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Rogue Atlanteans.  Pissy Namor.  Norman Osborn being crazy.  Doom referring to himself in the third person.  The Sentry being crazy.  Progression of story: check!  It’s a static quo issue of Dark Avengers.  But, hey, when you write a billion comics a month like Bendis, they can’t all be Earth-Shattering Works Of Flag Waving Genius.

Story: 3 - Good
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  1. Dropping with this issue, might pick up after utopia ends.

  2. Wow, only 6 issues into this series and people already feeling like Bendis is treading the same ground….that’s not good.

  3. Understand, it’s not a bad comic, it’s just that nothing terribly cool is happening here, either.

  4. Huh, well, maybe I’ll be in the minority on this one, but I had fun with this issue. I think I finally "get it" with this book… I can’t root for these characters, but having bad people forced to "help" others makes for some interesting developments in their characters. I find myself kind of voyeuristically fascinated, waiting for that moment when the shit finally hits the fan.

  5. @daccampo:  I feel that the shit is going to hit the fan in every series.  And, while it may prove to be very interesting when it happens, I feel a lot needs to happen between now and then to make it interesting.  This title started with some four and five star issues, and this was just a mediocre three.  I do have faith that it will rise again, though.

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