 will be only $1.99 and I’ll be able to read reviews of #2 and #3. I hope this series lives up to the promise of issue #1 but with DC’s digital initiative there isn’t any drawback to playing wait and see.

    • I agree as well. the little vignettes probably wouldn’t have worked without Cornell’s excellent witty dialogue. Neves’ art defintley helps as well.

    • Due to the writing and although the first issue intrigued me im thinking this may be a better read in trade. Im going to grab this issue to decide so its a make or break to me

  2. I’m happy to see so many people pulling this on iFanboy. This was one of my favourites of the relaunch, so it’s nice to see so many other people onboard.

  3. Mordru is an old Legion villain, isn’t he? Wonder how his role in this title is gonna affect Legion continuity, since the current LSH title is basically continuing from the previous incarnation. Maybe they retconned him out of the Legion’s past in the new DCU?

  4. This is for me the one of thee best of the relaunch easily!! I can’t wait till Wednesday because this; is a fun book!! I can see a lot of bloodshed in the begining of this issue to open up from where they were last issue!!

    Just sayin’,


  5. too bad that demon baby got all ‘esploded last issue – he, it, would have been a nice additon to the Demon Knights roster.

  6. I really like this series! Dragon Age has become one of my favorite video games, and I am reading through the Song of Fire and Ice books now (but have not seen the HBO show yet), and when Cornell said those two were influences for him I knew I had to try this book. I loved the first issue and hope this one keeps the momentum going.

  7. MAN this is a good book.

  8. Ya i dropped this, i can see the potential in it and it is good but its just not for me. I enjoyed the first issue enough and along with the hype it got from this site i figured id give it another shot but at the end of this i didnt find myself loving it. Might revisit it in trades in the future though

  9. Anybody else mad that etrigan isn’t rhyming all the time?

    • nah, he’s learning how to right now. this is like 8 Mile for him. mom spaghetti and all that

    • No. I like him better when the writer gives him a few an issue instead of forcing a ton of crappy couplets all at once.

    • When he is constantly rhyming it can get awkward or annoying after a while. I like it better with an occasional rhyme that fits the situation well, then one that is just there because he is supposed to rhyme.

  10. I was pleased to see the high level of quality carry over from the first issue to the second — one of my favorite of the relaunch books so far . . .

  11. Oh, and a note of priase for Neves’ art is this issue, which I thought was great. I particularly liked studying the two page spread at the beginning and noticing how puzzled some of the dragons appeared to be.

  12. After reading all the high-drama angsty batfemale books this week (and swamp thing, since i was a week behind), this book was the perfect palate cleanser. I laughed, I cheered, I wanted to give people hugs because I was happy and not because they were so terribly sad. I spent several pages saying to the book “okay, you’re my favorite character. No..wait, you are. No…you are. No… dammat!”

    • I comletely agree, I was smiling the whole time I read this book. Great action and wonderful art. I am excited to see where Cornell is going to take this cast of characters.

  13. I think I need to go and read the first two issues back to back. I enjoyed #1 last month quite a bit, but I had a hard time following this ish. Maybe just a quick reminder is needed but it just felt too muddled for me.

  14. no idea whats happening or who the characters are

    • I know I feel the same way! I’m dropping this sadly

    • I’m feeling lost as well, but I’m enjoying at the same time. I’d like an issue where all seven characters sit down and talk a little about themselves. Does that sound boring?

    • Interesting. I had the exact opposite reaction to this issue. Not being familiar with any of them, I was definitely confused in #1. I had no idea who was “new” and who I was supposed to recognize as a key member of the soon-to-be-formed group.

      But this one, when they all started fighting and observing/talking to each other? I feel like many of the characters really solidified. Maybe not their names, but definitely their “type.”

    • This book makes me appreciate how good Guardians of the Galaxy was a couple of years ago. Same sort of thing with a big team filled with people I don’t know anything about. The fact that they did side interviews helped me keep everyone straight and helped me understand each of the characters. Etrigan rhyming may be his thing but it came out of nowhere in this book and didn’t do anything to make me like him or this book. I am still in for now, but this book is close to being a drop for me.

    • @yyzKyle EXACTLY the rhyming thing threw me way off, I had to go look it up to find out that is his thing. I really thought it was weird and being a new reader was very annoyed this wasn’t explained and just came out of nowhere like I was supposed to know about it.

  15. I agree with the criticisms that this book is moving a bit too fast, but I’m holding on to the plot with white knuckles and loving every minute of it! I definitely needed a second read to catch everything, but from Savage’s love of dinosaur meat to Etrigan’s casual conversational dialogue, I’m having a blast.

  16. I know most seem very enthusiastic about this book. I really wanted to like it (I have always liked Etrigan), but after reading issue #1 twice and just finishing issue #2 yesterday, I can safely say I have no idea what the hell is going on in this book. I can’t tell the characters apart and have lost complete track of any story arc that is going on. I mean, I kinda get it, but the main point is it’s not grabbing me at all. Regrettably, I’m dropping this one. Too many other New 52 books that are working for me to keep one that isn’t.

  17. Hugomarink.

    Agreed! I loved the first one but the second one left me lost and confused. I have no clue what was going on and it didn’t tie in with the first one, other than the dinosaurs. My pull list for the second week of the month is $50 so, this one is dropped and I do NOT regret it!

  18. At times I am unsure if this book is making fun of the fantasy genre and is being tongue in cheek or if it is serious.

  19. Loved this book. Nice to see Vandal Savage as a thrill seeking brute warrior and not a world class villian yet. After reading too many books where it takes 22 pages for the hero to move from one room to another, I’m glad to see a book that moves along at a quicker pace.

  20. Vandal Savage is the man. Eating dragons and deflecting arrows with a dragon drumstick. Al Jabr getting no respect for being Saracen (I get a Sinbad vibe from him). Ex thinking that being called a tart was a complement. Shining Knight in a gender bending role. This dungeons and dragon Seven Samurai (Magnificent Seven) is my pick of the week.

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