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  1. Is this an ongoing series?

  2. Nope, mini.  4 issues I think. 

    Rossmo art, so might be picking this up

  3. This seems like it could be either really pretentious or stupid stupid fun.  I read a preview and didn’t really like what I saw, so I’m not sure if I still want to take a gamble on it.

    And yes, it’s a 4 issue mini 

  4. This came out last week, weird


  5. @johnthrax-That was a listing error.  It didn’t ship last week.  Unless, for some reason, your store got it.  If so, you lucky

  6. This could be very fun.

  7. I have no interest in the story, but Rossmo’s art is so incredible. I’m on for all 4 issues just for that.

  8. I might be getting this book based on title alone.

  9. I hope this is as epic as it sounds.

  10. Yeah I’m new to the whole comics thing. My first was the Halo Graphic Novel and my second I just bought on Sunday: Zomnibus vol 1. And I think I’m going to add this series to my new found interest lol.

  11. I don’t see this on my LCS list for this week… :/

  12. I got a CNV sketch from Rossmo at Fanexpo, SUPER excited for this.

  13. I am half n half on this. Sounds interesting, but nothing fascinating. 

  14. you know i was planning to get this, but now I think i’m just gonna wait for the trade

  15. I can think of three things wrong with this title.


    We got word from Image that due to a Diamond shipping error there will be some parts of the US that won’t get this book in until next week. Most stores will get it this week, but not all.

  17. Just heard from Image that The mini tuns ongoing due to pre-release buzz and orders.  Hope it’s good.

  18. oops, I meant the mini turns ongoing

  19. Hmmm, I wonder what that means for the future of Proof.

  20. @Drake Image’s website says that there will be a two month break between arcs to keep the series on time. That may give him enough time to catch up on Proof, but I’m not sure how fast he works.

  21. Proof will end the first volume with issue #28. It is the finish of the first season.

  22. @Rustyautoparts-Well Riley only took one issue off from Proof to do this mini, plus I believe there was a shorter page count for each issue in the "Julia" arc.  So he seems to work pretty fast.  There are also rumblings that Proof will finish up this volume and take a break for a bit after the next arc.  Rumors from the Image boards though, not sure if Riley or Alex have confirmed that yet.

  23. Just finished it and I am in LOVE!!!!!  I was laughing like a freak on the sidewalk walking back to work.

  24. I’m not sure.

    I’m really not sure.

    Love the art! Love it.

    Flashbacks inside of flashbacks, I don’t love.

  25. oh boy, I was surprised by the golden age size and amazing art!

  26. And somehow I missed this….

  27. This was fucking bizarre, man.

  28. The script was a schitzophrenic as the main character. Loved that it was bizarre, but it was too all-over-the-place

  29. Yeah the script was fucking weird. Had no idea what the fuck happened. 

  30. It was…a spaz.  Interested, but really have to think if I want to keep buying this.

    Riley rocks. 

  31. Kind of hard to follow at first.  Had to stop in the middle, turn off the tv and start from the beginning.  Then it made sense.  So cool.  This looks like it’s going to be a great series.  Golden-age size was a plus.

  32. I dunno. . . it seems like I am reading a lot of comics where the main character has opposing dialogues/other characters in his head- Unknown Soldier, Moon Knight… it looks like Haunt is going to go in that direction, too, right? I just skimmed through it last night. I can tell it’s one of those books that requires your full attention the entire way through. I’ll give it a go tonight.

  33. Much better (on a very slow) reread.

  34. Yeah, I didn’t really care for this. I found it hard to know what was happening. I don’t think I’ll get the rest. Nice art though.

  35. Is this one of those comics Starring Logan but NOT starring Logan?… I feel like it is but I will reserve judgement until I have read this book EVEN THOUGH…. I love speculation, it’s what makes the world go round.

  36. I loved the story, the innermonologue was awesome, but I think I am the only one who did not liked the art in fact I think I hated it, almost as much as Philip Tan on the B&R title, some of the pages seemed like very rough sketches and pixelated images love Proof art wich is weird. Hope the next issues is a little bit more cleaner.

  37. I think it should be called "Cowboy Viking Ninja" cause that’s how the order of dialogue is. Just kidding I don’t care. This book rules.

  38. I like the story and will buy the next issue.

    However, I hate the larger format. It is a pain in the neck to bag, board, and store.

  39. This issue was a 4 the first time I read it and an easy 5 when I re-read it and took my time with it.  Brilliant and fun.

  40. I bought 4 issues of this #1 one to give to friends.

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