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• Mole Man returns, fresh from his battle in Avenging Spider-Man!

• Jump on to the book that EVERYONE is talking about!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Paolo Rivera & Joe Rivera
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Paolo Rivera

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.0%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. What a fan-freaking-tastic cover. It just prompted me to read up the Wikipedia entries on Charon and Styx, which I should probably not be doing since I am at work and should be working.

    • I’m in the mood to maybe try out a couple Marvel books this week. I might pick up this and Amazing Spiderman.

    • I’ve loved every issue of this series, so definitely give it a shot. The past two issues of Amazing Spider-Man were great, but I’m iffy on a .1 issue. Avenging Spider-Man 1-3 were a total blast, but I am skipping #4 due to Greg Land. Give those a shot. Hope you enjoy them!

    • JokersNuts: Firevine makes an excellent suggestion.

      I believe there’s an upcoming crossover with DD, ASM & Punisher, so this is definitely a great time to pick up ASM, as well. There was a crossover between ASM & DD a few issues back that was pretty good, and the couple of issues of ASM since then were pretty good, too. I’m really enjoying both titles, and they work well together.

      Check out the recent back issues of both titles.

      Marvel also offers ASM really cheaply if you agree to buy three dozen future issues sight unseen. It’s like two-thirds off cover price for a year-and-a-half of ASM, around a buck thirty-seven an issue. Mailed to your house. Not a bad deal.

      At least I can get one Spider-Man book cheaply.

    • @JokersNuts: I’m not the biggest Daredevil fan and I’ve also loved every issue too! I highly recommend you check it out.

  2. Paolo Rivera is a beast!

  3. That cover is just too good to say no. Gotta pick this up.

  4. Indeed a great cover with an even better story inside, no doubt.

  5. I haven’t been day-and-date and waiting for a Daredevil issue to come out like this since 1973.

    I will actually read this the week I buy it.

    I might even read this on Wednesday.

    I have to say that DD, ASM, Scarlet Spider and Venom are all good right now.

    It’s worth staying up-to-date on Marvel NYC (the Wacker-verse).

    I might even start reading Punisher. When’s that crossover again?

  6. I kind of fucked up and missed out on the last 2 issues. Time to rectify that mistake.

  7. This AND Batman in the same week?

    Mark Waid and Scott Snyder is duking it out for my love! That’s a crossover I’d like to see actually….Waid’s Daredevil vs. Snyder’s Batman.

  8. Daredevil is one of my favorite books coming out right now. Waid and Rivera are knocking it out of the park.

    While excited to see DD take on Mole Man, I wish more writers would try to create new villians for DD to fight. Daredevil has some good villians, but he could use a few more.

  9. This is the most solidly entertaining book Marvel puts out- if not for us comic book assholes, i bet there’d be more.

  10. going to try this out this week.

  11. Dante Alighieri reference… This is brilliant!

    Daredevil by Mark Waid is doing for Marvel what Scott Snyder is doing with Batman for DC… This is epic legendary runs in the making fellas!

  12. JokersNuts- If you are going to try some Marvel books this week than you are in the right place! Go with this for sure, I read very little Marvel titles and try to stay with the main stream teams just to keep up with the Marvel Universe. I also really only try the big Marvel characters once in a while however; months back I was looking at DD and read some of the reviews here on IFanBoy and they were telling me this was awesome!! I went and bought #1 thru #3 and I was hooked!! Each issue has been a 5 rating each time!! As far as some others I am suggesting:
    Amazing Spiderman
    Scarlet Spider
    Wolverine and the X-Men
    maybe Uncanny XForce I hear is fantastic although I have been putting it off since I have way to many titles I am reading and some have to go before I pick up anymore.
    Good Luck

    This Daredevil has really kept me intrested and I will be honest I have never read or found DD to be intresting enough for me to purchase it. Go DD; ol horn head


    • Flash923: I subscribed directly to Marvel for a bunch of titles. Amazing Spider-Man is 65% off cover price, if you get 36 issues. That’s like a buck thirty-seven an issue. Delivered. Well worth it.

      Also, I’m pretty sure the TPBs of UXF have started to come out or are scheduled for SOON. 8)

      If you can’t afford UXF, maybe your public library bought it. Ours did. I read their copy of the HC. 😉

    • player1- Where do you get this wonderful deal?? It could save me a ton of money and I can keep reading everything I have now without being forced to drop some. Thanks


  13. Does anyone know when/if Marcos Martin is coming back? I’m just curious and this has nothing to do with Rivera’s work. I feel like Daredevil could go back and forth between those artists and I would never complain about the art.

    • Unfortunately I don’t think Martin is coming back, I remember Waid mentioning it in an interview not too long ago. It’s too bad, I agree with you that Rivera and Martin were a great tag-team. I don’t remember who it is that will be replacing him either…..well, now I have to go find out.

    • Thanks, I love Rivera’s stuff but Martin and Rivera might have been best one/two punch out there.

  14. I was really digging the Rivera/Martin mix, but Marvel has a pretty diverse pool of talented artists that I could see working on this DD title.

    I’d personally suggest Francesco Francavilla, Jefte Palo or Chris Samnee.

  15. This continues to impress month after month. How long can Waid keep this up for? This could end up surpassing Remender’s run of Uncanny X-Force as the best thing Marvel has going for it right now.

    I passed on Daredevil for a few months but ended up getting back into it for the Spider-Man crossover. Glad I did. I immediately realized I was a fool for not picking this up monthly and filled the back issues that I passed on earlier.

  16. I thought last issue was available on comixology? But this issue isn’t?

  17. WOW….I got a feeling of nostalgia reading this. I guess I need to go back issue hunting. POTW

  18. Although I’ve been loving this DD relaunch so far, this issue was the weakest, art & story-wise. Still better than a lot of what’s out there.

  19. 1.1% POTW?! C’mon people!

    I thought this issue was great. Waid’s Murdock is just so friggin’ likable. He instantly puts you at ease at the beginning of every issue, and that goes a long way in enjoying the story. If ya don’t like your hero, or if their voice feels “off” for whatever reason, then the rest is pretty much downhill. Waid nails it.

    But the star of this one was Rivera. This was my favorite issue of his yet. Those two panels after DD kicks that pebble and the moloids ears all perk up should be in BOTW In Panels. I literally said “Oh shit.” out loud. And it wasn’t even that big of a moment. But the page/panel-to-panel transition in that beat was brilliant.

    Batman was stellar, but DD wins my POTW.

  20. The page that shows Black Cat stealing the FF device with the previous love scene mixed in…. WOW.

  21. Why is this pick of the week? Because Mole Man was fighting someone other than the FF and it was interesting. If you told me I would be interested in anyone other than FF against mole man I would have laughed. That just is not the case here.

  22. did anyone else get “last dance with mary jane” stuck in their head after wittnessing mole man dance with that corpse. that would definitely be in my panels of the week. wicked fun.
    when i heard mole man was the villain of this book, i wasnt very excited, but i should have been. if not for batman, this would be my POTW.
    i love the underlining theme of ole’ horn head descending into hades and crossing the river styx into “the underworld”.
    brilliantly portrayed by both waid and rivera.
    bravo and many happy returns

  23. This was fucking fantastic and goddamn beautiful to look at. It’s books like DD that make me forget about all the lawsuits and bullshit being flung around right now, and remind me of why I love comics.

  24. Creepy, creepy, and creepy!! Enjoyed this issue with a small sense of out of the blue wierdness; really did not expect anything like this. The detail in this issue was not only good on the eyes, I think the suttleties like the pebal; made me feel the tension and danger. Great issue.


  25. Uh,,, I have to say this is the first comic ive ever seen that has a dude (daredevil) sniffing his unwashed fingers after they have recently played with a kitty cat. Sweet aroma! Am i the only one who noticed that two finger sniff. Mark Waid.. continuing to break comic book ground on this title. HA.

    • LOL Matt’s just putting camphor under his nose to mask the smell of corpses to which he was about to expose himself.

    • Oh crap really.. ive got an egg on my face. HA,,, your right it all makes sense now.. oh well.. i still like my interpretation. I think perhaps he should put something a little more memorable under his nose next time he goes spelunking.

  26. My first Daredevil comic. Was about two pages in when I started wondering where Matt Murdock had been all my life. I now own several Daredevil volumes.

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