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No longer allowed to practice law in the courts, Matt Murdock finds a whole new way to help innocent men and women in desperate need of courtroom justice–and we guarantee it will surprise you!

Daredevil’s new life and new status quo begins here–and if Klaw gets his way, it’ll end here, too!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Paolo Rivera, Joe Rivera
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Paolo Rivera

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.6%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Yet another book that might be a causality of the relaunch this month in terms of attention. While Hickman’s ‘FF’ and Gillen’s ‘Journey Into Mystery’ have been out longer; this is almost the best book Marvel has going right now. Even with the #1’s I’m reading this week, this title is more then likely going to be at the top of my reading order as most anticipated book to read. (Well maybe penultimate with Batman and Robin out)

  2. That is a cover right there.

  3. I am very much looking forward to this book. Mother F’in Klaw!

  4. One of the few Marvel books I’ll continue to read.

  5. Daaamn Daredevil. Outpulling Fear Itself (as of Tuesday at 4pm). I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Book damn well deserves it.

  6. So far this book has had that special feel to it, where art and writing are meeting somewhere exciting. I was only mildly interested in Daredevil and this latest relaunch, but I am on board until Marvel editorial screws it up. So, say six months.

  7. So ready for this.

  8. No offense to Animal Man. But this is by far the best recently relaunched superhero comic book.

    • Daredevil is the tops, no doubt. But, wow, there have been some really good launches lately! The Infinite, Severed, TMNT, Red Wing! And, those are just some of the indie titles!

  9. Feels like a life time ago since issue 2, been waiting for this. Even with the DC relaunch I’ve still had Daredevil in the back of my mind the entire time so I can’t wait to get this. I understand that issue 4 is out next week as well, which will be brilliant, a double dose of DD.

  10. Glad to see this series doing so well.
    This is currently the only Marvel book I’m pulling. Thanks Mr. Waid & company for this exhibition of coolness!

  11. Best Marvel book out there. The character seems fresh but has not shed all that history we love.

  12. I love this book! this the first Marvel book I have looked foward to reading in a long while. I started reading the Punisher and am thinking of checking out UltSpiderMan thanks to DareDevil. But ya I am looking foward to reading this book, it might be #1 on my list and I did not get my last week pulls due to a problem @ my lcs.

  13. One of only two Marvel titles that I read. The art is Jam Pony and Waid’s writing has once again risen to the occasion.

  14. If you ever needed any more proof that Marvel is going to follow DC’s lead and reboot next year, look no further than Waid’s Daredevil run. It’s an amazingly well received run, flying in the face of the current market trends, and it’s written by Mark Waid. Sound familiar?

    Like maybe his Captain American run from the 90’s? That got derailed by Marvel rebooting some of their titles?

    Fast forward 15 years to Marvel staring down the barrel of a Top Ten-less September, and I’m sure Mark Waid is sweating a couple of bullets right about now.

  15. Between this, Ult. Spidey and JIM, Marvel have got a pretty solid offering this week. Not enough to dent the DC Reboot, of course, but hey, quality comics is quality comics.

  16. No surprise here. Another great issue of Daredevil. 🙂

  17. Something about this issue felt slightly off, or I would have given it a 5 star rating. I guess I don’t get why Matt and Foggy had to help the guy represent himself. The whole lawyer part just didn’t fit in with the DD part.

  18. Can I nominate one for Best Panels of the week?

    The panel where Klaw begged a deaf Daredevil not to smash the thing that would make him whole again… It actually made me feel for the guy who was going to sacrifice our hero just 6 pages ago.

    There, nominated.

  19. Good, solid 5 star comics. Did it reinvent the wheel? No. Was it perfect, fun entertainment? Indeed, sir, it was.

  20. Bah, my store ran out of this before I could get there last night. I think they under ordered anything that wasn’t a DC reboot unfortunately.

  21. Another great book for Waid & Rivera. And I really like the fact that the arc finished up in 3 issues. Really it was only a 2 issue arc, as the 1st issue was mostly it’s a one-shot that cliff-hanged into the next issue. We need more short story-arcs. Less writing 6 issue arcs for trades. I said it before, but this book is the best recently relaunched book, IMO.

  22. Here is a case for Marvel to do their own “new52” thingy:

    DD vol.3

    #1 – 991 pulls on iFanboy
    #2 – 1086
    #3 – 1025

    DD vol.2/1

    #512 – 371 pulls (last Diggle issue)
    #504 – 461 (Diggle starts)
    #500 – 618 (Brubaker double-sized special)

    Clearly, this new tone (less dark) is working on DD.

  23. I have been reminded three times in three issues why I love this book: it’s freakin’ funny!

  24. God this book is delicious. Waid’s voice for Matt is nothing short of absolutely charming. I’ve been away from DD for years, and it’s like I’ve never left. Like he’s an old friend that I had forgotten how muh I’ve missed. This book is simultaneously fresh and classic in the same breath. Fun as fucking.

  25. love this book. love waid. love rivera. i think his pencils look like david mazzucchelli, not quite as sharp, but reminiscent of. loved the sci-fi elements

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