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Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 32.8%
Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Currently, there is no comic book that is more fun than this. 

  2. Agreed.  This is not appearing on my LCS for this week however.  Hmmm.

  3. This book makes me mad that my shop only puts Marvel and DC on the pull lists.  I’m still waiting for them to get issue 2, and I just happened to find #1 when I made a random stop at a shop a half hour away.

  4. Nom nom nom

  5. Well I wouldn’t go as far as to say that this comic is the most fun, but I have enjoyed it.  The hype is justified to an extent, but issue #1 will be back down to cover price in about 6 month.  Mark my words.

  6. @vadamowens-who cares?  The comic is good, regardless of what some idiots are willing to pay for the first printing on ebay.

  7. I gotta admit, I read the first two issues and they were great. I’d really rather own this in trade, though.


  8. sorry to offend your sensabilities drake

  9. I picked up the first two issues not too long ago and enjoyed them.  Hopefully my LCS will have this issue come Wednesday.

  10. One of the best surprises of the year; pure fun.

  11. I’m considering buying this if I can get issue #2 aswell (I have #1 kind of … from last issue of Walking Dead) … or do I wait for the trade? Life is filled with tough choices.

  12. At the moment I’m going to wait for the trade but in the meantime I keep bumming the issues from friends. XD

  13. @Wadewilson-Buy it you fool!!

  14. I think I’m more excited for this than anything else this week. Such greatness.

  15. Friggin awesome cover.

  16. New printings of the first two issues are also hitting shelves this week, so there’s no reason to wait if you couldnt get them in past weeks.

  17. Getting the new printings of the first two issues and the third. I’m happy to see all the positive comments about this. I try to find new and interesting comics that go outside the superhero genre of comic. If there is anything ifanboy has done it’s opening my eyes to non-dc, and non-marvel books.

  18. @Drake- lol I will if I can get #2! If not, I have to trade wait.

  19. My store actually got this!!! Too bad they didn’t order any reprints of #2… Even after me and at least 3 other people were put on a "wanting Chew 2" list last month.

  20. Dang, this issue was OUTSTANDING.  Easily the best issue of the series to date– just amazing!!!  

  21. Amazing issue.  Loved every panel.  This book has now solidified it’s position at the top of my stack.  Plus, I was mentioned in the letters page!!  Although they spelled my name wrong, and I was sure I have them my real name.  But it’s all good.

  22. POTW for me.  I love the art, I love the developing story behind the bird flu and the governemt banning chicken.  I’m adding this to my pull list next time I hit the shop.

  23. Okay, I don’t want this to be interpreted as not liking this title, because I’ve actually only read the reprint in Walking Dead (or whatever it was in).  I intended to buy it, because it looked interesting, but it sold out at my store, and I decided to just get it in trade.  Now for the purpose of my post…  I really truly believe that whatever title is chosen by the guys as the POTW sees a significant increase in POTW picks by the iFanboy-nation, solely because it was chosen as the official POTW.  Note that I’m not arguing that Chew #3 isn’t a great comic, it probably is, I’m simply arguing that it seems very unlikely to me that 42% of the people who have so far chosen their favorite comic of the week, chose a somewhat unknown title.  Sorry, it’s just the scientist in me seeing a significant bias in the data.

  24. I’ve been thinking similar things about the POTW as well.

    But the iFanboys have great taste in comics and although I have never "allowed" the official Pick of the Week influence my POTW, I have definitely picked up comics that the crew has raved about and have always been pleased with the quality.

    So I’m basically saying I understand the impulse.

  25. @JonSamuelson-I dont think anyone has ever denied that that sort of thing happens.  It’s a fact that the iFanboys influence most people on this site.  Otherwise, why care what they have to say?

    It’s also worth noting that the number of members that rate their books doesn’t really settle until the weekend, when everyone has gotten a chance to read their stacks.  Most likely that number will go down, but I know that most, if not all, of the people reading this book are thoroughly enjoying it.

  26. Wow, incredible. Best issue thus far. 5/5.

  27. @JonSamuleson: I checked the site right before i hit publish on the Pick of the Week and CHEW was already the Pick of the Week leader, with a percnetage well into the 30s.

    And even if the numbers get goosed because of the official Pick of the Week? So what? The numbers on the site are pretty for entertainment purposes only.

  28. @JonSamuelson: I also wouldn’t call a book with over 300 pulls, and in the top ten of the most pulled books of the week, and the book with the most hype and buzz surrounding it of any book not from Marvel and DC "somewhat unknown".

  29. Can’t get a copy to save my life.

  30. @JonSamuelson:  I’m sure that it received a small bump, but probably alot less than you’d think.  It was already rated a 4.7 – 4.8 before it was revealed as the pick.  Look at the other big pull books.  Nothing is in the same region as 4.7.

    What’s more likely is that people see that it’s the POTW and then read it first before other books and just put it as their POTW til they can get to the rest of their pile.

  31. I’ve heard people complain about the art in this book.  Yes, it’s different, but it’s fantastic.

  32. I love the art, perfect for the story and the world Layman is building…Ken Lueng is Tony Chu.

  33. @JonSamuelson: I have seen Scalped being POTW and I have never been influenced to buy even though I think that maybe down the road I would check it out, but saying that we are basically sheep that are waiting to see what Conor, Josh or Ron say about the POTW is a bit unscientific seeing as you have no actual scientific proof.

  34. Dude, settle down.  Just because I suggest that the Official POTW influences other peoples pick of the week doesn’t imply that I’m calling you a sheep.  People are influenced by lots of things.  Toilet paper that doesn’t leave kling-ons, mint flavored tooth paste, endorphin levels in your brain, or maybe the feeling of validation that you get from having the same opinion as a trusted advisor.

  35. I just read the first 3 issues. This is insane.

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