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  1. I was considering dropping this, but that was mostly because of the lack of supporting cast like Sharon and Falcon. You win again, Brubaker.

  2. are they going to do a second omnibus? i have the first one and missed a few issues after 25 so have been holding off

  3. Yay for Sharon Carter stories!

  4. As much as I’m enjoying Captain America, I’m not sure I need more Sharon Carter right now. Then again, there was a time when I didn’t think I’d ever enjoy Captain America at all… Here’s to Brubaker proving me wrong!

  5. Of the suporting characters, sharon is my least favorite. Just a tyical love interest role IMO. Kinda wish they would spend more time on Bucky with the red white and blue on.

  6. So after this it’s issue 50 then they switch over to 600?

  7. @Cadgers-Pretty sure thats how it is. 

    I love that cover.  Time for some sweet sweet Falcon action

  8. When is the next trade going to be released? I missed a few issues of this book and am now waiting for the next trade to catch back up…

  9. @supertrackmonkey: Amazon has the next trade "The Man With No Face" listed as coming out July 15.  It contains issues 43-48.  Of course that date could always change, so I would take it with a grain of salt.

  10. Hopefully, if @Cadgers is right, Marvel will be switching everything back to original numbering.

  11. I was intending to drop this but last issue kicked my ass back on board. Plus I’ve got a pretty light week.

  12. @Fvckstick   Typical love interest who is brainwashed into killing her boyfriend?

  13. Yeah i guess your right. I didn’t think about that at first , heh.


    So i read it and thought it was ok. Nothing special. It seems like i’m gonna need to do some back tracking and re-reading of some past issues because wasn’t a lot of the events Sharon talks about like 6 months ago? Good thing this book is so good, the issue just made me more excited to re-read back issues! 

  14. I don’t dislike this, but I think I have to admit that I’ve been kind of bored with this book for about the past 4 issues now. I actually debated dropping it this week. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s all on me, I’m just bored.

  15. It was really good stuff.  I have wondered ever since the end of the "Death of Cap. America" epic what exactly Red Skull was trying to do with Sharon.  Glad to see that its going to be explained and will, most likely, be quite bad ass.

  16. Commie-Bashing Cap was super creepy in this issue.

    I was wondering for awhile what happend with Sharon’s baby…


  17. This was a good issue. I many ways it reminded me of a Battlestar Galactica episode, in that it chose to focus on exploring a character through creative use previous plot elements. Also, it has me excited for next issue. I can only imagine the "reveal" of what Sharon saw is not going to be who we think it is. Otherwise I will probably drop the title.

  18. If there was ever a comic book filler issue threading water…

  19. I thought the art was particularly good this issue, almost made me not miss Epting.

    Cap has just been the longest, sweetest comics ride I can remember since, I dunno, the Byrne FF or that Question run…wow.

  20. @Bendrix How is this a filler issue when it directly picked up threads from the end of the Death of Captain America saga?  It gave us more of a hint on what was going on in the last issue of that arc, fulfilled Sam’s promise to fill Sharon in when she was ready, and furthered the story of 50s cap.  Even though Bucky was nowhere to be seen in this issue, I found it very intriguing. 

  21. I thought it was threading water to #50. Didn’t really mind, but there was nothing in it that coudn’t have been done in less pages somewhere in a new arc.

    I don’t think it furthered anything, it just picked it up those plot points briefly, like Brubaker wanted to say "See, we didn’t forget it".  More a reminder than any real progress. 

  22. For me, a filler story is one that does nothing to advance a plot, develop a character, and is typically not very entertaining (e.g. dull).  I found this issue to be a well-written and well-illustrated character study of Sharon Carter that felt like a pause before leaping back into the action.  It reminded me of the X-Men stories that Clarement and Byrne used to insert between larger story arcs to flesh out their characters.  I was certainly entertained by this issue and thought that it was well done.

  23. @rwpos samsies plus it didn’t feel like filler because filler issues rarely have really creepy endings

  24. This issue felt like an odd soap opera to me. I didn’t like it.

  25. Ok issue but one thing was buggin me.  Sharon didn’t notice the scar for 6 months?  Does her house not have any mirrors or something?

  26. @Urthona  Agreed on the art – Luke Ross did a really great job on this issue. The title page with dreamy Escher staircases was some good stuff. On top of that, I loved the first page of Sharon’s dream at the end with the old-school Red Skull and the imagery of hands everywhere – in the lst panel, the wiring of Baron Zola’s "neck" even turs into a pair of andriody hands gripping his robot cam head. Not quite a Geiger vibe, but cool stuff.

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