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  1. A book no one asked for! Including myself…

    Okay so Marvel is whoring Wilson out a bit. That’s okay for me, but if this title doesnt deliever on it’s first arc….okay scratch that, since the arc is 6 issues and it doesnt deliever on the half way point then I will drop this.

    Just because I like Deadpool doesnt mean I will buy a title just cause. This new creative team should be interesting though.

  2. i’m so going to buy this book just because it’ll be worth millions of dollars one day

  3. deadpool + marvel zombies = awsomeness

  4. Wasn’t going to touch this, but the solicit looks like fun.

  5. I’m gonna buy this for one reason: Victor Gischler.

  6. They’re reprinted New Mutants #98 like three times in the past year. For any of you who read that issue, check out how there’s no reason why he’s called Deadpool. From what I remember, he just attacks the New Mutants and Cable, then like after the fights over Cannonball says "So what’s the deal with this Deadpool guy?" That’s the first time we actually hear his name.

  7. @flapjaxx- well it was written by leifeld what do u expect?

    @tnc- how dare u sir say there too much deadpool .ur off my christmas list

  8. @peterporker: Damn, and I was so looking forward to dressing up this holiday

  9. @thenextchampion:

    havent they been whoring wolverine for years?
    hell hes not even in his own book no more yet hes still the face of marvel and appears in every damn book that isnt in the cosmics or in britian i can stand to read more deadpool if its done well

  10. I wonder if the whole Deadpool’s head thing will tie-in with the fourth issue of Marvel Zombies 4.

  11. who is the creative team, im not really familiar with them what else have they done. I’m buyinmg this in hope that that its awesome. a team up of deadpool and dead deadpool, im really looking forward to this

  12. How about an all-Deadpool Exiles team? That I would buy.

  13. THAT WOULD BE WICKID!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m excited for this just because i love deadpool

  15. they did have an wolverine squad in exiles. so ya never know

  16. What a rip off. Sure the comic was amazing but the reprint was from Deadpool’s croosover with the hulk in 1997. Were the hell is New Mutants #98. Maybe it was my mistake, maybe it was a mistake print and I should have checked before I bought.

  17. This was…..okay. A decent first start for Gischler. I like the art by Dazo but I’m not sure of the writing. Guess I’ll give this at least an arc to see if its worth picking up all the time.

  18. I havent read it yet, but I like Way’s writing.  He gets deadpool.  I just dont want anyone else to ruin the charecter for me.  Damn it……I’m going to read it now.

  19. Nice Fallout 3 nod.

  20. Fallout 1 came to mind first, but I guess it’s pretty universal.

  21. come on! be honest, who picked this book? was it you, tnc?

  22. @edward: Well I did….but if you notice so did 209 other people 🙂

  23. @TNC: picked, not pulled

  24. Ugh, I feel like vomitting everytime I see Dazo’s Deadpool. Gives me a headache.

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