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Avg Rating: 4.2
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Story by Mark Waid
Art by Paolo Rivera, Joe Rivera
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Paolo Rivera

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

Those three issues have been great so far and the best Marvel book out there at the moment.

Last issue Daredevil got caught by a sound-based villain and is now a prisoner of said villain. The panel layout here is brilliant, sometimes focusing on elecrical wires then on DD face then on the villain and etc. and it is brilliant. Mark Waid’s writing and Rivera’s art just compliment one another and the complicity here is palpable and it shows. The dialogue between Foggy and Matt at the end was just spot on and made me smile, a lot!

If you haven’t picked up this title yet, you should definetely give it a try as it is one of the best books on the shelves right now!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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