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  1. Totally looking forward to this. First two were good, slightly slow, but still good. I am looking to see how this one turns out

  2. I want to give this up but I like this so much. the 399 price tag is killin me

  3. Wanted to hate this book because I felt swindled somehow by Secret Invasion… but I have to say I’m digging this book!

  4. Very excited for this book. Started slow, picked up in part two, things can only get better! And it is going to have a beautiful varient cover!

  5. First two were good.  This is essentially Thunderbolts since actual Thunderbolts is so weak right now.

  6. I really fell in love with this book. Sentry ripping off Morgana’s head last issue was totally kick ass. Love or hate sentry, that shit was awesome.

  7. Last issue was a 5/5 for me.  I think this is Bendis’s best book right now

  8. im thinking i will give this 5 issues and then see if im gonna keep getting this

  9. This comic is excellence!

  10. This is fucking perfect Spider-Man.

  11. whoops wrong book

  12. This is so exciting!

  13. Bendis always starts off like a house of fire, then slows it to a crawl. I dug the first two issues, but don’t know how long I’ll stick with it. If it stays at this pace, I’m there for the long haul.

  14. Part of me wants to read this in trade. It’s tough though because I want to keep reading New Avengers in issues and the two books seem to compliment each other quite nicely month to month.

  15. This is already my Pick Of The Week.


  16. can we all agree not to point out how this is like the Thunderbolts agian? we get it, it’s obvious, let’s move  on

  17. @edward- geez, man… relax. It was just one guy and it didn’t even create a discussion.

    I’m enjoying this a lot, but I keep wondering how long they can avoid the inevitable confrontation with the New Avengers. If it takes too long, I’m afraid my interest won’t hold.

  18. hmmm…. ok

  19. Man Bendis writes osborn so well it’s scary. Reminds me so much of Ellis’s take on the character


  21. @jamesdean  me too, i’m kinda ok with him running the avengers. wtf?

  22. Should I be fired if I read this at work?

  23. Great issue. I also really loved Osborn’s heart to heart with the Sentry. I feel stupid that I never saw how much those two have in common until now. And when Bendis is on, he can write some really exciting action. Most of the time it feels like the battle is not going well, and everyone is trying to the best of their abilities to figure out what the hell to do about it.

  24. Good issue. Really shows how much of a dirtbag Osborn is, with his talk to the sentry. I’m excited for the next issue…but this issue just makes me more torn on my stance on the sentry. I liked him, then i didn’t, and now i really can’t make up my mind. I like that hes got issues…but i don’t like the way he was written in this issue. He’s written like a child.


    and is ares dead now? 

  25. I have to go take a shower after reading this issue;  finding myself rooting for Osborn, and all…

  26. If I can just ask, just a simple question. No cheap shots at this book or Bendis:

    What happened to Sentry from the time of SI to now?

    I mean I hear how so many people state Osborn did something to convince Sentry blah blah blah…..How did Sentry go from; crying to Venus, sulking on the moon, turning into the Void or the Void saving his wife, to now being on the Dark Avengers? I need to know…it’s a lingering plot hole from last year.

    So technically my sabbactial still counts 🙂 But seriously if anyone can answer me that it will be greatly appreciated

  27. @chuckenigma  yeah, I know what you mean. And that great "hell yeah" moment for bullseye. When I got to that part I was thinking "Josh is really gonna love this. Wait, oh yeah, that’s not actually Hawkeye." Also, this had me thinking it would pretty cool if Marel Boy and Daken became best buds. Why do I think it would be cool for anybody to be buds with Daken?

    I’m not ultra gung-ho about this book. Every issue I go in thinking that the issue may be good again, or it may start sucking. But so far I’ve made every issue of this my pick of the week. Go figure.

  28. @Next From the feeling I get with this book, and comments I seem to recall bendis having made on Word Balloon, I think that missing bit of story is supposed to be missing for now. I think Bendis is slowly going to tell you what the hell has happened with the sentry in this book. For instance, what’s going on with his wife, why shy "sleeps" most of the time, why does she looks so terrified in that panel.

  29. Man, I loved this issue.  This rocked!  I didn’t expect this book to be this good, but it is. 

  30. @Neal: Eh well if that’s the case, maybe I wont learn about it til my sabbactial with the man is over.

    Thanks for the answer though.

  31. @TheNextChampion

    It kinda happens in this issue. Not really a spoiler or anything, but Osborn comes into Sentry’s home and gives him a big ol’ pep talk, comparing Sentry to himself in so far as hearing voices, telling him that he can control himself, there is no void, points out that Tommy Lee Jones is a highly inspiring figure, to the point that he altered his facial structure to look like him (oh, wait that last one didn’t actually happen),etc.

    I also really like how Bendis writes Osborn, but I feel like he should still be a little more of a jerk. I dunno if he’d say, "Thank you." over the comm in the heat of battle when Hand (I can never remember her 1st name) gets him the info. … I just crossed over into Comic Book Guy zone, questioning the politeness of Norman Osborn.

  32. I gave this book 5/5. This issue was the perfect balance between the action that we expect out of something like this, and the interpersonal, small scale writing that Bendis always knocks out of the park. This is the first time probably ever that The Sentry has been interesting to me, so that’s quite an accomplishment as well. I’m not really into Morgana Le Fey either, but I like the way she’s been used in this book. The only thing I’m not liking about the book is some of the art (Norman Osborn mostly), but I can overlook that for some great writing. Here’s hoping the book stays this great.


  33. I’ll say this positive about this book, which I didn’t care much for, it made me want some 5 Guys! Damn, I miss that out here on the west coast, so delicious. 

  34. This book was garbage. Fell asleep twice, while reading this issue. What really pissed me off was Noh-Varr’s, Marvel boy’s, Captain marvel’s, (what ever Bendis is calling him) dialogue.  "Settle down spidey-man" or "I think taking a position was what got me in this crap in the first place." I mean c’mon, he was such a badass in the Morrison’s mini. Now he just sounds like a 2-cool-4-school teenager w/ no personality. It seems to me that Bendis didnt read the aforementioned mini. He doesnt seem to have the slightest clue as to the character of Marvel Boy, he’s just there 4 window dressing……(DEEP BREATHE)……. Aside from Osborn, (during the fight seen) everyone all sounded the same. BULLSEYE: "Damn. I’ve never been so turned on in my life." Bullseye is a ruthles SOB, not a goof. He wouldnt say that. They all sounded like a bunch of teens that just got done smoking weed. Mind u, that im a huge Bendis supporter. But this was just plain bad. I think this might have been phoned in. Plus…mystic shit sucks.  Just my OPINION. Agree or disagree???????????? 

  35. I so hate myself for liking Osborn after that talk with Sentry. I also so hate myself for maybe finding a litle light of hope that Sentry may become a decent character under Norman.

    After this I’m not sure if it would be the worst thing in the world if they took away all of Normans alterior motives and just made him a guy who was doing what he thought it would take to protect his country and his planet. Maybe we wouldn’t always agree with his methods, but I would almost prefer a Norman like this one where i’m not sure if i’m supposed to like him or not.

  36. @ALEXFERRER- they did fight the avengers already in AVENGERS

  37. i think i would enjoy this more if it wasnt deadoto penciling.  His pencils take me out of the story very much.  also, the whole magic thing just doesnt click with me.  The first half of this issue, with Osborne talking the the Sentry was fantastic though.

  38. @PeterPorker – Are you sure about that fight? When did this happen?

  39. @peterporker and brianmaru

    No they haven’t fought. It was on the cover of the last issue of Avengers but Norman just set them up and they fought the hoods gang of villians instead.

  40. @Osyris: disagree.

    Give Bendis time to actually write something for Noh-Varr. However, so far, Noh-Varr’s characterisation hasn’t been too far removed from the Morrison mini, he was always a moody, too-cool-for-school teenager (and he is only in his teens). This was pretty much the whole point of Morrison’s mini.

    Bullseye was not written as a goof. "Damn. I’ve never been so turned on in my life." – this was meant as a joke but also, I think, Bullseye was actually aroused because he is a psychopath who gets turned on from violence. Now that is scary.

    Having said that the mystic shit does suck. I mean are actual scenes where La Fay is chanting as she stirs a cauldron. I don’t won’t to read a clichéd scene like that…. It’s lazy, stupid and a little embarrassing to read

  41. This was a great issue. The dialogue and storytelling has been great throughout the series so far. Not sure why this is getting ragged on at all, or why it has garnered a 3.8 from the iFanbase.

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