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  1. Holy F! I think the cover is implying they switch bodies. Oh this should be a cool fight. This is very throwbacky and awesome.

  2. Did you not read #4?  That last page?

  3. I’m glad that Steve is back, but I just can’t get behind this series.  Its way too convoluted, even for a comic book. 

  4. Steve Rogers IS back though.

    At least that’s what Invincible Iron Man told me last week.

  5. @darthduck I did but it never said Steve was in skulls body. I figured he was trapped in the ether

  6. it sucks that other books haven’t waited for this mini to end

  7. and it stated in Dark Avengers Annual……

    and in New Avengers Annual…..

    and in Tiny Titans…

  8. Been enjoying the series, so I haven’t cared as much about that he came back because no book has spoiled how he came back, and that is the most interesting thing to me.

    But why didn’t Marvel alter the description?  #5 of six is NOT a finale.  

    Hope that we get to see more Doom.

  9. @skeets: how about it sucks that this book is late?

    Why should other creative teams and editors have to rework their stories to accommodate this book not being on time.

    Wish I would have waited for the trade on this, but I already bought 4 so I might as well get this. 

  10. @MisterJ: Because the solicitations get locked in months and months in advance. They can add a new solicitation for a new issue, but because of the backwards way that the direct market works, they can’t change solicitations once books have been ordered.

  11. just to add my vioce to teh chorus: WAAGGHHH!

  12. @conor-OK that makes sense.  One remaining question then.  How did they change the ‘#5 (of 5)’ to ‘#5 (of 6)’?  Or does that alteration not ‘exist’ on the distributed discription and the media change(d) it when they describe it?  Meaning that you guys and other web sites just changed that part on your own when they made the announcement about extending the series.

  13. @MisterJ: The numbering is seperate from the content of the solicitation. It’s all tied up in distibution rules and protections for comic book stores.

  14. well, regardless of the mess of untimely releases, I’m still really looking forward to this book.

  15. The implications of the ending of last issue gave me hope that this mini has legs under it again, but the legs of a toddler. This issue, I think, will be the one that makes or breaks the mini as to whether it’s a well-remembered, oft-talked about series or just another flaccid event book whose concept and ramifications far outweigh the actual story. I’ve been one of the few really disliking this book, however I really enjoyed the 50 issues before this. I want to like this, but the cracks in the armor are getting bigger for me. 

  16. What if  the Captain America shown in recent comics was the Red Skull Captain America?


  17. That would be awesome. Especially if for his own nefarious reasons, Red Skull sided against Osborn and Company, deciding to be a sleeper agent until the time was right to wreak horrific revenge. The most important thing about that scenario would be we could (sort of) avoid "Dark Captain America." It would also make the mis-timing of the series end and Avengers tie-ins actually really cool. We would all be working under the same false assumption as the Avengers. Yeah that would be awesome. Therefore it will never happen. The Red Skull is only temporarily triumphant. Rogers will have his body back by issue 6, I guarantee.

  18. I plan on still enjoying this series.  Brubaker still needs to end/continue to tell his story.  Bendis needed Brubaker’s story to tell his, therefore, Brubaker’s must be good.  I’m not sure if that logic makes any sense, but I’m going with it.

  19. "Steve Rogers is back…or is he?"

    Oh the irony. 

    They should’ve changed the solicit to a signed apology from Brian Hitch. 

  20. @Captbastard: ha ha. good one

  21. So I guess Steve Rogers is back…OR IS H-…oh they…they uh already did that. So…uh…nevermind.

  22. @conor-Thanks for the info on shipping procedures.  Interesting stuff.

  23. I don’t think the recent Cap seen is the Red Skull. That would be cool but two reasons why it is not. 1) Clearly this mini was extended an issue to wrap up that very plot line, get everyone back into their appropriate bodies. 2) Marvel has already said that Siege will usher in a new ‘Heroic Age’ of Marvel comics. To me that means a return to ‘happy’ comics. Things have been fairly dark in the Marvel world really going all the way back to Disassembled or at the very least Civil War. Having the Red Skull bide his time and then take over control as Cap would kind of go against that whole ‘Heroic Age’ thing.

  24. Okay 5 of 6?  I’m assuming "Who Will Wield the Shield" is the actual conclusion to the storyline??

  25. @VicDeZen Guess you missed the announcement but they added another issue to this series a while back (I think right before #3 shipped it was announced.)

  26. damn, I just realized from the above comments that Who Will Wield is also coming out before #6.  So now Brubaker has to spoil his own story. Oy

  27. This series is really strong, particularly if you re-read #1-4 all at once.  Am hoping for more Falcon.

  28. @abirdseysview Yeah… At least in Iron Man, Bucky had the shield. So that wasn’t exactly spoiled.

  29. I hope the last issue is numbered #6 of 5.

  30. @PraxJarvin – Thanks. Yea I did read that, but then with all the spoilers out there now with Captain America back I just thought they would have the decency to put the last issue of the main story out this month and do the "Who Will Wield the Shield" story this month as well.  Now you’re left with a story that has no effect in January because the rest of Marvel didn’t want to give Brubaker enough time to tell his story.  

  31. @VicDeZen: Well, no. Brubaker had plenty of time to tell his story, unfortunately Bryan Hitch couldn’t draw the book in a timely manner. It’s been late and the rest of the world has to keep spinning. Them’s the breaks when you have a guy like Hitch on your book.

  32. Despite the lack of tension due to the secret getting out, this was a lot of fun to read.  Sure, we know how its going to end but getting there looks like it will be fun.

  33. question? Is this going to be resolved in next weeks "Who will weild the Shield" or am I going to have to put that off untill #6 comes out?

  34. This issue was probably the best so far, but it was really disappointing that the only thing that occurred in it was the fight. The lack of tension definitely hampered the issue but I got past that pretty fast, but I couldn’t help but feel like there was something missing from the book. As well, Hitch’s art really weakened as the issue progressed. the opening pages of Cap in Nazi-merica were wonderful and tight. However, there are some really wonky panels. Skull-Cap kick Sharon has awkward body positioning, throughout the book there are panels with people with elongated legs and short arms, but then there’s the Double punch page which just looked bad. This whole mini series has been a big disappoint for me, pulling 2s and 3s when the main series was drawing almost constant 5s. ::sigh.:: Anyway… 3/5 for me.

  35. Great issue, LOVED the intro with the Skull’s version of NY. This issue reminded me of the tension that was never resolved between Steve and Bucky before Steve’s death. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all gets resolved.

    My main complaint is the poor planning on Marvel’s part. As Ron says, this mini (and Who Will Wield..) should just be parts of the main story.

  36. A very unexcited POW from me.


    It was good, but it wasn’t great.


  37. Meh

  38. This was pretty good. Red Skull was a little too MUHAHAHA for my tastes, but overall pretty good.

  39. Some of the art was great – I liked the Red Skull NY pages.  But… not Bru’s best stuff.

  40. those pages in Steve’s mind were pretty amazing.  lots of fun. I can see where people have issues with the anatomy, but if you go back and look at it, it’s really not that bad.  and that ending was awesome.

  41. @cromulent – Red Skull is the definition of MUHAHAHA

    @praxjarvin – Your art comments are right on.  Especially the punches.  Still I enjoyed it.

    Minor gripe – I loved all the MODOKs…too bad we didn’t get to see more of that action!

  42. Wait, Who Will Wield the Shield is out next week? I understand they couldn’t hold up the rest of the marvel catalog, but why don’t they wait on this until after reborn #6?  Marvel, please don’t let Brian Hitch draw an in-continuity book EVER again.  At least not one that I care about.

  43. Not sure how I feel about this. The art was fantastic and the story progressed well, but I thought there were some pretty big dialogue issues. Some of it seemed a lot like crappy videogame dialogue, heh. Still, overall good. 3/5.

  44. Didn’t Brian Hitch used to be good at this?

  45. I thought the art was pretty rough – I’ve enjoyed Epting’s work on Marvels Project but would have rather had him doing this for both quality and timliness. The story felt bombastic like Millar’s Ultimates and not as subtle and multi-layered as much of Brubaker’s Cap story. Overall pretty standard fair (3/5) which is a bit of a let down.

  46. @rwpos, while I agree that a lot of Brubaker has been more sophisticated than this and I’ve really enjoyed that, in a way this book has really felt like "old school" Captain America for me, definitely been highlighting more the super soldier and the super hero more than the espionage/SHIELD/anti-terrorism.  I wouldn’t want Brubaker to just do this, but it feels like a nice return to some guilty pleasures…light sure, but a book that has that old Marvel spirit.


  47. To this book I say… meh. 

  48. @Urthona, I agree with your point and if this had been on time, shipping monthly and just a wild super-ride I think it would have pleased me.  For my taste it seems like the art is trying too hard for a simple action story, or like the story’s too brash for the art.  If it’s just a simple kick-in-the-face action story then the art could have been more timely and still served the tone.  It could have also held to the original number of planned issues.  It feels to me like a simple story that tried to be more and it’s left me feeling wanting.  It’s not bad, but it’s not very impressive either.  Standard superhero storytelling presented on too grand of a stage.  At least that’s my take.

  49. @rwpos That’s where I’m stuck on this series – exactly as you describe it.

  50. I loved the mindscape shattered panels art, but put me in the this could have been done in 5 issues camp. If it’s five issues, Marvel could probably have worked their shipping schedule around it and all this continuity bitching and moaning could have been averted. For goodness sakes, they drove JMS off Thor to make this Seige event work could they not pressure Brubaker/Hitch to keep to 5 issues?

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