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  1. Is this the last issue Bendis writes?  Don’t know when he’s leaving, but he won’t be on long unfortunately.

  2. @Kick-Ass: I didn’t hear that he was leaving, but I have a tendency to be behind in these things.

    Anyways, this series has been on point for the most part since it’s incarnation, and although the magic storyline in this book, combined with a strong magic focus in New Avengers, and a little bit of it in Mighty Avengers is giving me a bit of a magic overload, I’m looking forward to this.

  3. I just want some NA/DA action.  Enough with all the magic taking over my Avengers books!!  Although I am digging the Dr. Strange arc in NA.

  4. I feel like the sky should be green and the grass blue! I am actually dropping a Bendis avengers book. I can’t believe it…I’ve never felt compelled to drop anything by Bendis that I started. Until now.

  5. well im giving this til the last story arc…then im done

  6. Wasn’t this a PotW a few months ago? I was just thinking about hopping on, but everyone’s talking about jumping ship. What’s the deal?

  7. @Rustautoparts: Yep, #1 was POW. Issues 2-3 have been good as well.

  8. Bendis is handing the reins over to Fraction for the Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men crossover so those issues are by Fraction.  Bendis return once the crossover is finished.

  9. Not sure about all the gripe, been loving this series. You should give it a shot Rusty.

  10. Thanks guys, I was going to give it a shot anyways, as it’s a light week for me. I’ve never read a Bendis book, and I love the idea of Dark Avengers. I also heard about that crossover, and figured it might be a good way to kill a couple birds with the same stone: get into the MarvelU a bit, read about X-Men, and see what all the fuss is about this Fraction guy.

  11. as much as I like fraction, that x-men crossover thing is killing all my excitement for this series.

  12. I like Deodato.


  13. As excited as I am for this X-Crossover, I fear this is going to end up suffering from the same thing that Mighty suffered from.

  14. Loving this book, loving Mighty, loving Uncanny X-Men, looking forward to the crossover.

    Apparently it takes a Dark Reign to make me all sunny and positive.  Huh.

  15. I’m hoping the crossover can help bring me back into Uncanny.  I’ve had my heart broken so many times…

  16. @ActualButt: What did Mighty Avengers suffer from? I’ve never read it, so I’m just wondering.

  17. @Rusty It was mostly delays and the over use of caption boxes. Neither of those have plauged this series yet, so maybe he’s referring to something else.

    You should be able to jump onto this series no problem. It’ll be the middle of the story, but it’s been fairly straightforward. Norman Osborn makes villains into Avengers, they went to help out Doctor Doom who was fighting Morgan Le Fay. That’s about all you need to know. The best parts have been the character stuff. I suggest picking up last issue for the fantastic Sentry/Osborn scene. 

  18. i am dropping this series when it starts the x/crossover.  i might give it another try after that is done.  I am slowly making the transition to all trades.  Save for spider-man and New avengers, i am almost there. 

  19. I’m done with this title. I’m completely bored by it.

  20. Yeah either this title, New Avengers or Mighty needs to decide who gets to deal with magic. Having all of them do it at the same time kind of alienates the population of readers who just aren’t interested.

    That said,  the last panel is what raised this from a 2 to a 3 for me.

  21. Okay, so A: Ron and all anyone else crying, "Kill the Sentry" must have been happy for a brief moment.

    and B: After Moonstone says, "I have a little Kree in me…" was anybody else thinking that Marvel Boy’s next line should have been, "Want a LOT of Kree in you?"

  22. Every single issue of this has been pick of the week for me. It’s not that it’s that spectacular, but for some reason it  only comes out on weeks where everything else is not as good. At least to me.

  23. I thought this was the weakest of the issues so far, but it was still a 3/5. I’m glad that we seem to have moved on from this storyline though, and I’ve almost no doubt that the next issues will be as great as the first few were.

  24. I liked it, the art was awesome.

  25. I don’t know what the gripe is about.  I thought the issue, and the series so far, has been great.  And the ending of this one, plus the look on Norman’s face was awesome.

  26. I guess I just don’t care anymore. With everything in Marvel now being "Dark" this book doesn’t feel unique in anyway. I’m dropping this and then the only Marvel books I’m left with are Cap, Runaways, and New Avengers. That’s the dangers of submersing practically your entire universe under the same storyline. 

  27. Man, That last page was so F-ing ambiguous. He could go anywhere from here

  28. @RoiVampire agreed.

  29. I’m surprised by the opinions of this book. I really liked it, the art was amazing and I like where the story seems to be going. I am bored with the magic in New Avengers, but this works. Oh and the last two pages were awesome! The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the crossover with the x-men.

  30. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    I think I would read any title that Ares is in.  He’s easily my favorite part of this book and was my favorite part of Mighty Avengers.

  31. @JFernandes I agree, Ares is a cool character. I have enjoyed his presence in War Machine too,

  32. Noh-varr’s in, boys!

     Moonstone and Noh-varr are going to be knocking boots any second now (although Ares is greek and Noh-varr’s a nubile little fella, maybe that’s what that ceeky smile was about)

    and Moonstone is going to end up totally messing with then controlling his teenaged, horny and slightly votatile brain.  it’s what i would do if i was an insanely hot lady (which i might be)

  33. …so Norman Osbourne is in love with the Sentry…?

  34. So on the fence with this book.  It’s kind of entertaining, but there’s this part of me that wonders "what’s the point?"  Still, I might wait to see Osbourne put his moves on the Sentry.  Between that and Moonstone/Noh Varr this could be the most twisted sexual relationship drama in Marvel’s stable.  (I am at least waiting til after the X-men crossover as I love Fraction.)

  35. @DarthDuck: I hope so

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