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  1. I really like this book, but for economic reasons, keep dropping this book…. Until the last minute, then I pick it up. Guess I’ll have a few less dollars to spend at the grocery store again.

  2. This is the only DR book I’m buying. I think.

  3. This is the last Bendis-penned Dark Avengers book, right?  I think I’m dropping it before Dark X-Men starts.  This isn’t a bigger book, just a bigger price.

  4. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    They should rename the book "Ares Is F**king Awesome."

  5. wait bendis is leaving this? who’s taking over?


  6. Fraction I believe is taking over. Depending on how Utopia does in reviews, I might drop Dark with this issue.

  7. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Bendis is back on for #9.

  8. oh thats right, the cross over, ok thats cool

  9. Critical darling Matt Fraction takes over.

  10. First hardcover will be out soon! Loved the first issue, but haven’t read anything since.

  11. nohh-var and moonstone. ahhh yeah! (sorry)

  12. im waiting for the 1 shot "aries slaps the marvel universe"

  13. I’m torn on this book. Last issue had me interested again, but it always leaves me ‘meh’.

  14. really enjoyed last issue. don’t want to hear the "it not bendis, so no be good" discussion. if i do, i drop immediately

  15. This has been good, but it’s stronger in the context of the larger universe and perhaps not so strong all by itself.

  16. Really interesting book. I’m betting that we see some kind of final chapter of Green Goblin vs. Sentry eventually. Hopefully this series will actually do something with the Sentry, and I’m very excited to see what’s gonna happen with Noh Varr.

    Can’t wait ’til Fraction comes on, too. That’ll be interesting.

  17. I just don’t have the strength of will to quit buying this, yet. 

  18. I thought the last issue left off on a cool cliffhanger and I wonder how it will be wrapped up in time to lead into the crossover

  19. I think I read this before. Oh yeah it was called Thunderbolts by Ellis and Deodato. This story read alot like a Ellis Goblin story. Not that it is bad- its just been mostly done before. I keep wanting Bendis to really push the story. My fingers are crossed because I really enjoy Bendis and believe he will do somthing awesome with this book, but so far all it has made me do is go and dig out my Ellis and Deodato back issues of Thunderbolts.

  20. Another really good issue. I am not hating the Sentry as much as everybody else is. He adds a little something to this book. The last panel was interesting and is REALLY needed at this point. We need something to move Norman’s character along a bit. Fun issue though

  21. I’m assuming Bob gets a bad wrap cause he’s such a bitch, but the power of however many suns is pretty cool.  This book has gotten progressively better.  Glad I stayed on

  22. Anyone else think that Victoria Hand looks like the Baroness from G.I. Joe?

  23. @JesTr now if only the iron patriot would completely chrome his helmet, we could have Destro too.

  24. haha i was thinkin that too.

  25. Pretty good issue. I continue to love the interaction between Norman & The Sentry, and I’m glad that we’re getting to see a little bit more Goblin as well. The UTOPIA crossover is going to be the real test for this book, I think.

  26. @JesTr – That was my exact thought while reading this issue. Haha. Good call.

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