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I’m not much of a gusher, but I had to write a quick review of this. I went out and bought it on my lunch hour and read it on the way back to the office.

The art is highly stylized and pretty Rossmo-esque to me, which I consider amazing!! The color scheme of black, white and blue really worked for me. I particularly enjoyed it in the opening scenes on the water, but I think it worked throughout the book, well beyond the aquatic locales.

The writing was just phenomenal.  I was cracking up all the way back to work. I was laughing so much like a crazy person I could have easily been mistaken for a “triplet.” The pacing is really fast and it reminded me of movie dialog. Speaking of movies, I got some Steve Zissou tones from Garreth Crittenden Southgate, just, you know, crazier.

My only complaint, and it’s not even a real one, it the odd size. Makes lining it up with my other comics difficult.  God, that’s sounds sad even as I type it.

I can’t wait for #2 having just flown to Tokyo in economy wishing I had access to a katana, six-shooter or broad axe, the whole time.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. See! You did post on the site!

    Now I’m wishing I had picked this up…

  2. I made a liar outta me.  Geez, you remember EVERYTHING!

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