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If this is the BRIGHTEST DAY then what is Black Lantern Firestorm doing on our cover?!

Variant covers by IVAN REIS & OCLAIR ALBERT

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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I’m looking forward to this one.

  2. I hope they give more than 5 pages to any of the stories going on in this book.

  3. I’m debating if this will be my last one or not. After four issues now (including zero issue) I’m just not excited on reading this. I hope something big happens to keep me going.

  4. I hope this means that Firestorm get more time in this issue.

  5. Nice cover. Looking forward to this.

  6. @TNC 

    In the same boat. This always comes out on light weeks for me so I give it a chance only to disappoint. Err. 


  8. When does the new aqualad show up?

  9. is it wrong of me to be excited to see what’s happening to Aquaman soon?  Calling up zombie sharks is rad!

  10. I’m on the fence about this series. I am enjoying the Aquaman stuff but the rest just isn’t holding my interest. I told myself that I would give it 3~4 months before pulling the plug but may not make it that far.

  11. @CaseyJustice issue 9 is when aqualsd show up.

  12. Only book I’m pulling this week.

  13. I like all the covers for this series. the insides never match though.

  14. The series has been kinda balancing between "average" and "above average," but last issue was actually pretty good, so I’m hoping it was just a slow start.

  15. I think this series has been consistently good from issue to issue but each issue doesn’t stick out, in my opinion, from week to week. That being said I’m going to keep buying it in issues because I like it as a whole.

  16. Issue 0 was excellent, issue 1 was great, issue 2 was just a filler, and issue 3 was mainly just a continuation of isue 2, the art is spectacular throughout all the issues, actuslly consistent. With the amazing atory, yet lagging atory, should I continue reading this?

  17. @mrfrost: I say stick with it. It’s starting to feel like the individual stories are starting to get somewhere, and I have a feeling that we’re in for something pretty big as this thing builds.

    Unlike Blackest Night, which was enjoyable but mostly predictable, I have absolutely no idea what the master plan is here. That excites me.

  18. meh. 

    what’s the over/under on the character on the cover actually appearing in the book? 

  19. @wallythegreenmonster: Considering every issue has featured a cover with a character who appeared in the book, it’s a pretty safe bet.

  20. @conor The better question what are the odds the character featured on the cover will have significant coverage (more than say 2 pages) in the book. Not that I care about those things. I am not buying these based on cover.

    I am reading 52 for the first time now as it shows how good one of these sprawling, huge year long stories covering minor characters can be. So far Brightest Day is not playing in the same league. Sure, Rucka/Morrison/Waid/Johns is tough to beat, but I would have thought Johns/Tomasi could have given them a run for their money. I’m in for a few more to see if this just has a slow start…

  21. @conor–i mispoke my snarky remark….by appear in the issue i meant for more than one panel aka the Aquaman fiasco from an issue or so back. 

  22. @ Mr. Frost- I actually thought that the first issue was lacking and the second and third issues were upgrades.

  23. so, so, so, so done with this series.  bought #3 just to be sure.  not interesting, not good.

  24. For my tastes the series has been a bit too slow with getting to the point/hook and each segment is typically too brief to be fulfilling each issue so this issue is on the chopping block.  Strangely, I’m kinda hoping I don’t like it so I can drop it and make room for other stuff.  If it gets interesting I think it’ll read better collected anyway.

  25. Not a bad issue at all. I’ve been a fan of this series so far. The Deadman story was top notch this week, and because of this I can’t help but question why Firestorm was on the cover when Deadman was clearly the focus of the issue. Still getting irritated in the SLOWLY growing Aquaman story since it and Deadman’s story interest me the most. Also the stuff with Hawk and Dove was great, I look forward to seeing them more. 

  26. Good gods, Hawk is barely back and I’m already sick of him.

  27. 3 pages for the Firestorm story and Firestorm doesn’t make an appearance!! Lol!! Now they have add another character to an already full roster! This will probably read great in trade.

  28. Decent issue. Could’ve used a bit more action but I’m still comfortable with the steady build-up. Hawkworld has me intrigued. The Aquaman story has me guessing too.

    My Aquaknowledge is extremely limited. Can anyone tell me who the purple-hair aquavillain is? That reveal was totally lost on me.

  29. @Wheel hands it looked like red lantern Mera.

  30. As I was reading this I was thinking, "I really wish this was just a Deadman Aliveman comic."  Deadman stuff has got the Ivan Ries art so that helps too.  Only other stories that have somewhat grabbed me after 4 issues are Aquaman and Martian Manhunter and they didn’t make the issue.

    The pacing of this comic would really benefit from a weekly schedule.  As it stands I feel like I’m being dragged along by several seemingly unrelated plots so its probably time to trade wait this.

  31. I’m glad they are tying in the old Dove.  That was one of the most interesting aspects of Blackest Night.

  32. It’s weird still no one story gets more than 8 pages an issue.

  33. I’ve been liking this series alot so far, it’s been focused more on character than plot development so far, which is in no way a bad thing if done right. It does look, from the end of this issue, that the story is indeed starting to shift into a higher gear with the next issue. Very fine read.

  34. I’m dropping this series.

    Moving way too slow, the characters are uninteresting, and it feels like we are going no where. I’m sorry but I want to see Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. Not Hawk & Dove (btw, Hawk is annoying) and annoying Firestorm….or should I say non-Firestorm?

    I’m happy to see people enjoying this and I know a lot of people like these characters involved. But this is just not doing it for me. 

  35. Quite a good issue. Yeah, it could have used BL Firestorm but honestly that’s a small complaint. Really enjoying this book on the whole. 4/5 

  36. I very much enjoyed this issue, but I have to admit that even after the extra attention they got this time around, I am not feeling the Hawks storyline. Not sure if I ever will, but we’ll see. Deadman’s story continues to be strong, and Firestorm section is quite good.

  37. #1-4 have been turrible. Just like Barkeley says in that commercial. Turrible.

  38. I liked this. What was up with the dry water bed? When that girl almost jumps and breaks her neck?

  39. @nawidA—hahaha. Just Turrible. 

    from what i’m hearing, maybe i shoulda put some money down on that firestorm thing. =p 

  40. @drake you can’t deny the awesomeness that is Firestorm.

    In all not a bad issue but I really don’t care about Hawkman and Hawkgirl so I would’ve like to see other characters get those pages. I think Geoff Johns loves those characters and hopefully he will work his magic and make me care about them later.

  41. I’ve given 4 stars to every issue in the series so far. I haven’t yet been really impressed, but the story being told is interesting and it’s usually the first book I read when it comes out. The art is great, but it just feels like theres too much to cover for us to be satisfied by one issue.

  42. Another strong issue. I’m really liking this series.

  43. D ropped

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