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  1. Yeah Deadpool. More singing the cocnut song and pool vision.

  2. I am gonna pick up issues 1 and 2 my next trip to the comic shop. I always liked Dead pool but was afraid of this comic for some reason. After all the good stuff said about last issue, I gotta pick this one up!

  3. Very solid first issue and I loved all the jokes in it. Let’s hope this next issue doesnt lose a step and we get some more Wade Wilson love…..and no not the Wade Wilson on this stie. lol

  4. The cover is pretty sweet too!

  5. @Champ — Yeah, no one wants that … lol.

    But, this issue will get more love from me if it has more story than the first!

  6. I just got around to reading the first issue and I liked it.  Very pleased that the next issue is coming out so soon after the first.  It’s only been a couple of weeks hasn’t it?

  7. Was not impressed with #1, this may be last one

  8. loved number one. love deadpool.


    i plan to read this issue pantless. 

  9. Love the cover to #2. Reminds me of Spawn, in a way.

  10. This issue brought the funny again and I enjoyed it.  I can’t wait for this to get away from the whole Skrull thing and see how the comic is with out the war going on though.  I want to see how Deadpool is around the other heroes.

  11. @Charlie: Agree 100% on all what you said. This series is only getting better and this could be the best humor in a comic in a long time. I cannot wait to see where Way takes us with Deadpool after SI.

  12. The cover is great, I picked this and #1 up today, loving it. Just the right amount of crazy. The singing was also great.

  13. remember the ed mcgennis deadpool comics from the 90s? sweet 

  14. really awesome book.  I enjoyed it LOTS.

  15. yet another laugh out loud issue.


    holla atcha boy! 

  16. I think that this is my favorite use of Deadpool to date.

  17. I’ve never laughed so hard at a comic book.

  18. Never got issue 1 in the shop, but was easily able to pick up the story here. Honestly, I think they should keep the Pool Skrulls, because they have to be the funniest uses of the Skrulls so far.

  19. Loved the issue!  I was laughing the whole time and loved the ending.  Definitely glad to hear it’s selling out.

  20. This was really good, much better than the first issue.  There were quite a few parts where I was laughing out loud.  Check it out!

  21. Awsome book.  if you like fun books than this book is for you.

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