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• Meet Matt Murdock, one of New York’s finest attorneys by day and the crime-fighter Daredevil by night!

• Discover the dark secrets behind his first days in the costume, as the man without sight became the Man Without Fear!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Paolo Rivera
Cover by Paolo Rivera

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 11.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Catching up on Fantastic Four and read the issue about the mole people and the risen city. Didn’t know much about this group, but nice to get some context and then see how Daredevil handles this.

  2. That cover is damn sick man, can’t wait to pick this up

  3. I bought the poster of this cover which came out two weeks ago.

    Absolutely beautiful.

    Love this title. A 5-star comic book magazine.

  4. I can already tell this is going to be a good looking issue.

    Also, will there be more dancing with corpses?

  5. That cover is incredible. Beautiful.

  6. The faces on the Moloids are so vicious.

    These guys really get the Marvel Mythos.

  7. Love the border around the cover, really adds to the overall look.

    Best book I buy every month, hands down. Its felt like months since the last issue, I’m so impatient when it comes to DD!

  8. Fantastic cover agreed!! @player1 – nice purchase, did you get it on line or at your book store? I think this is really some frameable art!! DD has become a new favorite for me because of Waid and Rivera who are really firing on all cylinders!! This will be a good week for comics with this, Flash and Aquaman coming out and after that I am not even sure what else there is so this could be special?! Love this title and seriously I never really cared at all to even look at a DD comic in my life.


    • I originally ordered a poster of the cover of issue #1.

      It’s a lovely poster.

      My LCS took a chance and ordered this latest one for me.

      I took it sight-unseen because it said Daredevil and Paolo Rivera in the listing.


  9. Rivera is ridiculous, both covers and interiors. Love this title, can’t see that changing any time soon.

  10. I must really love this title because it feels like it has been forever since the last issue came! Can’t wait for this.

  11. I dunno what it is, but I get a serious Moebius vibe from the cover. Gorgeous stuff.

  12. It does feel like forever since last ish … come on Wednesday!

  13. I really can’t think of a Big Two superhero title that gives me as much joy as this one.

    Wolvie and the X-Men
    Snyder’s Batman and Swamp Thing
    Journey Into Mystery

    Those come close, but this book just slaps a giant grin on my face every time! This run is a true classic in the making.

  14. The newer style of moloids reminds me of these creepy little bastards from EverQuest.

    Can’t wait to grab this issue. I really missed it last week.

  15. After reading last issue, I can’t help but feel that this descent into the underworld (under ground) is symbolic in nature for this “new” Daredevil.
    It’s as if Murdock’s past is rearing its ugly head and slowly pulling him under.

  16. One of the best covers i’ve seen in awhile and love the idea of Mark Waid telling DD’s early days in the costume and why he’s “the man without fear”.

  17. #9 had my favorite cover so far, but this one… THIS ONE is just bee-you-tee-ful!

  18. Great great great great issue.

    Cave monsters, dueling canes against blind people, gorgeous artwork all around. Everything is here!


  19. F’ing amazing cover. I want to get it framed. This was a great issue, art is fantastic. I felt way too much empathy for Mole Man for my liking though.

  20. Yep. That’s some good comics there.

  21. Five stars.

    Bought, read and reviewed immediately.

    Pick of the Week.

    An excellent issue of Daredevil.

  22. I am wanting to get into Daredevil but I really I haven’t read much beside the kevin smith arc and the movie. Can I pick up this comic and just start reading or do I need to pick up some additional comics? I am brand new to comics and want to start getting to certain superheros so any advice would help. I have started with all the Kevin Smith comics and walking dead comics. Any suggestions of were I can start with any comics on new stuff with out a huge amount of back reading? Thanks!

    • There’s a point 1 issue of DD coming out very soon, that’ll work as a jumping on point. Waid’s done a really good job of acknowledging what’s happened in Matt Murdock’s recent past (hint: A LOT) without getting bogged down in it. The first trade is out already and the second is coming in June, but I’d just pick it up wherever you like. You won’t regret it.

      My advice to people getting into comics generally is to just buy whatever you like the look of and don’t worry too much about ‘where it fits in’ or whatever. Buy, read, hopefully enjoy, repeat. 🙂

  23. Worst issue so far and still a solid 4 stars. The last page made me afraid of going back to depressing daredevil, but I’m sure Mark Waid wouldn’t do me like that.

    • I think we *are* heading down a more depressing road. For a little while, at least. But I don’t think it’ll be anything like what we’ve seen before, and I think it will be beneficial rather than detrimental to the longterm growth of Matt Murdock. I personally suspect that what Mark Waid will be trying to do is “heal” the character by having him face some of his demons, not break him down (again) just for the fun of it.

      In interviews, Waid has hinted at the new carefree Matt being a bit of a façade, the result of a coping mechanism that may not be all that healthy in the long run. Matt has stuff he needs to deal with and I like that he’ll finally get that chance. I don’t doubt for a second that Mark Waid will handle this well and in a way that will make Matt much happier (and genuinely so) in the long run.

  24. Another quality issue, I especially liked revelation with Black Cat. Loving this book.

  25. I don’t even care what’s inside this issue . . . I’m giving this a 5 star rating just for the cover.
    Would love to see more of this Gustave Dore style artwork from Rivera (or anyone else in fact!)

    I mean seriously, when was the last time you thought the Molemen were threatening or scary?

  26. Jeez, how many more ways are there to say “perfect?”

  27. Damn near cried after reading this issue…the cemetery at the end is modeled after the New York Marble Cemetery, where my grandma is buried.

  28. the fight between DD and mole man could have been better. that aside, great issue.
    the last page was a little odd. the look on foggy’s face implied to me that he thinks matt is crazy or at least that he is concerned for his mental state. just seems to have come outa nowhere.

    • When this DD volume started, Foggy had some concerns over Matt’s well being after a not too long ago possession and his actions as leader to the Hand.
      You are right that it Foggy’s concern came out of nowhere after several issues – but it was mentioned slightly in the first few issues. At that time, it felt like Waid was trying to distance Daredevil from the previous messy storyline. But now it seems like Waid had more in mind for Matt’s sanity . . .

    • you’re right. foggy did seem concerned for him those first few issues, but it doesn’t seem like someone stalking DD should be in question.
      it happens often enough to all sorts of vigilante/costume types.
      does foggy really think he’s delusional? or even paranoid?

  29. Read the inside, great issue.
    My only problem was the usage of the glowing diamonds.
    I mean – this is New York City we are talking about, right? You can’t do that in NYC (or any city), right?

    • If you want to get into the nitty gritty, that particular cemetery is usually locked up when no one is there.

    • are there modern day grave robbers? other than archaeologists, that is. seems like the cemetery would require additional security. is that a future storyline? the case of the boneyard heist.
      probably not, but those diamonds do seem like sitting ducks.

  30. I am enjoying the artwork in this title right now from cover to the last page. The action is there and there was just a small feeling at the end of this issue like I was not satisfied with way DD just kinda let ol motley an off the hook. Maybe it is just me though, I am not saying I disliked the issue I gave it a 4.5 for sure however it could have been more. The Black Cat thing was kinda strange too. I really have to see where this goes because it just felt like she had to be taken out of the story arc ASAP for some reason and bang shes gone.


  31. Pick of the Week for the cover alone

  32. I love every friggin issue of this run. That cover is purely A-MAZING.

  33. Waid immediately gets 4 stars just for using the word “maw.” Everything else was icing on the cake.

  34. Fantastic book. From the beautiful cover, to the interior artwork, to the story, everything about this issue was great. What a simple and nice story was told here; it had everything: horror, action, characterization. Hands down, this is one of the top 5 titles being currently published by Marvel.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  35. This issue was awesome all the way through. I was obsessed with it as soon as I saw the cover, which I was lucky enough to get signed by Paolo Rivera at a convention.

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