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Even though this issue featured Deadpool, who I’ll automatically give anything that he’s in a chance, this issue had two huge strikes against it from the beginning. Those two stikes being that it features BOTH The Savage Land and a plot point from Marvel Zombies, two of the most inane creations of the Marvel braintrust. So I went in with quite a negative attitude and I assumed it was going to go a bit more south. Unfortunatly, I was kind of right.

The third strike came pretty early on, in the form of Daniel Way’s Schizophrenic asides that apparently is a staple in Deadpool’s character now. Unfortunatly, only Way knows how to make it work effectively and with humor. Everyone else that copies this style makes it seem stale, repetitive and annoying. A humorous story is probably the hardest thing to write, and stupid humor is even harder. When you watch or read something that has that type of humor, it seems almost effortless and that any wacko in a straight jacket can write it. However, it takes a very specific tone and voice to write it, and Victor Gischler’s script shows what happens when you try and write a story without that voice. Gischler believes that Deadpool’s humor just comes from throwing him in a silly situation and saying random crazy things, which is a real shame, because this character deserves better than that. Thank god that Way is writting Deadpool properly, I would hate for this to be the only book that shows off one of my favorite characters.   

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average



    Sadly, I have to agree complete.


    I love Deadpool, but this is just one book to far. I love Suicide Kings, and like comicBOOKchris, am starting to get on board with Daniel Way’s methods, but this book just didn’t ring true.

    None of Deadpool’s voices sound like I have come to expect – and the action was nothing exceptional. It’s a shame, but this book is not for me.

  2. Ditto, to the both of you. I don’t know what they were thiking. But comicBOOKchris, come on, a 2 for art? Really now. It’s a lot worst than that. I feel like vomitting everytime I see Dazo’s Deadpool. Gives me a headache.

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