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When I first saw the cover of this issue in Previews, I thought sweet, two Deadpools!  I hope it’s not too much.  What I don’t remember seeing was GUEST STARRING KA-ZAR!   Ummm.  Yea, I could have done without that being splashed across the front.  I mean, is there anyone thinking of picking up this title solely on the basis of a C minus level X-character?  I mean, besides Deadpool?

All in all this is a promising issue.  It didn’t blow me out of the water, but it’s a cool story.  You get to see how Deadpool views AIM, which is nearly as funny as his hallucination of Mister Moneybags in the otherwise dull Deadpool one-shot from last spring.  Bong Dazo (Really, an artist on Deadpool is named Bong?  Bong Dazo?  Really?)’s style is a little cartoony for me, but it fits the way Victor Gischler’s skewed Deadpool sees the world.

This issue also features an old Kelly/Mcguinness Deadpool issue.  It’s funny, I don’t remember this stuff looking so…well, like Deadpool’s answer to the Batman Brave & The Bold art.  It looks so kid friendly.  And while it isn’t The Boys special Yaoi issue, or anything.  It probably shouldn’t be on Fox Kids anytime soon.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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